Combat Prototype
5.22.1 November 18th, 2018
This is a prototype! This means that everything is subject to change, including but not limited to locations, npcs, drop rates, equipment, etc.. If you have any feedback, please post it in the feedback section of the forums. It is also worth mentioning that only hunting is available right now (excluding Rum combat). Monster combat will be coming in phase 2 (and who knows … maybe Gorgons will make their way back).
Mobile / Idle Friendly
This version of combat now runs completely on the server! Now you can play from your mobile devices with the screen turned off without wondering if your battle is running or not. Switching back and forth between devices should be seamless too, just like everything else.
Self Contained Battles
Combat now runs at the battle-level instead of at the mob-level. What this means is that you get your rewards, experience, item breaks, etc. at the end of the battle instead of after each mob kill. This change also comes with a minimum battle timer as well. Each battle will run for at least 15 seconds, and will stop at 30 seconds. Battles taking less than 15 seconds are subject to a wait time and battles that last longer than 30 seconds will drop any materials / experience from killed foes, but not for the still living foes.
Effects & Equipment
Any equipment or effect changes during a battle will take effect in the next battle. It will not affect the current battle.
100% Hit Rate
Gone are the days where you miss every other time! Instead, accuracy and evasion will play a role in the form of critical hits and glancing blows. A critical hit is an attack that deals 50% more base damage. A glancing blow deals 50% less base damage.
No Regeneration
In-battle regeneration is no longer a thing. Now you will start each battle all healed up, and any damage received will stay with you through the rest of the battle.
Attack Order
Who swings first is random. The player does not get any advantage if their swing speed is the same as an enemy's swing speed.
The prototype does not record kills yet. There will also be some adjustment to existing kills because of some name changes of existing mobs and new mobs added.
Much like combat now, warriors have access to main-hand weapons and off-hand weapons. The key difference this time around is that each weapon has its own swing speed, instead of having the swing speeds added up to one final swing speed. So if you have a dagger and a short sword for example, their swing speeds will be 3 seconds and 5 seconds respectively. However, if you forget to equip a weapon, you will have NO swing speed at all, and will never deal any damage.
Combat Class Slots
On the same topic of equipment, each of the three combat classes now have their own equipment slots. They are toggled when you equip the appropriate armor. For now, the equipment itself won't be updated to use the new slots until after the prototype replaces the old combat implementation.
Equipment Stats
On the topic of stats, it is somewhat likely that existing equipment stats will be changing once the prototype replaces the old combat implementation. This work has not been done yet since the old implementation is still using those values.
Unfortunately, classes have not been introduced in the prototype quite yet. To give a sneak peak for what they will do, the current plan is that they will grant additional bonuses to either drops, experience or both. More details will come later on.
Spell-Casting Integration
The enhanced spell-casting feature will automatically restart your battles!
At the end of each battle, you will get all of your rewards, which include experience and drops. Should you die in the middle of your battle, this brings us to …
The big question everybody always asks … what happens when you die? Well, when you die in combat, any potential drops and experience from the battle in which you died will be forfeited. So even if you kill half of the mobs, you will get nothing. In other words, the penalty for death is mostly just wasted time, so come prepared!
Food Changes
In order to bring combat foods up to date with the most appropriate levels, experience and effects, they have been updated as part of the prototype.
Old FoodNew Food
2 Snake Jerky (Level 32 - 15 XP)

- 2 Snake Meat
- 2 Salt
+2% DD for 20 Minutes
+8% RD for 20 Minutes
3 Snake Jerky (Level 23 - 40 XP)

- 3 Snake Meat
- 2 Salt
+2% DD for 30 Minutes
+8% RD for 30 Minutes
3 Smoked Salmon (Level 40 - 25 XP)

- 3 Salmon Fillets
- 2 Salt
+5% DD for 15 Minutes

3 Smoked Salmon (Level 38 - 44 XP)

- 3 Salmon
- 2 Salt
+3% DD for 30 Minutes
+12% RD for 30 Minutes
5 Toad Jerky (Level 52 - 45 XP)

- 5 Toad Meat
- 3 Salt
+4% DD for 20 Minutes
+16% RD for 20 Minutes
3 Toad Jerky (Level 53 - 62 XP)

- 3 Toad Meat
- 2 Salt
+2% DD for 60 Minutes
+8% RD for 60 Minutes
1 Feseekh (Level 68 - 45 XP)

- 1 Red Mullet
- 1 Salt
+5% DD for 20 Minutes
+20% RD for 20 Minutes
3 Feseekh (Level 68 - 63 XP)

- 3 Red Mullets
- 2 Salt
+3% DD for 60 Minutes
+12% RD for 60 Minutes