General Rules
Last Updated on January 21st, 2019
  • You are allowed to have a single account.
  • You cannot share your account with others.
  • You must be in control of your account at all times.
  • You cannot use bots, external tools or macros to automate any part of the game.
  • Scraping endpoints for the game to collect information will result in a ban.
  • Any abusable bugs that you may find or hear about should be reported to Grumpy.
  • Any non-abusable bugs can be reported in Forums > Bugs.
  • Evidence of abusing a bug will result in your account being banned. If the bug is reported promptly, there will be no negative consequences.
Out of Game Trading
  • If anybody is caught attempting to trade in-game items for anything outside of the game (including but not limited to items and currencies in other games), their account will be banned without any compensation.
Chat Rules
Last Updated on March 4th, 2020
Warnings and Mutes
  • Warnings - A warning is a private request to stop the reported behavior. Warnings are valid for 12 hours and subsequent warnings for the same reason will result in a mute.
  • Mutes - A mute will prevent you from using public chat channels. Mutes are private and will not appear in public. They will also result in the message that caused the mute to disappear.

    You can continue to use private forms of communication. Mutes will eventually expire, based on their duration. Mutes will stay on your record for 1 year.
  • Permanent Mutes - A permanent mute has no end. Under special circumstances they may be lifted, but they will not expire on their own.
  • Bans - A ban will result in your account being unplayable.
Proper Chat Etiquette
  • Discussing Warnings and Mutes in Public - Since warnings and mutes are done in private, we ask that you keep any discussions of warnings and mutes out of public channels. You are more than welcome to discuss a warning or a mute with the moderator who issued it. If a warning or a mute is discussed in public, it will be flagged as violating this rule.
  • Discussing Quest Rewards - Many people don't like spoilers. Just like a movie or a book, you shouldn't spoil quests for others. With that said, discussing quest rewards in public chat channels is against the rules. You are certainly welcome to discuss them privately however. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your message being flagged for Inappropriate Topics and will result in a warning or a mute, depending on past history.
  • Inappropriate Language - Use of inappropriate language is not allowed. Chat will do its best to filter out as much inappropriate language as possible. Bypassing the automatic filter by either censoring, masking or misspelling the word will result in a mute. It is also not possible to catch every word that can be considered inappropriate, so a moderator may use their own discretion to determine if a word or phrase is inappropriate. Finally, abbreviations are acceptable, but please keep their use to a minimum.
  • Harassment - Amaranthine strives to be a friendly community. While we acknowledge the fact that not everybody gets along, we ask that there are no forms of harassment. Harassment in public channels will automatically result in a mute. Moderators do not have access to private channels, so if any harassment is done outside of public channels, we strongly encourage the use of the Settings > Ignore List functionality.
  • English Only - Since Amaranthine is moderated by people who only know English, we ask that everybody only use English in public chat channels and the forums. You are more than welcome to use your language of choice in private chat channels and whispers.
  • Inappropriate Topics - Not all topics are appropriate for chat. Anything that falls under the following ESRB Content Descriptors is not allowed -

    * Drug References
    * Sexual Content
    * Sexual Themes
    * Sexual Violence
    * Use of Drugs
  • Not Changing the Topic - Moderators may use their own discretion and request a change of topic. The topic being changed will be repeated in the request so that it is clear. Some examples of topics that have caused problems in the past include politics and religion.
  • Using a Slur - Use of slurs is expressly forbidden. Slurs include but are not limited to race and sexual orientation. Chat will do its best to prevent you from using a term that is considered a slur, but it does not cover all terms, so a moderator may use their own discretion to determine if a word or phrase can be considered a slur.
  • Spam - Spam can be classified by a number of metrics -

    * Excessive use of capital letters (abbreviations are acceptable)
    * Excessive use of mixed case (lIkE tHiS)
    * Excessive use of emotes (more than 5 emotes in a message)
    * Excessive Advertisements (maximum of 1 advertisement every 15 minute)
    * Incoherent sentences
    * Many short sentences that could be condensed into fewer longer sentences
  • Posting an Inappropriate Link - External links are not actively moderated, so you should be aware that some links may not fully comply with the rules as posted on this page. Under some circumstances, if a link is reported as violating the following rules, you will also be muted for that rule.

    * Harassment
    * Inappropriate Topics
    * Using a Slur

    In addition, posting referral links in public chat channels is against the rules, but you are welcome to use the Off Topic forum section to post them.
  • Pornographic Links - Pornographic links are expressly forbidden. Any link to pornographic material will result in an immediate permanent mute, followed by an account ban.