Recent Changes Changelog Archive
5.22.1 November 18th, 2018
new The new combat prototype is here! You can read more about it on the < Combat Prototype Release Notes > page.

You can find the prototype by going to the big red Combat > NEW Battle! button.
new You can now exchange Bonus Points for additional experience! The experience point bonus works on the same diminishing returns system as success does, except the diminishing returns start at 25% instead of 100%.

For example, you can get an additional 25% experience for the low, low price of 100 Bonus Points per hour! For comparison, you can get +100% experience for 1,000 Bonus Points per hour. It is up to you how much experience you want and for how long. I hope everyone enjoys this new addition.

Please note that this does not affect the legacy combat system. It only affects the new combat prototype and actions. It also will never apply to quest rewards either.
new To celebrate the introduction of this new bonus, there is a special offer available when purchasing Snail Bucks! Head on over to Get More from the game screen to learn more. This offer will end at the end of November. I also gave everybody a special gift of 5,000 Bonus Points in case you don't have any.
new Added the ability to remove an entry from your personal shop when it has a count of 0 items.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that sometimes prevented location-specific things from loading when the game starts up.
change Made a very tiny improvement to how the clock is rendered. Should improve performance ever so slightly.
change Success now shows up alongside Random Drops and Double Drops, pulling together all current and future effects that will be affected by diminishing returns.
5.21.72 November 2nd, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from viewing all shop logs on mobile devices.
bug fix Consuming bonuses while in combat will now automatically activate while fighting.
change Improved the way item searches work. Some examples of new things you can search for include - mining tool, travel, total mana and double feet to name a few. Play around with it! Is there something missing? Let me know and I can see if I can add it.
content Fixed the tool level for obsidian katanas.
content Ice needles now show up under cooking materials.
content The Grieving Widower and the Journeyman Carpenter quests are here!
5.21.71 October 27th, 2018
new If you missed it, be sure to read up on 5.21.70 about the Halloween Event!
bug fix Trick! There was a bug where the Scarecrow's Scarf did not do what it was intended to do. Treat! That bug has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that showed 0-count personal shop contents in the item summary widget and the manual.
bug fix You can now click on an item in your inventory when adding all of that item to a player trade.
change Preference changes made on one device will now carry over automatically to another device when switching over.
change Added the author in the manual for player-contributed quests.
change The NEW Manual will now show you your personal base success rates.
content Tropical Fishing Rods use Tropical Logs instead of Bamboo now.
content Bottles of Honey have been converted into Empty Bottles (1:1 ratio).
content Brass Ingots have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:2 ratio).
content Clockwork Vials have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:10 ratio).
content The manual now shows Cypress Logs instead of Petrified Logs for buildings.
5.21.70 October 27th, 2018
new Halloween is here! You can find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new The ever so spooky Scarecrow's Scarf has been added to the Spooky Shop!
bug fix Older versions of the game do not show when holiday shops close correctly. This has been corrected in this version.
change Fixed some display elements for the holiday shop equipment.
5.21.69 October 21st, 2018
new Personal shop contents now show up in the item search! This further improves the ability to use your personal shop as both a shop AND a globally accessible storage, making it even easier to have access to your most frequently used things anywhere you go.
change Adjusted the colors of the houses / storages in the item search panel and manual to match the colors in the item search widget.
5.21.68 October 21st, 2018
new The personal shop transaction logs are finally here! You can find them in the Marketplace, next to the purple Manage button.
change Bumped up the total number of logs displayed in the guild storage logs.
change Adjusted the UI ever so slightly for the guild storage logs.
info October 17th, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug where double drops did not affect custom quest actions.
content The retired items have been converted into their most appropriate replacement item. In some cases, there was a good 1:1 replacement, and in others, there wasn't. To compensate, the items that did not have a good replacement have been turned into Archipelagic Coins, which can be traded in in Fiery Port.

Old ItemNew Item
1 Sesame Oil3 Brown Rice
1 Dried Jellyfish4 Shrimp
1 Alligator Stew1 Shrimp Gumbo
1 Jellyfish Salad1 Alligator Skewer

Converted into Archipelagic Coins - Sesame Jellyfish, Ancient Vases, Sea Lettuce, Bladderwort, Pitcher Plant, Sundew, Venus Flytrap, Bladderwort Extract, Sundew Extract, Venus Flytrap Extract, Water Breathing Potions
content Readjusted the level for summoning runes.
content Converted Iron Spatulas to Iron Frying Pans and deleted Iron Spatulas.
5.21.67 October 16th, 2018
notice This will probably be the last big retroactive update of this kind. The archipelago content left much to be desired, so I hope this update helps close the many gaps in the level 45 to 60 range (for many skills). There are still more updates to come, but they will be mostly additive updates.

I hope everyone likes the new content. I have had to retire quite a bit of content in this update in order to get a better fit for all of the new stuff, which mostly includes new foods and potions. And remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Is there something that you absolutely hate in this update (or future updates)? Open up a dialogue with me and we can talk about it! I've created a new forum section called Feedback under Game Development for such a thing!
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the wrong garden / workshop is sometimes displayed if changing which garden / workshop you're working in while on a different device.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the job board houses in Internet Explorer.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with custom quest actions and starting locations.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with hydrating quest actions after refreshing or switching devices.
change We're going to try something new. I've lifted the cap on the amount of +Success you can get. The cap used to be 200%, but now it will work on diminishing returns. Refer to the following table …

Actual SuccessConsumed ValueTotal Consumed Value
0 to 100%100%

100% to 200%200%
+ 200%

200% to 300%300%
+ 200%
+ 300%

300% to 400%400%
+ 200%
+ 300%
+ 400%


In other words, it gets more and more expensive to increase your +Success past 100%, but it increases your chances of getting superior equipment (in the case of making equipment). Outside of equipment, it still has no additional effect. This table is not all inclusive - you can continue to go as high as you would like. I also haven't updated any in-game descriptions of success. Considering how the prototype period goes, I will adjust if necessary, then update the in-game descriptions.

If this goes well, I will most likely apply the same logic to random drops and double drops.
change Accepting a quest will now automatically open up the journal if it is collapsed.
change The ability to cast spells is no longer hidden at level 1.
content Some delicious new foods and potions.

Shrimp Gumbo-4 Timer for 60 mins
Peach Cobbler-5 Min. Timer for 1 min (stacks)
Shrimp Etouffee+100% Random Drops for 3 mins (stacks)
Alligator Jambalaya+100% Success for 3 mins (stacks)
Alligator Skewer+100% Double Drops for 3 mins (stacks)
Potion of Blooming IV-5 Grow Time for 5 actions

content Satchels now grant +1,000 Capacity, up from +200 Capacity.
content Quartz Sand is now its own action at level 60, and is no longer a random drop of Diorite mining.
content Gathering levels have been lowered in the Northern Province, Archipelago and Drifting Isles. Gathering experience has also gone through some recalculations. In most cases, the experience hasn't deviated much in either direction with the exception of filling botas. Their experience has been lowered dramatically.
content Spell Duration foods and potions have been recalibrated.

Apple Cider+20 for 1 Spell+15 for 1 Spell
Bacon Wrapped Trout+3 for 3 Spells+6 for 3 Spells
Yellowtail Sushi+3 for 3 Spells+6 for 3 Spells
Caviar+3 for 3 Spells+8 for 3 Spells
Potion of Enduring Flame+25 for 3 Spells+10 for 3 Spells

content Adamantine Spatulas have become Adamantine Frying Pans.
content The flower garden now requires water.
content Cypress Logs (formerly Petrified Logs) now drop peat moss and copals.
content Hiking in the Jungle is now level 15 Speed and Hiking in the Celestial Oasis is now level 75 Speed. Experience has been updated to reflect this.
content Summoning runes now all require 1 mana. This was done to balance content that uses runes.
content Orchards are now present in the Archipelago where you can grow peaches and tangerines. Tangerines do not have a use yet. They will be used in Alchemy.
content The recipes for exploding potions and potions of enduring flame have changed. This was mostly to help break up the resources from hiking and combat, and to allow for some resources to be used elsewhere (implemented as part of this update and future updates).
content Some things have been renamed.

Petrified LogCypress Log
Jellyfish NetShrimp Nets
Sesame SeedsBrown Rice
CarrotsGreen Bell Peppers
Kale LeavesWild Celery
Spring OnionsRed Onions
Shimmering PowderCrushed White Runes
Void PowderCrushed Black Runes
Cerulean PowderCrushed Twilight Runes
Alizarin PowderCrushed Dawn Runes
Petrified *Archipelagic *

content The following places have been retired.

Swamp GardenTo avoid oversaturation, the swamp garden has been retired in favor of more focus on the seaside garden. Swamp Garden experience will get merged into Seaside Garden experience in a later update.
Carnivorous PlantsSame reason as swamp gardens. The only exception to this is peat moss, which can now be found while chopping cypress logs.
DivingDiving did not offer enough content to be worth continuing.
info October 12th, 2018
new As some of you may remember, I removed the ability to remove copper from your old guild shops some months ago. Well, if you are the guild leader of a guild that has old shops that still have copper in them, I have gone ahead and sent you a package containing all of the copper that was in your shops. You can access it via Merchants > Player Trade.
new Everlasting Feast has arrived! It is the new Cooking Double Drop spell from the spell contest. A refresh will be necessary for the new spell to show up.

There will most likely be some adjustments made to how spell levels work, so for the time being, the new spell's level is the same as the lowest level double drop spell.
5.21.66 October 6th, 2018
new You will now receive level up notifications when your gardens or workshops gain a level!
bug fix Dulcimers and other items with the spell duration effect will now only break while casting spells, instead of having a chance to break while doing anything. Note that if the item has another effect that is active, it can still break while doing anything.
bug fix If you begin to work on an expired event, it will now disappear from the town view.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the dulcimer's mana regeneration effect would mysteriously show up on other items.
bug fix Removed the ability to accidentally set your shop's buy price to a higher value than your sell price.
change The Perks and Bonuses menus now behave consistently on the mobile UI.
change Improved some travel logic for the case when you attempt to travel to the same location you are currently in.
5.21.65 September 28th, 2018
bug fix Chat will now warn you if you attempt to re-whisper a player without actually whispering them in the first place.
bug fix Fixed a small bug with continuing compound upgrades after a refresh.
bug fix Made a small adjustment to when actions are re-hydrated (when you come back from being offline). This should help in some cases where you are presented with incorrect information (the wrong garden for example).
bug fix Item weights and deleted items are now calculated appropriately in all cases.
change The skill names in the Skill panel will now open the NEW Manual skill pages instead of the old manual skill pages.
content Updated many success messages so that they better handle double drops.
content The beads you make will no longer be "beaufitul".
content Fixed lobster trap experience.
content Fixed all smithing tool requirements and their associated failure messages.
5.21.64 September 22nd, 2018
bug fix On mobile devices, under certain conditions, it was possible to accidentally move stuff into and out of houses and storages by opening the item detail modal. This has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a bug with double drops and using Bottles of Rum in combat.
change Made some back-end changes with how effects are calculated. This should not result in any noticeable changes, but if you see anything weird with effects, such as effects not being applied or effects not updating like you are expecting, please reach out to Grumpy.
change The guild storage level requirements can now be found in the NEW Manual > Buildings > Guild Storages page.
content Added the Fleet Foot spell, which grants -2 Speed Timer. The spell levels are going to be adjusted at some point in the near future, so for now, Fleet Foot is going to be a level 1 spell. Note that you may need to do a hard refresh for the spell to show up.
content Fixed the violin so that it uses level 30 Magic instead of level 30 Combat.
5.21.63 September 16th, 2018
notice There was an unfortunate mishap during the process of converting the old style armor into the new style armor. In many cases, any fractional amounts of armor were lost, which includes quantities that should have been 1 but instead became 0. This means you may need to recreate your outfits and re-equip your armor. Given the nature of the hiccup, I cannot recover the missing armor. Instead, I have compensated everybody with 20,000 copper to help replinish any missing armor. My apologies for the mishap.
bug fix Fixed the Mystic Mortar & Pestle to fulfill the Mortar & Pestle tool type.
change Updated the Game Mechanics page to include success per level.
content Wooden buckets now have higher requirements.
content Retired all old multi-piece metal, stone and leather armor and replaced it with single-piece armor.
content Stone armor has been completely retired. Refer to the table below for their replacements.
content Some things have been renamed / merged.

Obsidian ArmorSteel Chainmail
Dolomite ArmorAlluvium Chainmail
Diorite ArmorAdamantine Chainmail
Alligator HideSwamp Hide
Alligator ArmorSwamp Hide Armor
Frost ArmorSnow Fur Armor
Empty VialEmpty Bottle
Empty VatWooden Bucket
Steel ShovelIron Shovel
content Adjusted some existing carpentry and tailoring experience. This includes both experience increases and decreases.
content Thunderstorms are now back to their original frequency.
content Set a few of the items that were recently deprecated to retired to avoid confusion (including but not limited to Clockwork Compasses and some of the old potions in Cadenberge Territory).
5.21.62 August 28th, 2018
new Added spells to the Magic skill page in the NEW Manual.
new Added random event information to the NEW Manual.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the new effect grouping doesn't affect houses / storages.
change The manual will now show random drop percentages if the percentage exceeds 20%.
change Added the time of day requirements to the action modal (e.g. planting nightshade now shows the Night requirement).
5.21.61 August 27th, 2018
change The effect grouping setting for equipment and consumables has been split up. This means you will need to re-toggle one or both settings if you were using the setting before.
change The Old Houses are finally gone! The conversion has taken place, so if you had any old houses, they have been converted into the new house structure. If you had more than one house in a given location, those houses have been merged into a single larger house.
info August 26th, 2018
content Modifications have a special new mechanic - modified break rates. They are not listed anywhere yet, but now modifications can have custom break rates. A few key examples …

ModificationBreak Rate Multipler
Varnished / Gilded0.10
Nimble / Burly / Learned0.25

This means if you have a Varnished Jade Pickaxe for example, it will go from a base 1.4 % break rate to 0.07% break rate for being superior and varnished.
5.21.60 August 25th, 2018
change The tabbed chat setting has been moved into the main chat UI to help facilitate easier switching between the two settings.
change In the new effect sorting view, the tools now group by skill instead of the tool name (e.g. Hatchets now show up as Woodcutting).
change Fixed a minor bug with the Enhanced Spell-Casting feature not expiring correctly.
content Existing Mortars and Pestles have been updated to follow the new pattern, and all of the missing Mortar & Pestle tools have been added.
5.21.59 August 25th, 2018
bug fix Fixed a relatively rare bug with the new tabbed chat notifications where the notification will decide to stick around.
change When re-whispering in the tabbed chat, it will show who you are rewhispering once again! No more awkward mis-whispers.
change Updated the grouping on the new effects sorting to separate Armor and Weapons.
change Tools now show up in their own category, with the tool type showing up as the subcategory.
5.21.58 August 24th, 2018
new As promised, basic channel notifications are here! When somebody says something in an inactive channel, there will be a little * next to the channel name. It is worth noting that a refresh will also clear notifications. They do not persist across refreshes / devices.
new Introducing the effect sorting prototype! Now you can toggle sorting your Equipment and Consumable items by their effects instead of their category. Simply go to Settings > Sort By Effects to enable the setting. This is still a prototype, so feedback is more than welcome!
5.21.57 August 24th, 2018
new Introducing the tabbed chat channel prototype! Simply go to Settings > Tabbed Chat Channels to enable the setting. It will allow you to use chat tabs instead of seeing all channels at once. I plan on adding channel notifications to inactive tabs in a future update.
5.21.56 August 22nd, 2018
new Italics have returned at long last! I unfortunately store the data in a different way now, so the criteria for getting italics has changed from spending $50 to buying 500 Snail Bucks.
new The botcheck timer now shows up on the working screen when on mobile.
info August 18th, 2018
content The break rate for metal and stone tools has been lowered to improve the time : value ratio for making them.
content Some of the adamantine tools have been bumped up to requiring two ingots instead of one. The experience has been updated to reflect this.
content Stone tools have had some resource updates. For balance purposes, obsidian and diorite tools now use two stones per tool, while dolomite uses three stones per tool. The experience per tool has been updated to reflect this.
content Added Northern Fishing Rods to take the place of the Tier 3 Fishing Rod tool.
content Apple Cider and Pumpkin Ales are ready for September! A couple of changes have been made to these items …

- Apple Cider now requires 6 apples (from 3 Apples).

- Pumpkin Ales now require 2 pumpkins (from 1 Pumpkin).

- Pumpkin Ales are now -2 Timer for 30 Minutes (from -2 Timer for 20 Minutes).
content Jade mining and jade tools have made their way to the Northern Province!
content Obsidian tools have been adjusted for tier 2, which means they have -2 Timer instead of -4 Timer.
content The ability to make obsidian armor has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content The ability to make brass-related items has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content The ability to make silver items has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content Finding thunder eggs while using obsidian has been removed from the actions, but added as a possible drop when using obsidian. The Random Drops effect does not affect these types of drops.
5.21.55 August 18th, 2018
new At long last, random events have returned! Right now the only random event active is thunderstorms, but starting on September 1st, random apple picking will return as well. You will be able to click 'Travel' in chat to travel to that location (but you'll need to start the action yourself - there are future plans to add that capability).
bug fix Viewing prices from the manual now closes the manual.
bug fix Moving items to and from storages will now automatically hide the little item popup.
bug fix Replaced the old clock with a brand new clock (will hopefully prevent the version link from sticking).
bug fix Fixed a bug where having Stripe disabled will prevent you from being able to use PayPal.
5.21.54 August 13th, 2018
new Introducing Enhanced Spell-Casting!
You can find it from Perks in your player summary, right above your mana.
new Each subscription (besides Extended Botchecks) can be enabled for a free 7 day trial if you have not yet enabled them. Perfect timing to try out that Enhanced Spell-Casting feature or maybe put some Smithing jobs up!
content Easter Pendants magically turned back into Golden Eggs.
5.21.53 August 12th, 2018
new Additional support for modifications have been added to the manual. They now show up on item pages (for example, Linen Shirts will now show each modification).
content Varnished item sets are now (1) -2 Timer and (2) +4% Double Drops and only apply to Elinvar tools. Existing gilded items will maintain their upgrades, but are not available in the marketplace.
content Gilded item sets are now (1) -3 Timer and (2) +6% Double Drops, and only apply to Alluvium and Dolomite tools. Existing varnished items will maintain their upgrades, but are not available in the marketplace.
content Festive Scarves now get +10 Total Mana.
content Timers, besides Magic and Speed, are now automatically calculated. This means that some timers will be higher while other timers will be lower. Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting have already been adjusted in a previous update, so they will remain unaffected.
5.21.52 August 11th, 2018
new Introducing the new and improved PayPal payment option! For those of you who like to use PayPal, you can now access it following the same instructions found below in 5.21.51.
bug fix The mobile Get More button will now actually let you Get More!
5.21.51 August 10th, 2018
new Introducing the Stripe checkout option! You can now painlessly support the game by heading on over to Get More as shown in the picture below.
A couple of the pricing options have changed (by at most 40 Snail Bucks), so I have added a special promotional offer to celebrate this release! Offer ends at midnight on 08/19.

Lastly, some of the higher options come with Bonus Points instead of more Snail Bucks. Bonus Points will be getting an additional use soon, so stay tuned for that update!
bug fix Superior dulcimers now come with double the Spell Duration!
bug fix Bonus point purchases now show up in chat again.
5.21.50 August 5th, 2018
new Added the percent chance of getting back an item when a resource is consumed by an action to the item pages in the manual.
bug fix You can now create multiple jobs without having to refresh first!
change Made this very changelog page mobile-friendly.
change Made the login page, along with the password reset pages, mobile-friendly.
5.21.49 August 4th, 2018
new Added this changelog page, which is accessible from clicking on the version in the top right hand side of your screen.
new Added a little notification when your client becomes out of date.
new The item page in the manual will now show the item counts in the About section. For example, Buckets of Milk will show 5 uses.
new The item page in the manual will now show the item returned in the About section when it is consumed as a resource. For example, Buckets of Milk show that you can get a Wooden Bucket when it is consumed.
new Added a description for the combat skill, directing people to use the old combat page for now.
new For items acquired from or used in Gardens / Workshops, a link has been added to their page in the manual to quickly navigate to that Garden's / Workshop's page.
bug fix Fixed the ability to manage item prices when the Item Detail Hover setting was disabled.
bug fix If you change locations while your client is offline, it will make sure you appear in the right location when you reconnect.
5.21.48 August 3rd, 2018
new Added outfits to the mobile UI.
change It is no longer possible to change account information without first registering your account.
5.21.47 July 28th, 2018
new Added some quest functionality for the case when you do not have all of the requirements necessary for the the next leg of a quest.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would sometimes prevent you from buying or selling items in the marketplace, needing a refresh to fix.
change Changed some wording in the manual around the gardens & workshop pages.
change Some general cleanup of some unused CSS classes.
5.21.46 July 26th, 2018
new The Old Marketplace has finally been deprecated! If you had any fulfilled market requests, or were buying any items, that copper already made its way into the copper you are carrying. If you were selling any items, or had items waiting for you to pick up, those items have been returned to you in a package sent by Amaranthine (imaginative, I know).
change Fixed some styles for manual links.
change Added some additional 'Learn More' links for easier manual navigation from the game.
change Added some additional descriptive text to the manual to help explain certain things better.
5.21.45 July 21st, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug with bonuses where it would error out but still trigger the bonus.
5.21.44 July 21st, 2018
new The gathering update has been completed in Cadenberge Territory. Like I mentioned in another forum post, I left the picking levels alone for this update so you can still clear out existing crops if you lost the ability to pick them, but will be updating them in a few days. After that, you'll just need to get the level to pick them.
new Added the new game mechanics page.
new Added the new garden and workshop pages in the manual.
new For primary drop actions with many drops (hiking for example), the drop rate has been added to the manual to make it clear that you can increase that rate with the Random Drops effect.
bug fix Fixed a small UI bug with showing the wrong value for superior tools.
change Fisheries are now considered Workshops.
change The game will no longer max out the amount you type into the consumable items. This will hopefully reduce the frequency of accidentally consuming the wrong thing.
change Expanded a bunch of descriptive text for the various effects to help explain them a little bit better.
5.21.43 July 17th, 2018
new The Carpentry, Smithing and Tailoring updates on Cadenberge Territory have been made. Please let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary with the new content. You may need to clear your cache to see some of the changes.
new The new tool page has been added. You can find it from NEW Manual > Items > Tools. You can also click on the tools from the actions in the manual to go to the page specific for that tool.
bug fix Fixed a bug where, on certain item actions, the price list isn't automatically re-fetched.
change The tool tiers for various actions / tools have been cleaned up.
5.21.42 July 16th, 2018
new Introducing the new Armor slot. This will be the slot you use to for your single set of armor. This is in preparation for the armor sets that will be replacing the original 5 and 6 piece armor sets. More details to follow.
bug fix Fixed a bug on some mobile devices where the new item search goes off-screen.
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was not possible to close out of one of the travel modals.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with the bonus menu sometimes not having an effect selected.
change Updated the alcohol actions in the manual to be separate from the normal actions you can do for each skill.
5.21.41 July 9th, 2018
new Updated the item search panel in the top right to use the latest and greatest architecture.
new The item search panel now has a single button to click to reduce confusion - from the item detail panel you can view where your items are, how much they are going for in the marketplace, and includes a link to the manual.
new The item search functionality also works on mobile!
new Updated the way the manual is rendered too - let me know if you see any issues with it.
5.21.40 July 8th, 2018
bug fix You can now view item details from the marketplace while on mobile and when the item detail hover setting is disabled.