Recent Changes Changelog Archive
5.33.9 June 8th, 2023
new This new release notes page.
new Added a page in the manual for combat equipment.
new Tools in the Skill Manual will now link to the new Tool manual.
change This release mostly includes backend changes, replacing many of the existing endpoints, or powerpoints, according to mordaq and Pelly.
5.33.8 May 30th, 2023
change Good night yet again, sweet prince. The old new manual has been replaced by the new new manual (inside joke, if you're confused, just ask about it in chat).

While this should have feature parity with the original manual, it is possible that I have missed something, so please let me know if you see something missing.
change Chat will automatically load the last 2 hours when you log in or return from being away, so the "Chat History" button in the manual has been removed.
5.33.7 May 21st, 2023
new I have been meaning to do this for a while, but starting in this release, I have phased out the image botchecks as we know them. I know how much ya'll love to confuse acorns and pinecones, but there are a couple of challenges with this style of botcheck that makes it impractical to continue. The most serious of these problems is that they are an accessibility nightmare for people who are visually impaired that I cannot overcome without a fully-fledged captcha system.

The "Get Early" button is now the "Refresh" button, and clicking that will automatically restart your active timer without the need to click again on a botcheck. When you become idle, instead of being presented with an image, you're instead presented with a modal stating how long you have been idle, along with an option to "Continue Working".

The same rules still apply about automation and bots, and evidence of using any automated tools will still result in a ban.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that some folks are worried that they will not know what season it is anymore. I don't have a long term solution for you, but a workaround would be to look out the window.
new The skill names in the Skill Levels panel will now open up the new skill manual. The combat manual is still a work in progress, so it will continue to open up to the original manual.
new The Journal panel now has a new informational button that will open up the new quest manual. It is a more condensed version of the original quest page in the manual. In a future release, I intend on making it so that you can re-read quests that you have already completed.
new You can now force the desktop UI on a device that automatically detects the game as being on a mobile device - just append "?desktop" to the URL. This is a workaround for devices like iPads that could fairly comfortably support the desktop UI. Long term, I will be working on a layout that would work well on tablets, which would likely be a hybrid between the desktop and mobile UIs.
change This is attempt number 2 at making it so that folks cannot break chat anymore with really long lines.
content Glutinous Rice weight went from 15 to 10 pebbles.
content Spring Onion weight went from 15 to 5 pebbles.
content Bok Choy weight went from 15 to 10 pebbles.
content Ginger's weight went from 15 to 5 pebbles.
content Water Chestnut weight went from 15 pebbles to 3 pebbles.
content Oyster Mushroom weight went from 15 pebbles to 5 pebbles.
5.33.6 May 17th, 2023
new In the left panel settings you can now hide panels. While each panel serves an important purpose, you may not need all of them depending on what skills you work on, so you can now hide them if you so choose.
new I am prototyping a new panel called Combat Stats. This new panel will be a summary of your combat stats where you can see your final damage and armor at a glance. I am still undecided on whether or not this is a useful addition, so feedback is welcome.
change This is more of a PSA than anything, but I've been working on replacing many more of the API endpoints, mostly around guild and item transactions. You should notice no changes in behavior due to this work, but if you do, please let me know about it.
change The item storage in the item manual is now sorted the same way the player shop is sorted.
content Added Haven Botas that can be crafted with bat wings and filled via a subterranean stream.
content Rosewood leaves now weigh 3 pebbles, down from 25 pebbles.
content Updated the description for Minimum Drops in the Effects manual that mentions that it affects both primary drops and random drops.
5.33.5 April 30th, 2023
new The Minimum Drops effect will now show up in the action modal when you have it active and the action you are performing has a drop that can benefit from it.
new The Superiors effect will now show up in the action modal when you have it active and the action you are performing has an equipment drop.
bug fix You can now add house upgrades that are not necessarily upgraded via the Carpentry skill to the Job Board.
change If your action drops below 100% success, it will now show you your new success rate.
content Rebalanced the drop rates of alabaster and primordial water. In addition, adjusted some alchemy experience -

Item Old XP New XP
Crushed Naga Scales 31 185
Potion of Blooming VI 123 107
Potion of Fishing VI 93 293
Potion of Mining VI 93 293
Potion of Woodcutting VI 93 293
Potion of Mana VI 60 484
content Increased the instant mana effect in Potions of Mana VI from 7 to 15.
content Increased the effect for Luring Scents from 3% Double Drops and 12% Random Drops to 20% Double Drops and 80% Random Drops.
content Regenerated NPC shop prices.
content Added Cilantro Wild Meat, but reduced the drop rate of Wild Meat.
5.33.4 April 25th, 2023
new The Lost Haven map has three new skills added; Cooking, Fishing, and Gathering! Combat will not be making an appearance in this map, but will have new content in the next map. Some keywords to use to discover the new content include -

* Catfish
* Mushroom

Some of the existing actions on the map have been tweaked slightly to include some new content to support the new foods. In addition, there is a new location on the Lost Haven - Lost Coast. It's the new landing location upon arrival, and also the target of the Ring of the Haven. In addition, thunderstorms can now appear on the Lost Coast.

With a new Coastal Garden, Gardens and Workshops are now available on the Lost Haven, with the Distillery making an appearance too.

Like always, here is my disclaimer that things could change in the name of balance.
new Added more support to automatic effect calculations for the Minimum Drops, Experience, and Superiors effects. In addition, added support for the duration-stacking Timer effects (such as Swift Valentine Cards). Note that some of the unbounded effects like experience and superiors will allow you to click the button multiple times. I need to think through how that will function in future releases.
bug fix Fixed a bug with buying houses.
bug fix Fixed a bug with calculating minimum timers during travel.
bug fix Fixed a bug with todos and slot counts resetting incorrectly.
bug fix Fixed a bug with houses occasionally showing 0 total capacity.
bug fix Fixed a minor problem with the new equipment update button that would sometimes cause some slight flickering in the outfit panel.
change Changed the default panel that opens up when viewing items from the action modal. Drops will automatically open up the "Used In" panel, and resources will open up the "Get More" panel.
content A number of small changes have been made to existing Lost Haven content. Most of them are too minor to note, but the most noteworthy change is that Manganese Retorts now have a 1 in 75 break rate.
content Frogskin clothing requires character level 15.
content Toadskin clothing requires character level 45.
content Silk clothing requires character level 75.
5.33.3 April 19th, 2023
new The item slots in your paperdoll will now link to an enhanced panel that is more tightly integrated with the new item manual. In addition to being able to view the list of items you have in your inventory for that slot, you can also find other items you may not own. They are sorted first by the level at which you can craft it (if applicable), followed by the level at which you can equip it.
new I am trying an experiment with informational buttons. The Gardens and Workshops headers now have an informational button to the right of the headers that will open up to the equivalent of the original Manual > Gardens & Workshops page. Currently these buttons only appear when you have the Enhanced Gardens & Workshops perk, but this will change in the next release.
new Like Gardens and Workshops, I've also added an informational button to Effects too. From here, you can find a list of all normal effects, and from there find consumables, equipment, and upgrades. Like the equipment list accessible from the paperdoll, the effects are sorted by the level at which they can be crafted.
new The todo list will now show a checkmark in the header when you complete a todo. You can collapse your todos and not have to worry about missing when one or more todos are completed.
new When equipping an item, if you have an outfit equipped, you can update that outfit with the new item with a single click, instead of equipping the item and re-saving your outfit.
change The item manual will preserve your current place after closing it. It will only save the previous 50 states.
content Fruit baskets grant +2% Minimum Drops when Gathering and requires level 60 Gathering to equip. Crafting fruit baskets now require 6 papyrus (up from 1 papyrus) and gives 38 XP when crafting (up from 26 XP).
content Qiviut clothes require character level 30 to wear, and Sea Silk clothes require character level 60 to wear. If you do not have the level to wear these items, but you have an outfit that contains these items, that outfit will be grandfathered in, allowing you to continue to equip the items.
5.33.2 April 10th, 2023
new The Easter Egg Hunt has returned! Easter eggs can be found anywhere by doing any skills. The eggs will continue to drop until April 14th at 23:59:59. In addition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop.
new The first part of the Lost Haven map has been released! I am trying something a little new this time around and making it a mini map, similar to the way the booze maps work. All skills are included with the exception of Cooking, Fishing, Gathering, and Combat. They will make their way in with a later release as part of the Lost Haven map.

Because this is new content, it will not show up in certain places, most notably the skill pages in the manual. This will change once the skill manual is replaced. In the mean time, I will share with you the keywords you can use to discover the new final products.

* Abyssal
* Cave Scroll
* Fireworks
* Pipa

Like all content new and old, things are subject to change in the name of balance, so I may adjust things after their release. That also includes the way the new effect behaves, which is explained below.

Lastly, not all content will behave as expected on 5.33.1 and earlier. It is advised to use 5.33.2 and later if you are using the new content.
new There is a new effect called Minimum Drops, with two of the new items granting that effect. You can read about the new effect in Manual > Game Mechanics, but the gist is that it will weight drop amounts closer to their maximum range than the lower range. In the most extreme case, if you have +100% Minimum Drops, and your drop range is 1 - 2, you will always get 2.
new The action modal now shows minimum effect expirations on most effects.
change Improved the text overflow for drops on smaller resolutions in the action modal.
change House and storage actions now show up in the new item manual.
change The Books now link to the new item manual.
change The Get More section of the new item manual will also show your storage.
change The Gardens & Workshops panel has been separated into two separate pannels.
change The new item manual shows outfit specializations.
5.33.1 March 31st, 2023
new Everyone's favorite quest, Homey's Revenge, will be available tomorrow, April 1st, for those of you who missed it in previous years.
new You can now reorder todo list items.
new You can now reorder the widgets in the left panel.
bug fix Fixed a bug with item type ordering when consuming item types (e.g. ensuring that cherry logs are consumed before oak logs).
bug fix If you don't have the right level, the new item manual will show the level in red. In addition, the character level calculations weren't correct, so they were fixed too.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that could create an overlay skill outfit.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would cause a todo to complete too early if there are two identical todos.
change The item manual is better integrated into other parts of the game, with the action modal now opening up that manual. The Learn More button now opens the new manual.
change Added item type support into the new item manual.
change Switching between actions could occasionally be a little jumpy, so those interactions have been smoothed out for most action types.
5.33.0 March 18th, 2023
new There is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop to help celebrate the St. Patrick's Day event!
new I am trialing a simpler item manual, accessible from the item search, as well as clicking on 'Beta Manual' to the right of the 'Learn More' button. This change incorporates a number of features that folks have requested over the years, including the ability to toggle between superior and normal varieties, as well as being able to more easily find which action(s) are used to create an item.
new All remaining action types have been migrated over to the new action service. Following this release, the old action service will be turned off.
bug fix The job board actions will no longer count towards your own todo list.
bug fix The job board actions will now correctly double random drops associated with the action (e.g. qiviut from filling snow fur botas).
change Spell-casting will now only generate a single message at the start of spell-casting, and not per spell.
change If your garden or workshop action switches from adding to removing, the outfit auto-equip functionality will trigger, switching to the appropriate outfit.
change Workshop actions now use 'Adding to Workshops' and 'Removing from Workshops' outfits, similar to the 'Planting in Gardens' and 'Picking from Gardens' outfits.
change Custom quest actions will now show their progress in the action modal.
change The +XP% effect displayed in the action modal will now show your effective +XP% instead of your total +XP%.
content Snail Pocket Knives have been updated to be tier 5 universal tools.
5.32.0 March 5th, 2023
new If you have a +XP effect active, it will now display in the action modal.
change This update is almost entirely frontend improvements, including faster load times, improved inventory performance, improved main panel updates, and more. As always, it's possible that I have missed small interactions (e.g. clicking on a button from the Items tab on mobile devices doesn't switch to the main screen), so please let me know if you experience anything unexpected.
change You can now add a child todo for combat actions that require an effect (e.g. Sea Ice).
5.31.0 February 18th, 2023
new The new Ring of the Singularity is now available to be purchased from the Birthday Shop. The new effect only works in the new action service available in 5.31.0 or later. As of this writing, the new action service only works for basic actions. That means it has no effect on actions that include travel, gardens, workshops, spell-casting, events, jobs, house upgrades, item upgrades, and custom quest actions. These will be coming along quickly once the basic action functionality has been fully released and working without any issues.
new Like mentioned in the previous bullet, the new action service is up and running! I have tested as much as a snail can test, so there may be small edge cases I did not encounter. When reporting bugs, as always, be sure to specify the version you are on!
new Please note that you may experience unpredictable behavior if navigating from 5.31.0 to 5.30.0 and lower. Nothing will be broken, but you will have to restart your action.
new The Birthday Shop has been extended to close at the end of February.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented the build Garden / Workshop modal from going away after building the garden or workshop. Rest assured, it was actually built.
change The mystery box's random number generator has been changed, so 5.31.0 and 5.30.0 and earlier will have different effects. Once 5.31.0 is out of beta, I will be disabling the old endpoint.
content Improved the wording of the description of the Auto-Equip Outfits setting.
content Platinum Medallions are now listed under Tailoring.
content Fixed the plural form of Gold Medallions.
5.30.0 January 22nd, 2023
new Reminder that the Birthday event is going on. See the previous changelog on January 12th for more information!
new Reminder that when this version is released, some functionality in version 5.28.21 and earlier will be turned off, and some parts of the UI will stop working.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented item types (Forest Logs, Water, etc.) from showing up in the todo list if they are in your selected house.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would occasionally show the incorrect name in the minimized house display on mobile devices.
bug fix Fixed a bug that resulted in effects not getting loaded correctly when other players cast on you.
change The combat display has been improved to be more efficient.
change There have been backend-only changes to combat should be completely invisible to you. With that said, it is possible that I have missed edge cases, so please report any odd behavior while doing combat.
content The break rate for Monster's Boots has been increased from 0.0005% to 0.0015% to match the break rate of other event drops.
info January 12th, 2023
new Amar's 14th Birthday event starts on January 16th! You can start the quest early right from town so that you automatically start collecting actions as soon as the clock strikes midnight! Your actions will stop counting after January 23rd at 23:59:59. In addition, as per tradition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop, ending when the event ends.
new Note that I am still working on the year three reward, but that will be an option in the Birthday Shop soon.
5.29.0 January 8th, 2023
new Like mentioned in 5.28.21, this is a fairly substantial release in terms of backend functionality changes. When 5.29.1 is released, some features in 5.28.* will stop working.
bug fix Fixed a minor issue that showed non-skill outfits as an option in the outfit modal while not doing any actions.
bug fix Similar to the inventory and marketplace fixes, the paperdoll should no longer unequip your items on some devices if your finger just so happens to be over the unequip button.
5.28.21 December 18th, 2022
new Jolly Coins will start dropping on December 21st and continue through the end of the year, ending at 23:59:59 on January 1st, 2023.
new The last Snail Buck special offer of the year is here! Be sure to check it out in the Snail Buck shop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented the marketplace from working properly on mobile devices.
change The last couple of weeks have been mostly dedicated to backend changes. These changes should be invisible to you, but worth calling out nonetheless. In addition, the next release will be a minor version bump, bringing us up to 5.29.0. Some functionality will stop working in 5.28.* and earlier after the 5.29.0 release goes out.
content The platinum nugget drop rate has been increased.
5.28.20 December 4th, 2022
new The Winter Garden event has begun! See 5.28.19 for more information.
new The Todo List now supports child todos from effects. An example of this would be making Maple Smoked Cuttlefish. You can now click on Sip of Lavender Liqueur to create a child todo to produce the liqueur. As an added bonus, you can now click on the effects from the manual too.
bug fix The bugfix that was applied to clicking on inventory items on mobile devices was also applied to personal shops too. This should prevent the issue where clicking on an item will sometimes be interpreted as clicking on buttons from within the item detail modal.
change The 'Scroll to Bottom' button that everybody loves has changed slightly to better accommodate small screen resolutions.
content Increased the drop rate and drop quantity of Naga Scales.
5.28.19 November 27th, 2022
new For the month of December, you can now craft Figgy Pudding! Build a Winter Garden in most towns (Abandoned Villege and Arctic Expanse excluded) and grow winter crops. The event starts on December 1st and will run through the end of the year.

While planting the winter crops will only be available during December, the winter garden's processing actions will remain open after December. The exact time when the extension will no longer appear is TBD, but will likely be accessible through the end of January.
new The Books will now display how many of the item is in stock. In the case of actions where there are multiple primary drops, it will not display a stock count.
new There is now a button that shows up in chat when you are not scrolled all the way to the bottom. In addition, it should fix a long standing issue where you will occasionally get booted back to the bottom if you scroll up too slowly.
change Cleaned up the UI when creating new gardens and workshops.
content The original Figgy Pudding has been renamed to Stale Figgy Pudding.
content Gingerbread Seeds have been deleted.
content Bottles of Peach Brandy now have 3 uses when used in recipes.
content Just a reminder that qiviut will be getting a level restriction of character level 30 and sea silk will be getting a level restriction of character level 60 on or after January 1st, 2023.
5.28.18 November 19th, 2022
new The Thanksgiving Event has returned! You can find Turkey Coins throughout the world starting November 20th, and they will continue to drop through November 27th, 23:59:59. You can find them by doing any action or combat in the game. Remember to max out your Random Drops. If doing combat, also remember to max out your Double Drops. You can learn more about these effects by reading about them in Manual > Game Mechanics.

In addition, be sure to check out the new special offer in the Snail Buck shop!
bug fix Fixed a bug that could result in chat notifications not appearing when using tabbed chat.
change Cleaned up some of the link generation logic for internal links.
change Cleaned up the guild storage logs.
5.28.17 November 13th, 2022
new Similar to the new buttons that auto-consume the correct amount of items, some duration-stacking effects are now clickable too. For this iteration, it ignores existing effects, and gives you a one-click option for consuming the right amount for the length of your botcheck. This may change based on feedback.
bug fix Fixed a minor styling issue with the effect panel. In addition, condensed the effect sources so that they take up less vertical space since you cannot interact with them.
change The chat channel selectors and inputs have been changed.

For the tabbed chat, the channel name to the left of the input has been removed. When rewhispering others, it automatically changes into a regular whisper.

The chat size input button has been moved into Settings > Chat.

Note - on some mobile devices, when not using the tabbed chat, selecting a new channel may be challenging. This has been fixed in 5.28.18, but you can also temporarily enable tabbed chat from Settings > Chat if you do encounter this problem.
5.28.16 November 6th, 2022
new Now that nearly all components have been cleaned up, I am giving themes a whirl. For now there is just a single new theme that you can try out, but if people like the ability to use new themes, I can build a section that allows you to select one of several themes. For now, you can access the new theme from Settings > General > Cosmetic Settings > Custom Theme.

Note that some parts of the theme may be incomplete. The only known thing within the game itself that does not conform to the theme's palette is the botcheck and likely parts of the manual. If you spot anything else, please let me know!
bug fix Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in accidentally consuming an item while on mobile devices. This also prevents accidentally focusing on an input field in the item details panel too.
change Fixed a minor issue that sometimes resulted in the paperdoll where items with longer names had a weird display.
change Furnace slot expansion has been increased slightly. Depending on the level of your furnace, you should expect to see an increase in slots, which will decrease the time it takes for your furnace to level.
5.28.15 October 30th, 2022
new When casting spells, you can now click on the "Cast x spells" message to automatically start casting that amount of spells, instead of having to type in the count of spells.
new Similar to casting spells, you can now click on the count of items you need to get to the maximum effect value, instead of having to enter the value in the input field.
change The ordering of effects has been adjusted to make room for new effects that will be coming in the future.
change Cleaned up the holiday shop UI.
5.28.14 October 23rd, 2022
new Halloween is nearly here! You will be able to find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will start dropping on October 24th and stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new In celebration of Halloween, be sure to check out the special offer in in the Snail Buck shop!
change If you have a wait time during combat, that will now be displayed in your previous battles.
change You will now get a message when your battle takes longer than the maximum battle time.
change The Settings > General list has been updated to separate the purely cosmetic settings from other settings that modify the behavior of the game in some way. They now show up under Cosmetic Settings underneath the User Interface settings.
change The player summary has returned to a somewhat more dense table, with a similar density and style to other tables in the game. It responds to the Dense Tables setting as well.
change There is a new setting that allows you to make the item search button always minimized by default. This will save vertical space in the right panel. You can find this under the Cosmetic Settings.
change The New Manual Skills setting has been retired, with the behavior enabled by that setting becoming the default behavior.
5.28.13 October 16th, 2022
new Added a setting that allows you to make some tables more dense. These tables include the skill, effect, paperdoll, and inventory tables.
bug fix On mobile devices and when the item hover setting is disabled, it was not possible to click on an item to bring up the item details. This has been fixed.
change The todo list now considers drop rates when attempting to calculate the resources required. In the case of a drop that is less than 20%, it will display a + after the resource quantities to illustrate that more than that amount is required.
change Various effect and player endpoints have been updated. This is just a PSA in case you see any odd behavior with your player data (copper, snail bucks, etc.) or effects (namely temporary effects from spells, food, etc.).
change Outfits now automatically sort by their name, followed by their specialization (thunderstorms, picking from gardens, etc.).
change The inventory categories now just show the total weight of items in that category, and removed the setting that enabled that feature. October 12th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented child todos from being created under certain circumstances.
5.28.12 October 9th, 2022
new Starting in 5.28.12, hotfix patches outside of the normal release schedule will be done with an additional attribute in the version. For example, the first hotfix patch in 5.28.12 would be
new In addition to cleaning up the marketplace logs, you can now also download a csv of your shop logs.
new A persistent notification has been added to the Trade button in the Player Summary when you have a pending trade. Fulfilled trades and received trades will both trigger the notification.
bug fix Fixed a bug that resulted in the summary panel opening up scrolled to the bottom instead of the top if your books were open.
change Updated the message modal. One important change is that the "archive" button actually behaved more like a "delete", so the button name has been updated accordingly.
change The manage item modal for setting buy prices, sell prices, and max stock has been updated to use a single button to update all values at once. That button will also revert back to a disabled state when your changes have been made.
change Closing out of the trade panel will not clear our your current trade, so you will be able to close it, access houses, chat, etc., and then go back to your trade to complete it.
change Your personal shop will now remember where you were scrolled to after you manage an item's prices.
5.28.11 October 2nd, 2022
bug fix On mobile devices, when you are in a shop, house, or storage, navigating to the Items tab resulted in the summary at the bottom erroring out. That has been fixed.
5.28.10 October 2nd, 2022
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that caused way too many decimal places in the new random drop display for certain actions.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the new Create Todo button in the Books. You can now create a todo that will actually count your actions!
5.28.9 October 2nd, 2022
new The Inventory Tabs beta feature will become the only available view of the inventory in 5.28.11. Please give it a try from Settings > Inventory Tabs if you want to provide feedback before the official release!
new If you are planting in your garden, you will now see your -Grow Timer effect in the action modal.
new If you have the Enhanced Gardens & Workshops perk, you will now get a small notification in the header when you have a garden or workshop that is ready. That notification will go away when you either clear the entire garden or workshop, or you add more things (e.g. adding a new barrel, plant something new, etc.).
new The Books now include a button that will jump straight to making a new todo.
bug fix Fixed a bug that was introduced in 5.28.8 that made the garden and workshop pages show all drops as random drops.
change There have been a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to how things are styled. Those changes should be invisible to you, but if you see something that doesn't look quite right, please let me know about it in the forums.
change When creating child todos inside of a project todo with a house associated with it, the child todos will now display the count of resources that are inside that house.
change When you add or remove items from your houses and storages, the capacity displayed in the summary view will automatically update.
change Improved the Books panel so that opening the panel will automatically scroll the books into view if they would otherwise be hidden.
change The random drop display in the action modal will now stop turning yellow when you reach the minimum amount of random drops to get 100% drop rate. A good example of this is Quartz Sand. Quartz Sand's Random Drops display will turn grey once your random drops meets or exceeds 100% since quartz sand has a 50% drop rate. When this is the case, the random drops required will also be displayed.
5.28.8 September 25th, 2022
new It's fall again! You'll know what that means soon enough, if you don't already.
new Your outfit list will now show you the count of items that are a part of that outfit, along with how many of those items you have on your person.
new Added a setting that allows you to hide scrollbars.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the marketplace was not showing combat stats associated with modifications (e.g. Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies).
change Redesigned the player trade experience. As part of that, some improvements have been made to the mobile UI to hopefully make it easier to add items to your trades from your inventory using the same model as shops.
change Cleaned up some more of the marketplace UIs, specifically the buy and sell modal.
change Cleaned up the quest modal.
change It's now easier than ever to share your hard-earned levels with the rest of the community!
change Character level requirements now show up in quests if you do not have the level to do the quest.
change If you sometimes feel the need to disable all chat channels, you will now be greeted with a helpful message stating that your chat is disabled. If you are on the desktop UI, the size of chat will be further minimized to avoid distractions.
change You can now update the total count in your todos after the todo is created.
content Bone Arrowheads now drop 4 - 6 instead of 2 - 4.
content Urchin spines now drop 15 - 25 instead of 3 - 6.
content Onyx now drops 2 - 4 instead of 1 - 1.
content Creating Forest Arrows will become 42 XP, down from 50 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Tropical Arrows will become 44 XP, down from 57 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Archipelagic Arrows will become 97 XP, down from 140 XP, in 5.28.9.
5.28.7 September 18th, 2022
new The new Guild Member Permissions modal has been created to make it easier to see, at a glance, what permissions each guild member has. If you are either the guild leader or have the permission to change permissions, you will see a new button in the Guild Member tab of the guild widget.
new When looking at the item details widget for a superior item, there is now an indicator that shows the quality, along with a quick link to the Superior Items page in the manual.
new The paperdoll header will now display a small notification when your currently equipped outfit is missing an equipped item. This is especially useful when you have the auto-equip outfits perk since you can just keep your paperdoll collapsed now.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that prevented some actions from showing negative random drops when there is a random drop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from managing shop prices from your personal shop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent the incorrect resource requirements from showing up in todo lists.
change Good morning, new colored buttons. To add a little bit of flair, the main navigation buttons on the desktop UI have a touch of color once again.
change If your garden or workshop does not have any available slots, the plant button will have a different style to indicate that it is disabled.
change Cleaned up more of the job board activities (viewing and creating jobs).
change Made some fairly large changes to the outfit panel and outfit management system. The desktop and mobile UI now have feature parity when it comes to previewing your outfit before equipping.
content Empty bottles drop slightly more frequently now. The empty bottle action on Valentine Island now drops 1 - 2, and the action in Lazuli Desert now drops 2.
content Potions of Blooming II have been released. In addition, crushing salt rocks on the Torrid Isle is now level 16 Alchemy, and crushing black runes is level 19 alchemy.
info September 13th, 2022
new There is a bug that prevents you from managing your shop's prices by clicking on them (or clicking on Manage Item). As a temporary workaround, you can still click on the item prices to open up the buy / sell widget, and then use the Buy From Shop or Sell From Shop buttons.
5.28.6 September 11th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug with the todo list and it sometimes showing the incorrect filter when opening up an item storage.
bug fix Fixed a fun bug that resulted in timestamps showing as 24:xx instead of the expected value of 00:xx.
bug fix Fixed a less fun bug that resulted in items not being clickable. I am not 100% sure the cause of it, but it seemed to originate if you have an outfit that does not contain any items.
bug fix If you do not have the level for an effect, that level will now show up as red again.
bug fix There was an issue with the Inventory Tabs feature where the house filtering did not automatically toggle the most appropriate item classification (e.g. if you have 1 resource and 0 consumables and 0 equipment, it did not switch to resources). This has been fixed.
change Good night, sweet colored buttons. The buttons in the center of the screen on the desktop UI are no longer colored. If you miss the pretty colors, the next release will reintroduce a touch of color, so stay tuned!
change When creating child todos, the Todo List will now consider house contents too when making a suggestion for how many actions you need to do.
change Cleaned up most of the guild widget.
change The modal logic is in the process of being simplified. While most of the modals should all continue to behave as expected, there is a chance that not all cases have been covered. If you experience any issues with opening any modals, please make a bug post in the forums.
5.28.5 September 4th, 2022
upcoming I am going to add a level restriction to qiviut and sea silk clothing (and possibly frog skin, toad skin, and silk). For the two core item sets mentioned above, that level restriction will be character level 30 for qiviut and character level 60 for sea silk. To give folks plenty of notice, I will hold off for 2022 and implement it on or after January 1st, 2023.
new A beta version of the new inventory view is available as a setting. You can toggle this new setting from Settings > General > Inventory Tabs. Please leave your feedback in the forums!
new The item details widget for equipment now shows you how many outfits that particular item belongs to. This can be useful for cleaning up your inventory of equipment you do not normally use.
change Added a notification to the mobile menu button when you have a new message.
change If you are wearing a Headless Horseman's Hat and you are doing an action with a random drop, it will show your Random Drops.
change I have deprecated the library I used for managing time. While I believe I have covered everything, I may have missed something. If you encounter any issues, please create a bug post in the forums.
change On mobile, when you open your shop, you will now have a button that will allow you to open up your inventory. If people like this feature, I can work on extending this to houses and storages in a future release.
content Linen, Qiviut, and Sea Silk are getting a buff. If you have a full set equipped, it will now repeat the Random, Double, and/or Success effects. The original -Timer effect for the full set has been removed, but I doubt it will be missed.
5.28.4 August 29th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to add an item from your inventory into your personal shop on mobile.
5.28.3 August 28th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug with being able to click on item types in the action modal.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented some users from being able to search for items using the item search.
change As of 5.28.3, I am deprecating both legacy storages and legacy shops. Legacy storages can continue to be upgraded on 5.28.2 or earlier, but I do not plan on creating an upgrade path for your legacy shops. This is due to the fact that 5+ years after marking them as legacy, most guilds should have already expanded the new storages, and ideally have already moved their items into those new storages.
change The item search widget will now allow you to open up your personal shop without stopping your actions.
change Made some modifications to mobile support that will allow users to force the mobile UI on devices that do not automatically trigger it, while also increasing the number of mobile devices that detect it automatically.
change Item search results now show which slot(s) a piece of equipment will go into.
change The item search button will now automatically minimize when the main item search button scrolls off-screen.
change Character level requirements now shows up in the item details. In addition, skill level requirements always show up now, instead of conditionally based on your level.
change Personal shops will now have a tabbed item classification (equipment, consumables, resources) instead of having them as headers. This will allow you to jump instantly to a type of item. If you like this feature, I can consider extending it to houses, storages, and even your inventory.
change Cleaned up most of the Settings modal, with some work still remaining. In addition, moved the A (all) and T (tabbed) chat settings to Settings > Chat.
change When you navigate to your inventory while a house or storage is open on mobile, a button to return to your house will be made visible.
change The mini action display on mobile will have the same honey color when you are not on minimum timer.
change You can now sort by experience in the new Books feature.
change Item searches will persist across even after the item search modal is closed. There is a handy little clear button to clear the input to make it easy to start a new search. That same clear button has been extended to a few other input fields.
content Fish Kulambu's effect has been increased from -6 Timer for 60 Minutes to -9 Timer for 60 Minutes.
5.28.2 August 14th, 2022
new The spell-casting panel will now show how many of a spell you need, as long as you are casting a spell that matches your current skill, and you are the spell's target.
new You can now limit the number of items being upgraded. This only applies to upgrading equipment.
new The beta of the new Books feature is here! This will be a Snail Buck perk, but while it's being designed and built out, it will be free for all. The free version of the Books will include only Cadenberge Territory, while the perk will enable all remaining maps.
bug fix Fixed an issue with searching for item types in houses and storages.
bug fix Fixed an issue with buying house plots.
change Updated the item search to be a button instead of an input.
change Updated the item detail widget that pops up.
change The Mystery Box will show the duration left on the day's effect when you view its item details.
change The double drop display in combat will not show up if none of the drops are capable of doubling.
5.28.1 August 7th, 2022
new Going forward, if you want to test beta releases, they will be version specific (e.g. /v/5.28.1 instead of /next).
new Consider this phase 1 of many. Like I alluded to in the feedback forum post, I am going to go through each component with a fine-tooth comb. This is a time consuming process, so updates will come in pieces.
new The action modal now shows double drops and random drops. Success is conditioned on the action's base success rate and whether or not you can produce equipment, and random drops will trigger if there is a drop with less than a 100% chance. You can also view drops in addition to requirements.
change The player trade is now accessed via a Trade button to the right of your Copper. This was done so that now all of the navigation buttons have consistent behavior (they replace the main panel).
change The mobile UI has had a lot of minor improvements.
change The item search will now surface items with an upgrade that matches your search terms. So if you search for Icy Red for example, you will see qiviut clothing show up.
change This is mostly an FYI, but I have been replacing some of the API endpoints with new endpoints. This should be seamless to you, but wanted you to be aware of it nonetheless.
content Crab Traps need a tier 3 chisel now (they were tier 2 before).
content Northern Bows need a tier 3 chisel now (they were tier 4 before).
info July 18th, 2022
content Coriander seed drops from Spice Gardens have been increased from 2 - 4 to 4 - 8.
content Coriander seed drops from Roaming Across the Plateau have been increased from 1 - 3 to 2 - 6.
5.27.17 July 6th, 2022
new There was a bit of a booboo with the Snail Day Celebration for a few players. To remedy the problem, there is a special quest in town if you are one of the few players who ran into the issue.
new There is now a Changelog button in the manual in case you don't know about the button to the left of the clock.
new There is a new effect called "Superiors". More details can be found in Manual > Game Mechanics. This is currently a soft release of the functionality to ensure the actual mechanic works, with the new item being released soon.
bug fix Todo list actions for gardens and workshops will now respect the random drop requirement for removing items from your extension.
change Item filtering inside of houses and storages has been improved to be similar to filtering from the item search above the inventory. It does not have perfect parity, but it's closer.
content Fixed the various messages for processing strips of bark in the Deccan Territory.
info June 17th, 2022
new The Snail Day celebration has returned! It will begin on June 19th and end June 25th at 23:59:59. Be sure to start the quest before the event begins, which can be found in all towns.

In celebration of the event, the Snail Buck shop now has a special offer on Snail Bucks. That offer will end after the event.

As of this writing, the final reward is still being determined. Once it is, you will be able to exchange it in the Snail Shop in town.
info May 22nd, 2022
bug fix Accidentally type some extra whitespace before or after a player's name when sending a message? No problem! The game will pretend it's not there now.
content Tier 6 Strips of Bark now require Deccan Logs instead of Papaya Logs.
info May 10th, 2022
bug fix If your spellcasting outfit has a spell duration effect on it, and you use the auto-equip feature, sometimes the final spell duration was displayed as if the spell duration on the outfit wasn't there. This has been fixed.
info April 27th, 2022
content The ordering of empty bottles and barrels for Deccan booze has been fixed to be consistent with the rest of the booze pouring actions.
5.27.16 April 16th, 2022
new The annual Easter Egg hunt is starting on April 17th! Easter Eggs will drop from April 17th through April 23rd at 23:59:59. You can turn those Easter Eggs in to the Easter Egg Hunt Shop found right in town (all towns). In addition, the Snail Buck shop now has a special offer on Snail Bucks. That offer will end after the event.
bug fix Fixed a minor display issue with the Tantalizing Mystery Box.
bug fix There was an issue with the todo list and not counting combat drops appropriately. The todo list should now update as expected.
bug fix On some devices, the travel menu had some anomalies. These should be fixed in this release. In addition, some additional spacing was added above and below the right chevrons used for opening up the travel maps on mobile devices.
info January 30th, 2022
new I hope everyone enjoyed the birthday event! The exhange for the Birthday Medallions is available in the Birthday Shop. In addition, the deadline to turn in your Thirteen Year Coins has been extended by two weeks.
info January 15th, 2022
new Amar's 13th Birthday event starts on January 16th! You can start the quest early right from town so that you automatically start collecting actions as soon as the clock strikes midnight! Your actions will stop counting after January 23rd at 23:59:59. In addition, as per tradition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop, ending when the event ends.
content The Distillery is now accessible from the Drifting Isles.
5.27.15 December 20th, 2021
new The Jolly Shop has returned! You can find Jolly Coins throughout the world starting December 21st, and they will continue to drop through January 1st, 2022, 23:59:59. You can find them by doing any action or combat in the game. Remember to max out your Random Drops. If doing combat, also remember to max out your Double Drops. You can learn more about these effects by reading about them in Manual > Game Mechanics.

In addition, be sure to check out the new special offer in the Snail Buck shop!
change The town menu is prefixed with 'Travel' for clarity.
change The todo list is now defaulted to collapsed for new players.
change The close button setting is now enabled by default for new players.
info November 21st, 2021
new The Thanksgiving Event has returned! You can find Turkey Coins throughout the world starting November 22nd, and they will continue to drop through November 29th, 23:59:59. You can find them by doing any action or combat in the game. Remember to max out your Random Drops. If doing combat, also remember to max out your Double Drops. You can learn more about these effects by reading about them in Manual > Game Mechanics.

In addition, be sure to check out the new special offer in the Snail Buck shop!
5.27.14 October 24th, 2021
new Halloween is here! You can find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new To celebrate Halloween, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop!
new When your guild levels up, you will now get a message in guild chat!
bug fix Fixed a bug with sorting actions in the beta action pages in the manual.
change You can now restart a house or storage upgrade from the action modal.
change The house and storage pages in the manual now display XP instead of Exp for better consistency in the manual.
content Searching for "level" will now only show items with the level effect.
5.27.13 September 12th, 2021
new Added a description to Manual > Game Mechanics that explains how character and guild experience is gained.
new You can now filter your guild storage logs by player, item, or storage name. In addition, the 500 log limit has been lifted.
bug fix Occasionally item quantities overlapped in 'Your Possessions' in the manual and item search modal if the quantity was large. This has been fixed.
change The resource display is now completely consistent across all places in the game. In addition, this change should make manual links much more obvious.
change Chat is now defaulted to tabbed-chat for new players.
change On the desktop UI, equipping an outfit is now two clicks instead of one. The first button is to preview the outfit and the second click is to equip it. On mobile devices, it's a single click to equip your outfit. In addition, there's some more padding between outfits to make it easier to tell which button belongs to which outfit.
change The New Manual Skills beta setting also applies to combat now.
change Improved some of the accessibility of the skill panel, and made the skills more obvious that they are links.
change Added visual indicator that headers (on the left and right panels) are clickable.
change Refactored the Effects panel on the left side of the screen (or in the Summary tab on mobile). Should be more or less equivalent to the original, but I'm mentioning it if in case something doesn't work quite right. The biggest change is that the value for the main row is now your effective value. Expanding it will show the total effect value. In other words, if your total success is 400%, the actual success displayed will be 300%.
change Adjusted which action name is used for extension action todos. In some cases, the name displayed was misleading.
change The bonus panel now allows you to use the enter key to enable bonuses, as well as use the escape key to close out the bonus panel. In addition, when closing the bonus panel on the mobile version, the inner-modal will now be closed when the bonus panel is opened back up again.
content The Empty Bottle recipe using Sycamore Logs has been removed.
content Cooked Bass went from -2 Timer for 3 Minutes (stacks) to -1 Timer for 15 Minutes.
content Cooked Trout went from -5 Timer for 3 Minutes (stacks) to -2 Timer for 15 Minutes.
5.27.12 August 23rd, 2021
new I hope you have all enjoyed this very special event! I'll be leaving the special offer up in the shop for the next day or so, so make sure to take advantage of it if you were planning on buying any Snail Bucks.
bug fix Fixed a bug in the Todo List where only a single extension action was displayed when creating a new Project (e.g. Creating a project for Violets would only show you the Frost Flower action, not both options - this has been fixed).
bug fix Fixed a bug in the Todo List where the open / travel buttons for resources would display the incorrect house filter on occasion.
info August 7th, 2021
new The Pink Snail Egg event will be starting Sunday, August 8th! This is a random drop event where you can find Pink Snail Eggs throughout the world. Make sure to max out your Random Drops at 400%, and if you're doing combat, also max out your DD at 100%. Any skill can drop the eggs. Since this is a one time only event, it will run for 2 weeks, ending on Saturday, August 21st at 23:59:59. As per tradition, because of the event, there is an extra special offer going on in the Snail Buck shop!
info July 23rd, 2021
notice The Empty Bottle recipe that uses Sycamore Logs will be retired on or after September 1st, 2021.
info July 13th, 2021
content The Snail Medallions can be exchanged in the Snail Shop in town. The shop will stay open 2 weeks longer for the medallions to be exchanged. After the shop closes, the Snail Medallions will automatically be converted.
info June 19th, 2021
new The Snail Day Celebration event has returned! There is a slight twist this year to the main reward. If you did not complete the 2020 event, this year your prize will be an Ornate Snail Bracelet. If you DID complete the 2020 event, this year your prize will be Snail Medallions. If you're wondering what the medallion is for, you're not alone. I don't either. I will work on coming up with a use for the medallion in the coming days, most likely being an exchange in the Snail Shop. If you have any suggestions for what you would love to see, post about it in the forums! I will choose the best idea and will reward the person who came up with the idea 100 Snail Bucks.

The celebration starts on June 20th and runs through the end of the day on June 26th. You can start the event from any town.
new To help celebrate the Snail Day Celebration, there is also a special offer in the Snail Buck shop! The offer will end after the event.
5.27.11 May 2nd, 2021
new If you continuously forget which actions you are working on (like I do), then this latest feature is perfect for you. Introducing the Todo List! The Todo List is similar to the Job Board, except it's for your own personal tasks. You do not put resources up upfront, but rather you can keep track of particular tasks you want to do. You can find the new Todo List under the Effects panel on the left (or under the Summary tab on mobile devices).

By default everyone can create a single project at a time, from which you can create any number of child todos that directly (or indirectly) contribute to that parent project. Purchasing the Enhanced Todo List will increase the project limit to 5 as well as enables the minimum Success, minimum Random Drop and House options (including any future enhancements as well). Any projects that already exist are grandfathered in. Lastly, I am considering the option to purchase additional project slots, but that is TBD.
info April 11th, 2021
content The mining camp is in peril again! Do you have what it takes to save them once more? For those of you who have completed the volcano protection quest, head on down to Pyre Island to help out! Combat level 75 is required to start the new quest - Mining Camp Assault, with combat level 85 needed to advance to the exciting capstone adventure for the Pyre Island quest series.
info April 1st, 2021
new What's that? There's an Easter Egg hunt going on?! That's right! Easter Eggs will drop from April 2nd through April 8th at 23:59:59. You can turn those Easter Eggs in to the Easter Egg Hunt Shop found right in town (all towns). In addition, the Snail Buck shop now has a special offer on Snail Bucks. That offer will end after the event.
content Marshmallow Peeps from the Easter event in 2020 have been renamed to Stale Marshmallow Peeps and a new version of Marshmallow Peeps has been released this year.
info March 7th, 2021
content Homey has released a new quest - Down on the Bayou!
info February 21st, 2021
content Potion of Insight now requires 6 Dwarf Fireweed and 2 Oysterleaf, down from 9 Dwarf Fireweed and 3 Oysterleaf.
content Arctic Brew now requires 2 Dwarf Fireweed and 6 Oysterleaf, down from 3 Dwarf Fireweed and 9 Oysterleaf.
5.27.10 February 20th, 2021
new With the release of the new Tier 2 booze actions, it has become apparent that it would be good to be able to create auto-equip outfits that will be separate from the main skill outfits since their requirements will vary quite substantially from their usual actions. For now, this can be enabled via the BETA Booze Outfits setting, found in Settings. This setting will be removed in the future and this will be the default behavior.
bug fix Fixed an issue that would occasionally show the incorrect thing when reconnecting after clicking on one of the travel links (i.e. the travel button to catch lightning, the new open / travel buttons / travel via the manual, etc.). Upon reconnecting, the game would erroneously show the incorrect thing while still continuing to work in the background. This should no longer happen after this update.
change Removed the Opaque Modal Background setting and set the modal background to the value as if the setting was enabled.
change Added a button in the forum that lets you instantly go to the bottom of a topic.
change Instead of the anxiety-inducing NEW that shows up when on the /next release, it will now show a pleasant NEXT instead.
change The manual will display a * next to drops that are not subject to double drops, along with a brief explanation of the new symbol at the top of the page.
content Empty Bottles on the Drifting Isles have received a small update. Instead of requiring Sycamore Logs, they will require Olive Logs. Taking into consideration the fact some players have already stockpiled logs to make the bottles with Sycamore Logs, the original action will still remain. At some point in the future, the old action will be removed.

Old Req. New Req. Old XP New XP
1 Quartz Sand
1 Sycamore Log
1 Quartz Sand
1 Olive Log
45 32

In addition, quartz sand's drop rate has been increased from 1 - 1 per action to 1 - 2 per action. Because of this change, Quartz Arrowheads will now grant 49 XP per action, down from 59 XP per action.
5.27.9 February 13th, 2021
new Have you been wondering what to use your tier 2 booze for? If the answer to that question is a resounding "YES!", then wonder no longer. Homey has done an incredible job designing and implementing the tier 2 booze actions. No spoilers here I'm afraid, you'll just have to discover this new land for yourself. A refresh may be necessary if the new map does not show up underneath the Archipelago.
new Do you frequently use the item search? Are you tired of having to manually travel to the right location, then go to Buildings > [ Houses | Guild ], click on the relevant house / storage and search AGAIN for the same item you literally just searched for? Well you are in luck! Introducing the Fast Open and Travel button! Search for your favorite item, click Travel or Open and let the game do the rest of the work for you.

Note that as of this writing, if you are traveling to a new map, you will navigate to the exact location of that house or storage, it will not stop when you arrive at a closer location. I may change this in the future, but the implementation of that was somewhat more complex, so I didn't want to delay the release of this to try to solve that problem.

Since this is a pure convenience feature, I may consider making this a Snail Buck perk. But for now it's free for all to use. If I make it a perk, I will build in traveling ring support and will consider other enhancements. Feedback as always is welcome!
new The manual skill pages are beginning to get a bit crowded. I have been meaning to try to make using them a little bit better, so I am starting to work on a beta view for them. To try out the beta, go to Settings and enable the BETA New Manual Skills setting towards the bottom. The assumption is that you are most likely going to just work on a given a map for a while, so for starters, it will hide all of the maps except for Cadenberge Territory. You can hide / show any map that you'd like after that initial view. It shows the level range associated with that group too. Feedback and feature requests are encouraged!
bug fix Fixed a bug around the new item count calculations and using skill-based effects.
bug fix There was a bug with superior Volundr Wings that actually resulted in timers not being properly set when traveling over water. This bug has been fixed, which means your timers will now be calculated correctly. This may result in higher travel timers across water if you normally wear superior Volundr Wings.
change The ordering for houses in the job board and in the manual has been fixed so that the proper progression is shown.
content In addition to the new content, there are new quests available as well, also written by Homey!
content Smoked Carp's effects have been increased from +2% Double Drops and +8% Random Drops to +3% Double Drops and +12% Random Drops.
5.27.8 February 7th, 2021
new The helpful little message in the item detail modal that shows how much of a particular item to consume has been extended to also include random drops and success! Now you will be able to see how many items you need to consume to get maximum random drops and 100% success. The success message is only a warning because you may want to exceed 100% success, but this will help ensure that you do not fail your current actions.
bug fix Fixed minor UI issue with the personal shop upgrade showing an enabled button when you do not in fact have enough copper to purchase the upgrade.
change Because of all of the new items available in the game, the maximum personal shop capacity has been increased from 200,000 stones to 300,000 stones. There are now options for increasing your shop by 50,000 stones with copper and 50,000 stones with Snail Bucks.
change The modal that pops up after using bonus points will now automatically close when the parent modal is closed. In addition, using bonus points will prevent accidentally double clicking when network connection is slow.
change Similar to the update to Account Bound items, items without a break rate will no longer show a red 1 next to them when they are equipped.
change Combat experience shows up in the battle modal while you are fighting.
content The plural of Obsidian and Glacial Gladii has been fixed.
content Frogskin, Toadskin and Silk clothing is now under Equipment > Special if the effect-based equipment sorting is not enabled.
content The weight of a couple of items has increased. Maple Syrup increased from 35 pebbles to 1.35 stones and Vials of Ink increased from 30 pebbles to 1.15 stones.
5.27.7 January 27th, 2021
notice The birthday quest no longer shows up in town, but you can still click on your journal to turn in your quest.
new Clicking on a resource from the action modal will now open up the manual page for that item.
change The action modal should now be more mobile friendly.
content Kite has been renamed to Stingray Kite. In addition, the Newt Skin Kite has been released!
content Wanderlust was accidentally set to level 50 in August 2019. It has been reverted back to level 44.
5.27.6 January 17th, 2021
new The Mystery Box has been fully implemented! If you enjoy the effect of the Mystery Box, be sure to thank Homey for the idea.
new The same logic that shows number of items to consume for minimum timer has been applied to double drops too.
change Using bonus points to enable an effect will now show up in chat too.
change Account Bound items no longer show a red 1 next to them when they are equipped.
5.27.5 January 12th, 2021
new Amar's 12th Birthday event starts on January 16th! You can start the quest early right from town so that you automatically start collecting actions as soon as the clock strikes midnight! Your actions will stop counting after January 22nd at 23:59:59. In addition, as per tradition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop, ending when the event ends.
new The Manual > Effects page has been updated to include combat stats as well.
bug fix Fixed a display bug with some item sets.
change Improved the manual effect pages to be more mobile friendly.
change The large list of tools that have certain effects in the manual have been consolidated to be more compact.
5.27.4 January 9th, 2021
new A high score for house capacity has been released!
bug fix Fixed a bug with different item sets with the same name.
bug fix Fixed typo with War Elephant item detail description.
change Increased padding between spells in the spellcasting modal.
content The break rate for the Ugly Sweater has been lowered.
content The Rosewood Barrel experience was increased from 254 to 286.
5.27.3 December 30th, 2020
change The item pages in the manual now show the item's category to make it easier to find.
change The functionality to support the Ugly Sweater effects has been implemented.
content The Ugly Sweater has its new effects. Similar to the Ornate Snail Bracelet, the sweater grows with you, except it is based off of your character level instead of your magic level.
info December 22nd, 2020
change Brrrr! Winter botchecks have returned!
change The garden and workshop high scores now support guild sorting.
5.27.2 December 19th, 2020
new It might not be a Gingerbread Garden (returning winter of 2021), but the Jolly Coins have returned! They will begin to drop on December 20th, and will stop dropping January 1st at 23:59:59. Turn in your Jolly Coins to the Jolly Shop, located in all towns.
new The Ugly Sweater's full effects are not yet implemented. Their effect will be released before the shop closes.
new The last sale of the year for Snail Bucks is here! Everybody's favorite deal is here - extra Snail Bucks! Get them while they last, offer will end when the event ends.
content The Immortal Tower has arrived in the Drifting Isles! You will be able to fight in the normal Immortal Tower Courtyard zone at level 95, and the dungeon at level 105. There are three new legendary weapons available.
content The Distillery preparation action names on the Deccan Territory have been adjusted to line up better with the existing actions.
content Guard Insignas are now listed under the Magic category.
content Alluring Robes have arrived! They are the fifth tier sorcerer armor. Like the other robes, stat-wise they are not quite ready for prime time, so use at your own risk.
content Demonic Cloth experience has been reduced from 484 to 387.
content Silk Cocoons now drop when chopping Papaya Logs and Rosewood Logs.
content Deccan Territory travel messages are now in the present tense.
content Adamantine and Diorite tools now have upgrades.
content Drifting Isle combat equipment now has upgrades.
content The Enchanted modification strength on the Deccan Territory has been increased.
content When harvesting cilantro, the drop rate of coriander seeds has been increased from 1 - 3 to 2 - 4.
info December 19th, 2020
bug fix You can now put Deccan Territory house upgrades on the job board.
info December 10th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a bug with upgrading some of the new equipment.
5.27.1 December 8th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a minor display bug with level-based effects (specifically ornate snail bracelets).
bug fix Fixed a minor display bug in the manual where combat stats did not show up when the item does not have an effect. Also fixed the header for effects to show up as Stats & Effects if either stats and / or effects exist for an item.
change The action modal will now hide the description on mobile devices when you are actively working on an action.
5.27.0 December 6th, 2020
new At long last, the Deccan Territory has arrived! It is the sixth full map, covering levels 75 through 90 for most skills. Homey has done an astounding job putting it all together, and I hope everyone enjoys the new content. You can blame me, Grumpy, for the delay in its release!

While we've done what we could to validate and run through every single action and item, there may be the occasional typo - please utilize the Typo Forum for letting me know so I can make the necessary corrections.

Lastly, like any existing content, effects / resources / etc. may very well change after the release. Enchanted modifications for example will be receiving a boost post-release.
bug fix Guild storages are now filtered by your current guild. This fixes a small bug where switching a guild would sometimes show both your old guild and new guild's storages.
content :P, :S and :o are now case insensitive, :robot: now works for and :smug: now works for .
content There is a new effect called Level. This effect will temporarily increase your effective level in the given skill. Visit Manual > Effects > Level for more information.
content The NPC Shop Price Calculator has been adjusted to recalculate certain types of items. That means items that have multiple uses are now calculated differently. Items such as barrels of <booze>, botas, and other multi-use items should now have a more appropriate value in the market.
content Shrimp Nets are now considered a Tier 4 Fishing Net tool.
content Distilleries, Fisheries, Orchards and Smokehouses can be found on the Deccan Territory.
content Some effects changed.

Item Old Effect New Effect
Potion of the Gazelle -4 Timer for 20 Minutes
Drifting Isles
-3 Timer for 60 Minutes
Drifting Isles
Potion of the Monitor +10% DD for 20 Minutes
Drifting Isles
+4% DD for 60 Minutes
Drifting Isles
Potion of the Ostrich +40% RD for 20 Minutes
Drifting Isles
+10% RD for 60 Minutes
Drifting Isles
content Some experience values changed.

Item Old XP New XP
Alligator Jambalaya 88 87
Flower Salad 100 112
Grilled Yellowtail 43 60
King Crab 29 36
Lobster 25 28
Raw Sea Urchin 61 71
Snake Jambalaya 75 77
Yellowtail Sushi 52 63
info November 28th, 2020
new A Cyber Monday Snail Buck sale is going on now! Don't miss out on extra snail bucks to top off your extended botchecks, or even get one of the permanent perks you might have been eyeing! The sale will end when the event ends, so don't wait!
info November 22nd, 2020
new The Turkey Shop has returned another year! Turkey Coins will drop from November 23rd until November 30th, 23:59:59, and the shop will close December 15th at 23:59:59.
info October 24th, 2020
new The Spooky Shop has returned! Spooky coins will drop from October 24th through November 1st, 23:59:59. Note that there was a slight issue where item limits were not reset from last year in the shop. This has been corrected.
new The Snail Buck shop also has a special deal on bonus points! Put those bonus points to good use to find more spooky coins!
info October 3rd, 2020
new The ability to update and delete guild sections has arrived! You must either be the guild leader or have the Can Moderate Guild Forums permission to access it. It can be accessed via the edit button to the right of the Guild section header.

Deletes are only soft deletes, meaning that it will be possible to undelete the forum section in the future if it was a mistake. Deleted sections will only show up in the guild edit section, and will not show up under the side panel.

The exact mechanism for hard deleting forum sections is currently undecided (hard deleting means the forum section will be gone forever). If absolutely necessary, you can message Grumpy to hard delete a forum section; he will provide instructions for what he needs from you.
info September 30th, 2020
content It's that time of year again; that time when everybody confuses pinecones with acorns in the fall-themed botchecks! To help celebrate the seasonal transition is a special snail buck offer in the shop! The offer will end after October 4th.
info July 15th, 2020
new The ability to create new guild sections has arrived! You must either be the guild leader or have the Can Moderate Guild Forums permission to access it. It can be accessed via the edit button to the right of the Guild section header.

This release does not include the ability to edit section names, nor the ability to delete a section given the destructive nature of that action. Some additional thought will have to go into deciding how to handle those.
info July 6th, 2020
new New guilds will automatically have a General forum section created for them. This at least allows for new guilds to have a place to post things for their fellow guild members, until the functionality to manage guild forum sections is implemented.
5.26.32 June 20th, 2020
new The Snail Day event begins June 21st at 00:00:00! It will end June 27th at 23:59:59. This event will be very similar to the 10th birthday event. For those who were not around for that event, you are rewarded for the total number of actions or battles completed during the event, with various milestones giving rewards.
new The Snail Buck shop is also offering a special bonus offer for Snail Bucks! The special offer will end on or after the end of the event.
new By default, the item search toggle will now hide retired items from view. You can toggle retired items with the click of a button!
new You can now narrow down your search results by filtering by a few new terms - food, consumables, equipment.

e.g. success food, double equipment, random equip
new The Collectables category has been removed.
new Added smooth scrolling to mobile devices.
new Added UI support for level-restricted effects.
bug fix Addressed a few minor bugs related to the message modal.
content Alluvium Ingots have been moved from Pyre Island to Ember Vale.
info April 9th, 2020
new The easter egg hunt has returned along with a powerful new holiday consumable! Check out the Easter Egg Hunt Shop in town for more information. Easter eggs will begin dropping April 10th at 00:00:00 and will stop dropping on April 16th at 23:59:59.
new The special snail buck offer is still in the shop! It will end after the event (for real this time).
info March 17th, 2020
new The rainbow event has returned! Look for rainbows in chat and find Pots of Gold. There is a shop where you can exchange your pots of gold in every town. Check out the item page for Pots of Gold to learn more! Each rainbow lasts for one hour.
new To help celebrate the event, there is a special snail buck offer now available in the Snail Buck shop! The special offer will end when the rainbows stop appearing.
5.26.31 March 4th, 2020
bug fix The whisper notification should work more consistently now.
content You can use :nod: and :nods: for the :yes: emote now!
content Improved the descriptions for Total Mana and Active Mana Regeneration in the manual.
content Searching for 'Fruit' will also show the items that are produced by processing the bushels of fruit.
content Added a rule that specifies that only English is allowed in public chat channels and the forums.
info January 30th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a bug that still allowed guild chat to be shown even when the channel was disabled.
content Celestial Bows now have a break rate.
content Fixed the level for preparing orange slices in the smokehouse.
info December 17th, 2019
new This year's Christmas event is slightly different from previous years due to a miscalculation in the drop rate of gingerbread items last year. If you missed the event last year, there are some gingerbread items available in the Jolly Shop (found in any town), along with a couple of new items. Jolly Coins will drop from December 18th through the end of 2019. The shop will remain open until January 17th at 23:59:59.
new There is one last deal in the Snail Buck shop to close out 2019. If you were planning on buying some Snail Bucks, now is the perfect time to do so! The offer will end when the year ends.
5.26.30 December 13th, 2019
change The Disable Auto-Equip setting has been changed to just be Auto-Equip Outfits to reduce confusion when it comes to the double negative. The game will default to the preference you had enabled, but attempting to change it from versions 5.26.29 or earlier will usually not work.
content Searching for the word frog will show Spotted Treefrogs.
info November 24th, 2019
new The Thanksgiving event will begin on November 27th! You will be able to find Turkey Coins by doing any actions or combat. Remember to max out your Random Drops! The coins will drop until December 2nd at 23:59:59 and the shop will remain open until December 14th at 23:59:59.
content Renamed Frogskin Boots and Frogskin Gloves to Worn Frogskin Boots and Worn Frogskin Gloves respectively. They have also been retired and can no longer be crafted.
content Renamed Exotic Tannery in Izanna Port to Tropical Tannery.
content Added six new items - Frogskin Boots, Frogskin Scarf, Frogskin Mask, Toadskin Boots, Toadskin Scarf and Toadskin Mask. Frogskin and Toadskin items have two items sets each - Crafter's and Gatherer's. You can use silver medallions and gold medallions to upgrade these items. Check out the manual for more information!

Want to see another item set for frogskin / toadskin equipment? Feel free to create a Feature Request!
info November 16th, 2019
content Cleaned up some of the original holiday collectables from years ago. This specifically includes the original Halloween Critters and the Stuffed Animals.
content The remaining collectables are going to be converted to Resources, and the Collectables tab will be removed in a future update to help reduce confusion during holiday events.
5.26.29 November 9th, 2019
new Reminder that the Spooky Shop closes on November 14th, 2019 23:59:59, and around the same time, the special offer in the Snail Buck shop will be ending too.
bug fix Closing the item upgrade modal from the surrounding background will now stop the action.
change Tweaked the channel selector ever so slightly to hopefully make it less likely to close when moving your mouse.
change Aligned the log out button to the bottom of the Tools menu to reduce the chance of mis-clicks when clicking Forums.
info October 30th, 2019
new The Halloween event is still going! You can continue to find Spooky Coins until November 1st 23:59:59, and you can continue to turn in Spooky Coins to the Spooky Shop in town until November 14th, 2019 23:59:59.
5.26.28 October 23rd, 2019
new Reminder that the Halloween event begins on October 24th!
new There is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop that will be open until November 14th, 23:59:59.
new Your mana now shows up in the mini-action and mini-combat modal on mobile. Now you never have to wonder if you're wasting precious, precious mana. There is also a setting to hide the mana summary.
new Added the Chat History and High Scores to the mobile Tools panel (the one that links to settings, the manual, etc.). In addition, the Tools panel will now close after using any of the buttons in that menu.
bug fix Fixed a small bug that would sometimes collapse headers when clicking buttons in the item detail modal, such as the Eat or Drink buttons. There were a number of places that needed to be modified, but it should result in less odd behavior.
change Settings have been broken down into User Interface and Premium. Also removed an unnecessary setting and moved the dedicated whisper channel setting to the Chat tab in Settings.
change Changed how the item set display is rendered. Should look mostly the same as before, but please report any differences.
change Changed how the mobile mini-action and mini-combat display is rendered, including bigger Summary / Chat / Items buttons. The action messages and timer are also a little bit different, which will result in using up less room and support long messages better.
change The chat input should now scroll a bit better into view on mobile devices.
change The spell casting count input field will now clear when you close out of a spell and choose another spell.
change The default sorting behavior of the manual actions is now level, followed by the name of the action.
change The mobile manual has been updated a little bit to be a little bit easier to read. Please let me know what you think! Fitting so much information in such a small place is not easy, but I'm open to feedback. You can see the new design from Manual > Skills > [ Pick a Skill ]. I have not tried to apply it to any of the other pages in the manual yet.
change Disabled the hover style for tables on mobile.
info October 19th, 2019
new October is always a spooky month, and this year is no exception! Be on the lookout for Spooky Coins, which will start dropping on October 24th! They will stop dropping at November 1st 23:59:59.
content The location restriction on catching Lobsters and King Crabs has been removed. You can now do these actions from anywhere that the fishery is accessible from.
info October 11th, 2019
content Seafood Fra Diavolo, Banana Smoothies, Sturgeon Soup, Peach Cobblers and Fig Rolls have had their effects increased from 1 minute (or 2 minutes in the case of Fig Rolls) to 3 minutes.
content The Witch's Broomstick could never break, so their break rate has been reduced to 0 to reduce confusion.
5.26.27 October 7th, 2019
bug fix Some legacy guild shops and storages showed HTML codes instead of their actual text representation - this has been fixed now for a subset of these codes. Do you have an example of another code that doesn't look right? Just make a bug post indicating what it is.
change Quests that no longer have a valid date (e.g. Homey's Revenge) will show that the quest is only available on a certain date / date range.
change NEW Battles! are just Battles! now.
change The NEW Manual is just the Manual now.
change Items with a count of 0 in your personal shop no longer show up in the manual under My Possessions on the item pages.
change Changed Tools & Weapons on the Equipment page in the manual to just Tools.
5.26.26 September 18th, 2019
change Changed the behavior slightly of modals so that they aren't as likely to close when you do not intend them to. The only caveat with this update is that on linux, on rare occasions, you may need to click twice to close a modal (mouse down on the modal, but mouse up outside of the modal).
change Adjusted the login behavior that should do two things. 1) on mobile devices, you may stay logged in longer without having to re-log back in. 2) Refreshing the game will extend your current session by an additional 30 days, which should also help you stay logged in longer.
content Have you ever wanted to make your own delicious Crawfish Boil? Well now you can! Use the item search to find out how to make them.
content Added crushed celestial runes.
content Retired the Merfolk Fishing Spear and removed the NPC shop prices.
content Cleared the remaining water breathing potion effects and sent out trades containing Archipelagic Coins.
content Bumped up the required speed level for the Scavenger Hunt quest since it seems to cause confusion for new players.
content Consolidated empty bottles in with the rest of the smithing actions in Yawning Forge.
5.26.25 September 7th, 2019
new Added the Show Category Weight setting. This will allow you to see the total weight of a given category in your inventory, houses and storages, instead of the count of unique items.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to automatically start using their extensions from journal entries.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that gave an unhelpful error when sometimes adding / removing copper to / from your shop.
change The forum topic length has been increased to 64 characters, and the forum will prevent you from typing too many characters.
change Removed the year from the date in the top right. If you need Amar to remind you what year it is, I recommend that you invest in a calendar.
5.26.24 August 20th, 2019
new There have been some requests for a separate dedicated whisper channel so that whispers do not consume every other channel. There is now a setting called 'Dedicated Whisper Channel' that will do just that.
new I will be removing the special offer from the Snail Buck shop in the next day or two, so be sure to pick some up before it ends!
bug fix The Snail Rattle now shows two rows for its mana regeneration in the Effects Panel. One row shows +2 and the other row shows +2 Magic.
change The spell-casting menu is now a little bit more click-friendly on mobile devices with more padding around each spell.
change The travel menu is also a little bit more click-friendly on mobile devices.
content Bones are now listed under the Carpentry header in the inventory.
content Normalized all of the various spell base timers.

Timer spells start at 30 seconds
Random Drop spells start at 40 seconds
Double Drop spells start at 50 seconds
Success spells start at 50 seconds

This is not a substantial change except for Fleet Foot and Everlasting Feast since they did not have a timer defined. Some other spells are slightly higher and some are slightly lower (+/- 5 seconds).
5.26.23 August 3rd, 2019
new A new event has started! Check out the Snail Hatchery in town to learn more! (Should the shop not show up, just do a hard refresh.) To help celebrate the event, a special offer is going on in the Snail Buck shop.
new The Enhanced Spell-Casting and Auto-Equip Outfits subscription perks now have a forever option! Take them home today for the low, low price of 250 Snail Bucks each!

If you purchase the forever option and you have already purchased the subscription, I will refund the difference. Just reach out to me, Grumpy!
new Goodnight, Sweet Prince. The link to the old manual is no longer. You are still welcome to visit the old page whenever your heart desires.
5.26.22 July 1st, 2019
new Your Homey 1 has created a new emote for everybody to enjoy! Just be careful when you use it, otherwise the same thing might happen to you!
new Embarassed that your eyes just fell out of your head? Morso to the rescue with his newest emote!
new For the tea drinkers out there, Morso again to the rescue with another emote!
bug fix The outfit modal now scales appropriately in Internet Explorer.
bug fix Fixed a small bug that would erroneously display an overlay outfit as the currently equipped outfit when creating an overlay outfit.
change Some people accidentally ate food instead of using the 'Add an Item' link in the 'Make a Request' part of making new trades. The ability to use an item has been removed while the 'Make a Request' stage of a new trade is active.
content Changed 'Crush Gypsum' to 'Make Gesso'.
5.26.21 June 26th, 2019
bug fix Fixed the links for confirmation codes and password resets in emails.
bug fix Item prices in your personal shop logs now use localized numbers.
change Mobile registration has been improved so that the registration button shows up on all menus, and the registration modal always shows up. In addition, the confirmation code input on mobile now defaults to the numeric keypad.
content Removed some legacy item data from bottles of wine.
5.26.20 June 4th, 2019
new Your Homey 1 has created five new quests in the Archipelago!
new Character level up messages have returned at long last!
bug fix Fixed a bug where you couldn't move an item to your shop via the quick-equip modal.
bug fix The quick-equip modal now closes when clicking the upgrade button.
bug fix Clicking on Learn More in the Garden / Workshop menus will now allow you to Learn More!
info May 17th, 2019
content Moved all arrowheads to the arrowhead category for consistency. At some point I may want to allow for multiple categories (onyx being a gem and an arrowhead for example), but for now, want to keep all arrowheads together.
content Moved beads to their own category in the inventory.
5.26.19 May 8th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the Gardens & Workshops panel will sometimes erroneously show 0 minutes remaining.
bug fix Messages now scroll as expected.
bug fix Opening the player trade no longer hides the item upgrade modal.
change Equipment that does not have superior variations (gingerbread equipment, arrows, etc.) will not show superior versions in the marketplace.
change Changed some of the registration text to better describe the role of your username.
change Whispering a player on mobile will now automatically focus the chat input.
change It should now be a little bit easier to position your cursor in the chat input at the end of the line without accidentally clicking send.
5.26.18 April 27th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would occasionally prevent the action locations in town from showing up after starting a custom quest action.
bug fix Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies now show up under 'Combat' when effect-based sorting is enabled. The same will apply to any future item that has a combat-based modification.
bug fix Success in the action modal will now take into account skill-based effects.
bug fix Adding a player to your ignore list will now block them from sending messages to you.
bug fix The item count helper text for how many to consume to reach minimum timer will now only show up when it is appropriate - i.e. it won't show up when you are trying to trade them or put them into a house.
change The job board will now remember how you last sorted the jobs.
change The item search menu will now show if the item is in a house or a guild storage when viewing the details.
change Added some flavor text to the empty item upgrade modal. In addition, the item upgrade modal will now close when navigating to any of the main screen menus (houses, marketplace, etc.).
content Combat equipment is now tagged by stats. So you can search for things such as armor or damage. Note that this does not appy to items that can be upgraded to include new combat stats (Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies for example). That will require a little bit further investigation.
info April 24th, 2019
content Some of the combat stats for obsidian weapons were too high. They have been fixed to match steel weapons.
5.26.17 April 20th, 2019
new Clicking on a travel link that is associated with an action will now be handled automatically by the server! In addition, travel links associated with an action will automatically start that action on arrival. This applies to the links in the manual, journals, random events (thunderstorms), etc..

What does all of this mean exactly? It means a few things.

1) You don't need to remember to check back after clicking on the travel links in the manual - the game will start the action for you automatically.

2) If you are playing on a mobile device, you can safely navigate away from the tab after clicking on a travel link or a journal entry. Your action will start in the background.

3) Keep in mind that if you do not have the appropriate tool equipped before you travel, you won't start your action. This is a great opportunity to give the outfit auto-equip perk a try. Not only does it make playing easier, it helps support the costs associated with providing you with a lag-free* gaming experience.

* Not to be confused with Lag the player. He comes and goes as he pleases.
new Added the ability to disable the auto-equip functionality through Settings.
new The changelog link is an actual button to make it more obvious that you can click on it.
5.26.16 April 17th, 2019
new The Easter event begins soon! Like last year, you will find easter eggs everywhere - up in trees, inside fish, in the hands of yetis, you name it! The easter eggs will begin to drop on April 18th at 00:00 game time, and then mysteriously stop dropping at exactly April 24th at 23:59:59 game time. Increasing your random drops to 400% (the maximum) and getting your timer as low as possible is the best way to get as many easter eggs as possible. The shop will remain open through the end of April.

Some of the exchange rates have been changed since last year, and there is also a new easter bunny to buy! Lastly, the counts from last year have been reset.
bug fix Fixed a small bug where the botcheck timer sometimes wouldn't update, even after getting your botcheck.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that did not take into account skill-based minimum timer effects when calculating the number of items to consume for minimum timer.
bug fix Combat stats from modifications did not show up in the holiday shop.
change Houses and guild storages are now differentiated in the 'Your Possessions' section of the manual.
info April 11th, 2019
change Some holiday item break rates changed slightly, along with a small change to how item breaks are calculated.

The following items had their break rate turn from 0.001% to 0.0015%.

Paper Crown, Festive Hat, Festive Gloves, Festive Boots, Festive Coat, Festive Pants, Festive Scarf, Headless Horseman's Hat, Bloody Mary's Mirror, Scarecrow's Scarf, Gingerbread Bracelet, Gingerbread Ring, Gingerbread Pendant, Easter Bunny, Birthday Ring, Birthday Bracer, Birthday Amulet, Lucky Charm Bracelet

In addition, superior snail deluxe pocket knives had their break rate turn from 0.0005% to 0.0015%.
5.26.15 April 10th, 2019
new The quick-equip functionality has returned! Some of you may remember the feature that I released a couple of years ago where you can equip an item directly from your paperdoll, but only when the slot is empty. Now, you can view the list of items from your inventory by clicking on the slot.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that showed a valid effect as being invalid with the new timer calculation feature released in 5.26.14. This only happens with timer foods that are skill-based (only retired foods).
bug fix Fixed minor bug that would hide the action details when starting a location action (anything from town) right after doing a quest action.
change The bonus menu will now warn you when you go above 66% XP or 200% Success that it is more expensive. In addition, the XP bonus will not allow you to spend above a certain (but still very high) threshold.
change Additional padding has been added between the items in your inventory, storages and paperdoll on mobile devices. This should help make it easier to click on the right thing.
5.26.14 April 7th, 2019
new Combat is now a part of the Auto-Equip Outfits functionality. If you haven't tried it yet, now is a great time to see what you're missing!
new Timer foods that stack in effect now give a small hint in the item detail popup about how many you should eat to get minimum timer. If people like this, I can work on expanding the functionality to other types of effects, such as success or double drops.
new Mobile devices now have an unread message indicator in both the top panel as well as in the navigation modal that pops up.
change The clock in the top right is now represented by a 24 hour clock to match all other time-based representations in the game.
change Bottles of Rum now show the Hunt Secluded Game combat zone in the manual.
change Combat now requires that you have a class, which means you will not be able to fight until you equip armor. In addition, you must have a bow and arrow equipped while you're a ranger - you cannot use one without the other.
change Weapons now show their true swing speed in the item details (and other places that show stats).
content Weapons have been updated to go into the appropriate slots! This means that you must be wearing the appropriate armor to equip certain weapons - e.g. if you're wearing leather armor, you can only equip bows and arrows. This update has been focused around rangers and not so much sorcerers, so it is recommended that you avoid fighting with cloth armor and staves until they are ready! There will be another post when they are released.
content Now that weapons no longer occupy the left and right hand slots, you are now free to use mana regeneration items and other equipment that goes in those slots without negatively impacting combat.
content The carpentry level to create several tools has been adjusted, and in some cases includes their experience.
content You can now craft arrows for use by rangers. Visit NEW Manual > Items > Weapons > Arrows for a list of the new arrows.
content Creating wooden buckets in the Drifting Isles will now drop 1 - 3 instead of 1 - 1.
info April 5th, 2019
upcoming There are some changes to combat that are coming up. When combat classes are released, weapons will be updated to go into their respective slots. When this happens, if you have a weapon that is incompatible with the armor you are wearing (dagger + leather, bow + chainmail, etc.), your weapon will not deal any damage with that piece of armor!
upcoming The level to create some tools through Carpentry will be changing. I'm not going to go through all of the changes, but it mostly just affects making dolomite and diorite tools. Most levels only deviate by 1, but some of them deviate more (like Dolomite Hammers going from level 42 to 49). This will take place some time in the next week most likely.
content Fixed Crawfish Boil so that it shows up in the inventory.
5.26.13 April 1st, 2019
new Are you curious what kind of Revenge Homey might seek if he could? See if you have what it takes to complete his most epic quest yet! This quest is available for one day only, and it comes with 3 promises - 1) YOU meet the requirements to complete this quest, 2) ALL materials are provided for production skill tasks, and 3) This quest contains the highest xp per mana action in the game.
new In addition, Homey has given us three new quests that take place in the Archipelago!
bug fix Fixed a minor bug around creating combat outfits.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that resulted in some quests not showing up in the right places.
change The NEW Manual > Quests page will now sort finished quests after unfinished quests and omit the sub-quest text when the entire quest is completed to make it easier to find unfinished quests.
change Random Events now show up on top of their respective skill pages.
change The special offer in the Snail Buck shop will be ending soon.
5.26.12 March 25th, 2019
new Added the Items > Armor and Items > Weapons pages to the NEW Manual! Links to those pages can also be found in the Skills > Combat page at the top. This should help reduce some confusion when first starting out, but there will be more comprehensive pages coming out once the combat classes are released.
5.26.11 March 24th, 2019
new Auto-Equip Outfits have returned! With the new specialist outfits, using the auto-equip outfit functionality is much improved since the original implementation. If you use your own custom outfits or outfit overlays, this feature is not for you. But if you do use the convenient skill-based outfits, with this feature, whenever you start an action that has a matching outfit (e.g. Casting spells when you have a Magic - Spell-Casting outfit), it will equip that outfit. I'm sure there is room for improvement with this particular feature, so please leave feedback in the forums if you try it out!
change Made some minor adjustments to the way encumbrance is calculated while traveling.
change Made some very slight performance improvements.
5.26.10 March 23rd, 2019
change NPC prices have been auto-generated for all items that are naturally obtainable in the game. This includes modified and superior equipment. As with any balancing like this, there are going to be a few prices that have changed. Most of the existing prices are pretty close, so I am not going to call out any prices in particular. The formula for upgraded items is 2x the price and the formula for superior remains the same at 5x the price, making modified superior equipment 10x the price. In addition, the NPC shop will sell its goods at 1.5x the price at which it purchased them, which is a little bit lower than it was.

The NPC shops will buy an infinite amount of anything, but will only sell an unlimited amount of tier 1 tools / armor / weapons, or whatever was sold to the NPC. If I missed something that falls into that category, please let me know and I will consider making it have an infinite supply.

I would like to mention that the process of populating these prices is a manual one, so if you notice that anything that is naturally obtainable in the game is without a price, please let me know so I can run the script.
change Mobile devices now use numeric inputs for several relevant inputs (e.g. consuming foods, casting spells, using bonuses, setting sale prices, etc.).
5.26.9 March 17th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would prevent holiday shop counts from updating after purchasing an item with a limit.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that prevented chat tabs from losing their notification when a forum post is what caused the notification to happen.
5.26.8 March 16th, 2019
new Happy St. Patrick's Day! Similar to thunderstorms, there will be random rainbows appearing throughout the next week. Each rainbow lasts for 1 hour and give you a chance of finding a pot of gold. The event starts on March 17th at 00:00 and ends on March 23rd at 23:59. Be sure to check out the Leprechaun's Shop (accessible from each town) to see what items you can get in exchange for your Pots of Gold!
new During the event, get double the bonus points when purchasing Snail Bucks! This offer ends when the event ends.
change Changed the way travel timers are calculated, but shouldn't impact the actual travel timers.
change Made some small improvements to the holiday shop to show some additional data about items.
change The holiday shop in town now shows the hours and minutes at which the shop closes, and the date changes color as you near the shop's closing date.
5.26.7 March 15th, 2019
new Too lazy to write a hyphen? Good news … :nomouth: has arrived!
new Introducing specialized skill-based outfits! What does that mean exactly? It means that the convenient save / update / equip buttons available for skill-based outfits can now be associated with more specific types of actions. The current set of specialized outfits include -

- Gathering (Planting in Gardens)
- Gathering (Picking from Gardens)
- Magic (Spell-Casting)
- Speed (Thunderstorms)
- Speed (Traveling)

Generic skill-based outfits all still work exactly the same. If there is a special type of action that you think could really use its own custom outfit, make a suggestion in Forum > Feature Requests!
5.26.6 March 13th, 2019
new Have you ever needed to express your lack of expression in an emote, but couldn't quite find the right one? Well look no further! The :no-mouth: emote has arrived!
bug fix Not necessarily a bug, but forum updates will now trigger the chat channel notification when using tabbed chat.
5.26.5 March 10th, 2019
new On each Bottle of <Booze> page in the manual, you can now see the actions it is used in.
new The Sip of <Booze> effect requirements in the manual are now clickable and will bring you to the item page that enables that effect (i.e. clicking on Sip of Rum will now bring you to the Bottle of Rum manual page).
new Your personal booze effect counts now show up in the manual and when you are working on an action that requires that effect, just like it does with item and item type resources.
bug fix Fixed a small bug with the item search panel.
change Made some changes to the way action timers are calculated. This should improve some performance - specifically for the travel modal. Please post if you see anything odd with timer calculations.
change If an item has combat stats associated with it, you will now be able to search for the item with the keyword 'combat'. In addition, item effect requirements are now searchable as well. For example, searching combat will yield snake jerky, toad jerky, etc..
change Forum posts now show up in their appropriate channels. For example, guild posts show up in the guild channel and market posts show up in the trade channel.
change The original forum links now work appropriately.
5.26.4 March 8th, 2019
new As promised, chat notifications for forums and the ability to control them have arrived! By default, when you log in, the forum channel will automatically be enabled. You have the option to disable it via Settings > Chat.
new Also as promised, there is now a new guild permission called Moderate Guild Forums. This grants the ability to edit / delete other member's posts. When the ability to create / edit guild sub-sections is implemented, this permission will also gate that ability.
new Added a new rule to spam -

* Many short sentences that could be condensed into fewer longer sentences

Basically means to not spam chat vertically with many short sentences or chat errors that could easily be condensed into a more meaningful sentence.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented forum unread notifications from working.
info March 7th, 2019
new The new forums have arrived! They have a slightly different look, but should behave fairly similarly to how they did before. They are also more mobile friendly than the original implementation.

It is worth mentioning that some forum posts may look funny. This should mostly apply to tables, so they will need to be updated slightly to look right.

Markdown Cheatsheet - Posts are now rendered using markdown. This means there are now better formatting options available to you. In addition, colors are done the same way as the old forums - e.g. [red]red[/red] becomes red. The only thing disabled by the renderer is inline images.

Forum > Bugs - Post here if you encounter any issues. If the bug is ironically that you cannot create a post, just send a message to Grumpy.

Forum > Feedback - Post here if you have any feedback for the new forums (or in general)!

Finally, there will be a few new updates coming to forums soon, including but not limited to -

- Chat notifications (along with settings to control them)
- Updating topic titles / sections
- Guild forum permissions
- Voting / Forum Polls
5.26.3 March 5th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from using the skill-based outfit equip button on mobile devices.
5.26.2 March 3rd, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from clicking 'Buy From Shop' and 'Sell From Shop' in the buy / sell modal.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from navigating to individual gardens and workshops in the NEW Manual.
5.26.1 March 2nd, 2019
bug fix Opening the combat page from the skills panel will now load the combat data.
change This update is purely a front-end architectural change. What this means is you should not notice any difference between this version and 5.25.2. Testing has been pretty thorough, but there is still a chance that some things have been missed. If you notice anything missing or not working, please report the issue in Forums > Bugs. If it is blocking you, use version 5.25.2 until it is fixed in the next release.
info February 22nd, 2019
new Added the combat kill high scores. Scores are now broken down by high level combat zones and does not differentiate between mobs anymore. The high scores do not yet include the kills from the legacy combat system.
new Added some basic high score filtering functionality for guilds. You can now click on the guild tag in skill, character and joat high scores to be able to filter by that guild. You can clear the guild filter from the purple button to the right of the teal Show Active / Show Total button.
5.25.2 February 17th, 2019
new Added the JOAT high scores to the … high scores.
change Improved how chat focusing works on mobile devices. Should help ensure that if your chat is completely scrolled to the bottom, it remains that way both before and after focusing and unfocusing.
change The action timer sometimes stopped updating due to the way the UI was hidden when chat is focused on mobile devices. This has been changed slightly to prevent this from happening.
change Long action messages on mobile should now correctly keep chat scrolled at the bottom if chat was already scrolled down.
change On android devices, it is possible to hide the keyboard without taking focus away from the chat input. There is now a banner at the top of the screen that shows up when the input is focused, which allows you to click on it to show the UI again. This mostly only applies to people who use the android back button to close out of the keyboard.
content Deleted a few legacy items that do not have a direct replacement.
info February 15th, 2019
upcoming The level for a few tailoring actions are going to change.

Item Old Level New Level
Sea Silk Gloves 63 69
Sea Silk Pants 65 71
Sea Silk Shirts 67 73
content Added separate salt mining location and removed salt rock drops from mining sandstone.
content Retired the slaying potions on the Drifting Isles, including the ability to make them.
content Added high level salt processing location on the Drifting Isles.
content Mud Bricks are now 5 stones vs. 10 stones.
5.25.1 February 12th, 2019
new Messages have been re-implemented using the latest architecture! This marks the last bit of code that uses backbone, which allows me to drop a lot of dead code (31,000+ lines of code). With that said ... I have done my best to make sure everything still works, but there may be the occasional thing that I missed. Please post in Forums > Bugs if you notice anything that doesn't seem to be working correctly.
change Chat on mobile devices should hopefully be a little bit easier to use. The first improvement includes a small fix to scrolling after unfocusing from the chat input. The second improvement takes the update from 5.24.11 and applies the same logic to the top bar as well. Now when the chat input is focused, the top bar will also vanish. On iOS, this is less noticeable, but on android, it should give you more room to see what you are typing.
content The Abandoned Storage has been added to the Abandoned Village, which is the guild equivalent to the Abandoned Hovel.
5.24.11 February 9th, 2019
bug fix The chat commands page no longer lies and :snails: actually does work.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from starting some quests.
change The style of the disconnect message has been updated to be a little bit less obtrusive, but no less noticeable. In addition, the message will differentiate between the server disconnecting (usually when you log in elsewhere) and when you have a little network blip.
change Cleaned up more of some of the legacy code. As always, I don't expect any functional differences, but please report any issues you might find in Forums > Bugs.
change On mobile devices, when you click on the chat input, the mini action modal and the summary / chat / items buttons disappear, giving you move room to see what you are typing.
change Changed the mechanism that updates your message counts. Should just mean realtime message count updates, but please make a bug post if you find otherwise.
content Legendary weapons have been tagged with the word legendary for use in the item search.
content All of the boozes have been tagged with the word booze for use in the item search.
Booze Conversions
Limoncello has been converted into Rum. Rum is now used by Combat and Magic.

Sherry has been converted into Lavender Liqueur. Lavender Liqueur is now used by Cooking and Alchemy.

Rum, Wine and Mango Liqueur now require Coconut Barrels instead of Oak Barrels.

Raspberry Wine is now a tier 2 booze, and is no longer used for Alchemy. It is also made with Larch Barrels instead of Oak Barrels.
Booze Updates
The levels to make tier 1 booze have been reduced.

The magic level required to make scrolls is now 20.

Some of the materials for the various boozes have been adjusted to better reflect the appropriate quantities. Experience has also been increased for pouring barrels into bottles.

Tier 2 booze has arrived! These boozes do not have a use yet, but you can begin to make them in the meantime.

Scrolls of <Skill> have become Scrolls of Plenty! They still grant +25% Double Drops for 30 Minutes, but for any skill. In addition, making a scroll now also requires 1 mana per scroll.

Effect of <Booze> has now become Sip of <Booze>.

The booze locations are now on their own separate map - Abandoned Village. Since this map is separate, it does not have any access to your houses in Cadenberge. You can repair an Abandoned Hovel though. Your browser may cache the towns, so you might need to either wait an hour for cache to clear, or just clear your cache manually.

The location of these actions in the manual are now situated underneath the Torrid Isle actions instead of after the Cadenberge Territory actions to give a better flow of level requirements.
5.24.10 February 5th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug that showed the wrong time of day in the manual on the Game Mechanics page.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would occasionally allow you to accidentally add an item to a closed storage.
change Level requirements in the manual now turn red for spells, item upgrades and gardens & workshops when you do not have the level.
change Added a notification when an invite is sent that explains how to join a guild.
change Swapped the Rules and Chat Commands buttons in the manual for better alignment.
change Added a new rule about discussing quest rewards in public chat channels.
content Fiery Rings now require 3 lodestones instead of 1 lodestone.
content Improved some action message support for more dynamic messages.
5.24.9 February 1st, 2019
new The Bonus menu will now remember the last effect you enabled.
bug fix The account settings were visible for unregistered accounts. This has been fixed.
content Fig Rolls now require Wheat Flour. Their experience has been increased to reflect this change.
5.24.8 January 31st, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug that would occasionally allow you to cast too many spells even after you specify how many spells you want to cast.
bug fix One of the recent changes removed the experience / copper updates from quest rewards (visual bug only). You should now observe any experience and copper updates from quest rewards right away.
bug fix Deleted items are now filtered out of shops.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the latest update to Chrome on mobile devices.
change Updated some of the chat link functionality to include some new formatting.
info January 29th, 2019
bug fix There was a slight bug where the Gardens & Workshops panel would sometimes show the incorrect end date for previously completed plants. This has been fixed.
change The message server side code has been updated to the latest architecture. There should not be any differences, but please report any weird behavior. This was also the last thing required to completely retire one of the old services, so that work has been completed too. Let me know if you see anything that stops working suddenly.
change Updated the Inappropriate Links rule to include a note that referral links are not allowed in public chat channels, but you are free to use the Off Topic section in the forums.
content Torrid Rings use 3 Black Diamonds now instead of 1 Jasper.
5.24.7 January 27th, 2019
new Your Homey 1's latest quests are released for the Northern Province!
new Made a big obnoxious message and search button color change to help highlight the item search functionality. You can dismiss the helper text when you realize it's there. Do you like seeing it? Just turn it back on in the settings.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the settings menu did not open on all tabs in the mobile UI.
change Changed the display slightly for unmet quest requirements.
5.24.6 January 27th, 2019
new Two new chat colors have been released! You can now choose Lilac and Honey.
new The spell casting modal has been updated to use the latest and greatest code. While that's probably pretty boring, I tried to improve some of the usability associated with the panel.

- The close button is accessible even after scrolling.

- Pick the wrong spell? You can now close out of the current spell more easily.

- If you are working on a skill, all spells associated with that particuluar skill are highlighted for easier access.

- Spells are broken up by type, and the skill associated with each spell is front and center. I hope this helps you find the right spell quicker.

- Looking for guild members when casting? Good news! Your guild members are sorted above everybody else.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the wait time in the Gardens & Workshops panel would show the wrong time when using the Grow Timer effect.
change Re-implemented the settings panel and the spell-casting panel. They should behave similarly to their original implementations, but let me, Grumpy, know if you notice otherwise.
5.24.5 January 23rd, 2019
new You can now search for players in the high scores. It only shows active players.
bug fix Combat did not stop when leaving your battle. It does now.
5.24.4 January 22nd, 2019
upcoming The birthday event is coming to a close at midnight! Get your actions in before the event is over.
new Time of day is now included in the NEW Manual's Game Mechanics page.
new Chat Commands are also added to the NEW Manual. In addition, a new emote has been added. Take a look at the page and figure out which one it is!
bug fix Fixed a bug from 5.24.3 where the lowercase emotes broke. For all intents and purposes, this is version 5.24.3
content Some combat armor and weapons have had their levels adjusted. Most notably, steel is now level 20, elinvar is now level 40 and adamantine is now level 80. The next phase of combat will include some stat adjustments and updated to utilize the appropriate equipment slots.
5.24.2 January 21st, 2019
new The new and improved rules page can be found on the Rules page. The link is now accessible from the NEW Manual!
new Added the XP per battle to the combat locations in the manual.
new Added the Travel link to the combat locations in the manual.
new Clicking on 'Combat' on a combat location will go to the Combat skill page in the manual.
bug fix Fixed some minor bugs around the in-town combat screen and the combat data in the manual.
5.24.1 January 21st, 2019
new A basic Combat page has been added to the NEW Manual! More pages will be released soon for helping with equipment selection in Combat.
5.23.14 January 20th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug where consuming booze will result in an odd display that should not have been there.
change Removed old combat from both the client and the server.
change Removed the old Combat Stats panel since it is more or less useless. You can see your stats at a glance by viewing them in your paperdoll. It may return with some revised metrics in a later update.
change Rum combat (Hunt Secluded Game) now uses 1 use of rum per battle. You cannot fight unless you have at least one effect of rum active. Double drops does not affect this location. Random drops will now be ideal to use when hunting here.
info January 19th, 2019
new The Scorched Grotto and Scorched Dungeon have arrived in Pyre Island! Read more on the Combat Changelog page. With that said, the only remaining location to be implemented is the Secluded Game hunting location. When that is released, old combat will be removed permanently.
content Reduced the level to craft glacial weapons from level 55 to 50.
5.23.13 January 19th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented people playing on tablets from eating foods.
content Barrel experience has been adjusted to use the latest version of the XP formula. For comparison, the lowest level barrel, Oak Barrels, went from 156 to 117 XP, while the highest level barrel, Mulberry Barrels, went from 336 to 252 XP. The other barrels also followed similar reductions.
content Spectral Robe experience has been increased from 135 to 162 XP, but the drop rate for the graveyard has been adjusted.
5.23.12 January 15th, 2019
new The 10th birthday event is beginning tomorrow! The quest itself is available in town for you to pick up, but it will not start counting actions until January 16th rolls around.

The event officially starts January 16th at 00:00:00 and ends January 22nd at 23:59:59, but you can start the event early so that you are ready when the clock strikes midnight. Note that each action and each battle will count as one action. Old combat does not count towards the event. Finally, double drops in both actions and combat will count as two actions.
new Added Damage Boost and Armor Boost stats, which basically increases the respective stats of other equipped items. This is a brand new stat, so when combat is re-balanced, the actual values on the event items may change. Also, it is worth mentioning that they only work in the new combat, old combat does not benefit.
change Updated some front-end functionality to support the birthday event.
change Made the item detail popup slightly less sensitive to scrolling when using a touch screen device.
content The Birthday Pony from last year was renamed to Retired Birthday Pony. This year's Birthday Pony is unbreakable but Account Bound. Account Bound items cannot be traded between players. This is the first time this functionality is being used, so if you find a way to trade account bound items, please let me know. Any items found getting around the loop hole without being reported to me, Grumpy, will be removed from the game without any compensation.
5.23.11 January 13th, 2019
new Combat drops now show up in the manual on the item pages. Should be sufficient to show you where, at what level, and which mob drops the item you are looking at. A future update will bring similar details to the combat page itself.
change Updated some quest functionality in preparation for the birthday event.
change The action service now uses the same performance improvements as the combat service! This basically means any version prior to 5.23.1 will not behave as expected, so be sure to make sure you're using the latest version!
content The legendary weapons have been re-calibrated to more closely align with the weapons they are replacing. Spectral will mimic steel, Pearlescent will mimic elinvar and Glacial will mimic alluvium. The pyre dungeon weapons will mimic Adamantine when they are released. Their accuracy will stay the same as it was however.
5.23.10 January 13th, 2019
new Personal shops now have a visual indicator that shows if the prices at which you are buying or selling are ideal. For example, if your shop is selling Oak Logs for 6 copper each, but the best price on the market is 5 copper each, it will show a red next to the price.
new Some items are best described with a few words, such as Witch's Broomsticks. Now, little descriptions can be added to such items to describe what they do. This mostly applies to travel items like the Witch's Broomstick, Volundr Wings and Wedding Ring, as well as the Birthday Hat and Scarecrow's Scarf.
change Witch's Broomsticks, Volundr Wings and Wedding Rings now show up under the Traveling category when using effect-based sorting.
change The changelog will now show the last 3 months of updates. If you want to see older ones, just visit the Archive.
content Updated the stats on the legendary weapons, most notably the new Glacial legendary weapons.
info January 12th, 2019
new The Frozen Dungeon has arrived! Combat Prototype Release Notes
content The experience for Woven Seaweed Cloth has been fixed.
5.23.9 January 11th, 2019
new Don't … but Your Homey 1 has created the :panic: emote!
bug fix You should now be able to more easily scroll your paperdoll / inventory on mobile without accidentally opening up the item detail modal.
bug fix Fixed minor bug where occasionally the action count would hang around if you cancel out of casting spells. Please let me know if you continue to see this.
bug fix Fixed a super rare edge case where leveling up on the last slot when adding to a garden or workshop would stop your action instead of continuing.
bug fix If you accidentally start planting something that is already growing in your garden, it will now update the existing entry instead of creating a new row. The same applies to workshops as well.
bug fix Fixed an issue where you would sometimes get sent to the town menu when getting a botcheck and you've been idle for a while.
change Fixed the redundant scroll bars in the combat modal on some browsers. Should mostly impact Firefox and Mobile Safari. The changes have been tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge as well, so please let me know if you see any type of regression.
change Updated the disconnect modal logic so that there is a longer delay before popping up. It should help in the cases where there is only a momentary network hiccup that doesn't otherwise affect your client.
info January 9th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with quests and item removal events.
change Changed some back-end service architecture to hopefully reduce the chances of another outage we had yesterday. Let me know if you see any issues doing anything.
content Updated the original 'Ancient' items to be grouped as 'Forgotten' > Subcategory. Should help fix some of them and also group them together to make it easier to work with them in your inventory.
content Added the new legendary weapons to the Legendary Forge in Frusen Mountains, and updated the new seaweed tailoring actions so that they now show up in Insular Village.
5.23.8 January 8th, 2019
upcoming Reminder that the gingerbread gardens will be going away soon! On or after January 16th, they will be removed, so be sure to process all of your gingerbread dough.
new Some new quest code has been released to support the new birthday quest that will be starting soon! January 16th at 00:00:00, the birthday event will begin and will run through January 23rd at 23:59:59. More information will be released soon.
change Updated the recommended level for the Graveyard Dungeon to level 25 Combat since this is the first possible level at which you can get to the boss. This is only a visual change.
content The Merfolk Dungeon has arrived to new combat! Combat Prototype Release Notes can refresh your memory about how dungeons work. You can find the merfolk dungeon in Silver Lagoon.
content Woven Seaweed Robes have also arrived! They are the second tier sorcerer armor. Use at your own risk for now - the full set of sorcerer abilities have yet to be implemented, so the robes will make it more difficult to survive in dungeons.
content Made several micro adjustments to some tailoring and cooking experience, as well as adjusted some of the drop rates for combat. Most notably, Shrimp Gumbo has dropped from 184 to 170, but Ostrich Omelettes have increased from 62 to 106. On the tailoring side of things, Spectral Robes have dropped from 80 to 69, but the Spectral Cloth has increased from 80 to 135.
5.23.7 January 5th, 2019
new Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Gardens & Workshops panel is now behind a subscription. However, we are going to try something new this time around. You can either use it via subscription for 10 Snail Bucks per month, or you can enable it forever for 100 Snail Bucks.
change Extended Botchecks have been updated to use the new subscription system. Should be mostly a transparent change, but extending botchecks from versions 5.23.6 and lower is no longer supported.
change Updated the NEW Manual combat page to link to the combat release notes until more information is added.
change Retired items now show a banner at the top of their page in the NEW Manual, indicating that they are retired.
change The Enhanced Job Board subscription feature's price has been updated. You can now purchase it for 10 Snail Bucks for a month, or 100 Snail Bucks forever.
5.23.6 January 4th, 2019
new The effect pages in the manual now show item upgrades!
new Expanded the diminishing returns logic a bit in both the effect panel and in the item detail widget in an attempt to make it more clear what is happening with your effects.

The effect panel will now show you the total value of your effects, and if diminshing returns is affecting them, it will also show your effective effect. So if your total success is 400%, it will show you both your total success, as well as your Effective Success at 300%.

When you are consuming items, if diminshing returns will impact your final effect, it will show you what your total effect will be after consuming the item, which includes other active effects.
bug fix Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to do an early botcheck from the combat modal on mobile devices.
5.23.5 January 3rd, 2019
upcoming The Gingerbread Gardens will be removed on or after January 16th. Be sure to process all of your Gingerbread ingredients before then!
new Some new changes have been made available for combat! Read all about the changes on the Combat Changelog page.
bug fix The guild storage page should no longer take focus away from other input fields.
bug fix Sometimes the item upgrade and spell casting modal will not disappear when you switch to a different activity. This has been corrected.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where PayPal will occasionally cause the Snail Buck modal to error out.
change You can now use instant travel equipment from your inventory again, but it is from a button in the detail popup, and no longer has a confirmation screen.
change Sal spent endless seconds changing the :no: emote. You can now use :no: and :yesno: , which was the original.
content Some cooking experience and combat drop rates were adjusted slightly based on some revised calculations. The two biggest changes were Alligator Jambalaya going from 107 XP to 88 XP, and Alligator Skewers going from 168 XP to 137 XP.
info January 1st, 2019
content Added the Coconut Barrel, Larch Barrel, Cypress Barrel and Mulberry Barrel in preparation for some of the new booze content. Some existing booze will be changed to use the new barrels, so I am releasing these early so that people can start preparing.
5.23.4 December 29th, 2018
new Are you tired of trying to find your traveling rings? You now use traveling rings directly from the travel panel! You no longer use traveling rings from the inventory.

In addition, traveling rings now show up under Consumables, under the Traveling category.
info December 28th, 2018
content A new recipe and some updated effects on the Drifting Isles.

Consumable New Effect Old Effect
Ostrich Omelette +50% Random Drops
… for 3 mins (stacks)
-5 Timer (Day)
… for 30 mins
Moonfish Salad -5 Timer
… for 60 mins
-5 Timer (Night)
… for 30 mins
Fishcakes -3 Timer (Drifting Isles)
… for 60 mins
-4 Timer (Drifting Isles)
… for 30 mins
Spinach Pie
+5% Double Drops
… for 60 mins

+1,000 Capacity
… for 60 mins
-6 Timer
… for 15 mins (stacks)

+1,500 Capacity
… for 15 mins (stacks)
Jar of Pickles +5% Success
… for 60 mins
+5% Success
… for 20 mins
Fig Roll -5 Minimum Timer
… for 2 mins (stacks)

content Olives, figs and mulberries can now be planted in your orchard, and orchards are accessible from the Drifting Isles.
5.23.3 December 28th, 2018
change Updated the NEW Manual > Effects and the NEW Manual > Items > Equipment pages so that they properly differentiate between normally obtainable items and holiday or retired items.
change Added some slightly better modification support to the manual, namely around the resources that go into making a modification - such as varnish, dyes and chromatic scales.
info December 26th, 2018
new The end of the year is upon us! I hope everybody has had a great 2018, and I hope 2019 is even better. To celebrate the end of the year, a special offer is available in the Snail Bucks shop. That offer will be available through January 7th.
change This is more of a heads up that I made several small back-end changes in response to the brief outage we had yesterday. If you guys experience any weird behavior, let me, Grumpy, know. Weird behavior would mostly consist of clicking a button and nothing happens.
5.23.2 December 23rd, 2018
upcoming The carpentry levels to create dolomite tools are going to get a level adjustment. On average, their level will increase by about 5, which also means they will probably grant slightly more experience in some cases. That'll be released in a few days most likely, so wanted to give a heads up. In addition, Diorite Chisels will be changed to level 71 Carpentry to make, from level 64 Carpentry.
bug fix Fixed some minor issues around displaying banned players in the new guild panel.
bug fix Guild members, guild invites and guild bans now have case-insensitive sorting.
bug fix Fixed several minor issues around outfits. Some affected the mobile UI, which also affected people who have the Hover-Over Item Details setting disabled. And others affected the paperdoll display after switching outfits.
change For items and item types that are used to build houses, their pages now show the houses / storages that they are used to build.
change Updated some display logic for handling long item names in the paperdoll and inventory.
content Chromatic obsidian and steel tools have arrived!
content The milk type has been removed in favor of the simpler use of Buckets of Milk. With that said, Bottles of Milk have been converted into Buckets of Milk. In addition, Bottles of Milk have also been turned into Empty Bottles at a ratio of 2:1 - it's normally a 4:3 ratio, but you keep the uses of milk too, so I am only returning 50% of the bottles instead. It should be a fair compromise.
content Too much to list here, but updated some of the log-specific equipment to their generic counterparts (e.g. sycamore fishing rod to celestial fishing rod). Also converted sycamore buckets to wooden buckets and updated the milk gathering action to use wooden buckets.
Item New Effect Old Effect
Copal Bracelet +6% Double Drops +5% Double Drops
Jasper Bracelet +6% Success +5% Success
Lodestone Bracelet +30% Random Drops +20% Random Drops
Twilight Bracelet
+4% Double Drops
+4% Success
+20% Random Drops
-2 Timer - Mining
+20% Random Drops - Mining
Volundr Headlamp
+25% Random Drops
+25% Random Drops - Night

Note that the effect shows up
as +50% Random Drops in
5.23.1 or earlier in the effect
-2 Timer - Mining
5.23.1 December 22nd, 2018
new The guild panel has been rewritten to conform to the latest coding conventions. Ideally most of the existing functionality should all be working just like it did before. In addition to the old functionality, I've also released a few new features for guilds.

Open Enrollment
Guilds can now toggle open enrollment for new members. If a guild has open enrollment, players can come and go freely, with the exception of players who have been banned from the guild.
Ban List
Sometimes a player is no longer welcome in a guild for one reason or another. When that happens, a guild is welcome to add them to their ban list. The ban list is mostly used for guilds with the open enrollment enabled so that the player cannot re-join the guild, but it can be used for record keeping purposes as well.
Chat Notifications
Guild chat notifications have returned! When a player joins or leaves your guild, you will receive an in-chat notification of the event. Is there a missing event? Let Grumpy know about it!
Kicking Members
When kicking members from the guild, you have the option to just kick them, kick and add them to the ban list, or kick and add them back to the invite list, in the hopes that should they return some day, they will have an invite waiting for them.
bug fix Fixed some minor loading issues with gardens and workshops when logging in.
bug fix The Grow Timer effect works when starting a garden now.
change There have been some pretty extensive updates to the logic that shows you your action / battle when you log back in or refresh, as well as for botchecks. I don't expect any changes to this logic, but with any large changes, there is always the possibility that I missed something. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!
content Set the Paper Crown to retired.
content Fixed some tailoring on the second map that erroneously required tier 3 shears.
content Two of Your Homey 1's most recent quests have been added! Check them out under NEW Manual!
info December 22nd, 2018
change Winter has arrived once again (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), and so have the winter botchecks! Now instead of confusing the pinecones with the acorns, you can confuse the snowflakes with the snowmen!
5.22.13 December 16th, 2018
new The ability to click on a garden or a workshop in the new panel is finally here after all these long hours. It will not automatically start your action for you (yet), but it will bring you to the nearest location and highlight the garden or workshop you selected.
5.22.12 December 14th, 2018
new Do you ever travel all the way to a different map, only to discover that your garden still has an hour left? Well I am pleased to introduce you to the Gardens & Workshops panel, which can be found right underneath your Journal! It will show you all of your gardens and workshops that currently have things waiting for you.

Due to their nature, you cannot click on them to travel since some of them have multiple locations. That might become a feature later on. Best of all, this feature is available just in time for the Gingerbread Garden event, which runs through the end of December!

With that said … this will become a subscription feature after the event is over. Exact details are still being worked out, so stay tuned for more information next year.
bug fix Fixed the level requirements for Jade Mortar & Pestles.
info December 14th, 2018
upcoming Gingerbread Houses now require 3 Gingerbread Dough to make (down from 6 dough) and are good for 120 actions (up from 90 actions).
upcoming Gingerbread Rings have been added to the list of items you can make with Gingerbread Dough. Arguably the most boring holiday item to be released in a while, but can't say no to a free spell.
upcoming As interesting as it was, the original molasses and brown sugar process was confusing and made it too easy for players to accidentally lock themselves out of being able to make enough dough. This year, making molasses and brown sugar is now a single step process that relies on random drops. Don't worry though, you can still shoot yourself in the foot if you wear your Headless Horseman's Hat … so don't do that!
5.22.11 December 9th, 2018
upcoming The gingerbread garden event is returning on December 15th!
new The new high scores are finally here! You can access them from NEW Manual > High Scores! There's still some functionality on the way, but you should be able to find everything you could before, and more.
bug fix Made a small bug fix to the shop filtering.
change Made some small back end changes to gardens and workshops that should be invisible. I'm mentioning it nonetheless in case you guys notice anything out of the ordinary with regard to garden and workshop actions.
change Added random events to the NEW Manual under each skill page.
info December 5th, 2018
change The special offers in the Snail Bucks shop have been removed. Stay tuned for more special offers!
5.22.10 December 3rd, 2018
new Your Homey 1's first combat quest has arrived!
change The quests in the manual are now organized by starting map instead of all together.
5.22.9 December 2nd, 2018
new The support for combat quests has arrived! No new quests quite yet, those will be coming soon!
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was not possible to consume or equip items while upgrading houses under certain conditions.
bug fix Sometimes closing the storage upgrade modal would not actually stop you from upgrading, causing you to continue to upgrade in the background.
bug fix The house / storage filter no longer applies automatically when opening up your personal shop for the first time.
bug fix Fixed another place where the experience bonus wasn't showing the appropriate value.
change Added some general performance improvements.
change Changed the way anonymous Bonus Point purchases work. There is now a setting that will remember your choice. This applies to both direct bonus point purchases (from the Bonuses menu) as well as when making Snail Buck purchases that contain Bonus Points.
change Removed the theme selector for now. Themes will come back in a later update!
5.22.8 December 1st, 2018
bug fix The wrong value for the experience bonus in the effect panel was shown. This has been corrected.
bug fix Fixed minor bug where the modification modal did not disappear when using the enhanced spellcasting while doing combat.
change Running out of bonus points, but don't want people to see you buying them? No sweat! Just click the Buy Anonymously button and your purchase will be between you and me ;)
info November 28th, 2018
change Re-wrote the equip and unequip functionality. Should have no visible change, but mentioning in case you see anything weird.
content Updated gold nugget drop rate ever so slightly.
content Squid have magically turned into yellowtail!
5.22.7 November 27th, 2018
bug fix Updated some outfit logic to help ensure that you have the most up to date version of your outfits.
bug fix Fixed a small bug that sometimes prevented you from being able to see changes to your outfit.
bug fix Fixed another small bug that would hide the ability to update an equipped outfit when the Hide Skill Outfits setting was toggled.
bug fix Updated the item upgrade modal on mobile so that it doesn't prevent you from looking at your item panel.
change Updated the way diminishing returns are calculated. Like I mentioned when I originally released diminishing returns, I will adjust if necessary. So, here is the inevitable adjustment! To put it simply, the amount required grows faster than before. I will show a simple comparison table between the old system and the new system to show how the progression compares. You will find that the initial values are actually more favorable.

Actual SuccessOld Consumed ValueNew Consumed Value
100% 100% 100%
200% 300% 200%
300% 600% 400%
400% 1,000% 800%
500% 1,500% 1,600%
600% 2,100% 3,200%

change The experience bonus was also updated a little bit to fit in with the changes noted above. In general, the experience costs a little bit less bonus points for the same amount of XP% when first starting out, but grows exponentially more as you start to go higher.
5.22.6 November 26th, 2018
new After nearly a decade … the ability to update any outfit has arrived! Simply equip the outfit you want to modify, add / remove items, and then save! It couldn't be easier.
bug fix Some of the action modals (specifically spells and item upgrades) would sometimes be closed by other modals (bonuses for example). This has been fixed. You should now be able to enable that sweet, sweet experience bonus while writing those sappy valentine cards!
bug fix The item upgrade modal will now show up inside the inventory on mobile.
change I've disabled the new Auto-Equip Outfit functionality for now. After some testing, and preliminary feedback from others, I am not sure if the feature is going to work as well as intended. I will be back to the drawing board for this feature.
change Moved some of the new outfit functionality to the outfit panel and out of the combat / action modals.
5.22.5 November 25th, 2018
bug fix Fixed Roasted Turkey w/ Fixings so that it uses the right effect.
change When you have the Enhanced Spell-Casting perk enabled, upgrading Valentine Cards will now auto-resume your last action just like spells do!
change Updated the item modification UI to use the latest and greatest code! Now your mana and resources will update appropriately.
content Reverted the jerky changes, pending further consideration.
content Searching for gator will yield alligator items! Have some common slang you'd like to see show up in the item search? Send me a message!
5.22.4 November 24th, 2018
new Outfits have gotten several upgrades!

- Your currently equipped outfit will now show up inside of your paperdoll. Since this is new functionality, you will need to equip an outfit first for this to work.

- You can associate your currently equipped items with the skill you are currently doing with the click of a button.

- If an item from your outfit is unequipped, you can re-equip the item from your inventory by clicking on the dimmed out item!

- Hate the ugly blue button and never use outfits? No problem! Just disable the functionality from Settings > General.

- And last but not least …
new The enhanced spell-casting feature now works with the combat prototype!
new Your Homey 1's most recent quest has been released!
bug fix Switching between different devices and between actions and combat would sometimes show double botcheck bars in the mobile UI. This has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with some quest text that did not show up when doing custom actions.
content Jerky has been changed slightly. Instead of offering 2% and 3% DD for the new foods, they will only offer 1% DD.
content Bamboo Cutting Boards now go in the Left Hand equipment slot.
5.22.3 November 21st, 2018
new Added the botcheck to the mobile UI when doing combat! More information will be added at a later point in time.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that did not show the modified experience when using the new experience bonus.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that sometimes caused the spell casting UI to stick around, specifically while traveling.
change Updated the giant disconnect menu with a friendly reminder that you are still working in the background.
change The manual will now indicate when you cannot do an action based on your level.
change Modifications in the manual will now show the break rate for that modification / item combination. No more math involved!*

* Disclaimer: You still need to do math for superiors.
change The botcheck now shows up in the manual! Now you never have to worry about missing a botcheck while learning about the wonderful things you can do in the game.
change Your copper is now shown on the buy / sell menu for items (which is especially useful for the mobile UI).
change Updated the game mechanics page for the success effect and included the table for diminishing returns.
content Added Varnished Northern Fishing Rods and Gilded Archipelagic Fishing Rods.
content Mangoes weigh 20 pebbles now.
content King Crabs, Lobsters and Lobster Tails now weigh less!
5.22.2 November 20th, 2018
new The Thanksgiving event has started! You can find Turkey Coins by doing anything in the world. The shop is available everywhere. The Turkey Coins will stop dropping November 25th at 23:59:59.
new Your Homey 1 has written more quests for us to enjoy! Check them out in the NEW Manual > Quests.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the Violin and how it handles the Magic requirement for its mana regeneration.
change Added some new journal support for workshop and garden actions to support the new quests.
change You can now do Job Board jobs while wearing your Headless Horseman's Hat as long as the job does not have any random drops.
content The various combat foods have been rebalanced, along with a few of the drop rates in the new hunting functionality. Read about the < Food Changes > here.
5.22.1 November 18th, 2018
new The new combat prototype is here! You can read more about it on the < Combat Prototype Release Notes > page.

You can find the prototype by going to the big red Combat > NEW Battle! button.
new You can now exchange Bonus Points for additional experience! The experience point bonus works on the same diminishing returns system as success does, except the diminishing returns start at 25% instead of 100%.

For example, you can get an additional 25% experience for the low, low price of 100 Bonus Points per hour! For comparison, you can get +100% experience for 1,000 Bonus Points per hour. It is up to you how much experience you want and for how long. I hope everyone enjoys this new addition.

Please note that this does not affect the legacy combat system. It only affects the new combat prototype and actions. It also will never apply to quest rewards either.
new To celebrate the introduction of this new bonus, there is a special offer available when purchasing Snail Bucks! Head on over to Get More from the game screen to learn more. This offer will end at the end of November. I also gave everybody a special gift of 5,000 Bonus Points in case you don't have any.
new Added the ability to remove an entry from your personal shop when it has a count of 0 items.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that sometimes prevented location-specific things from loading when the game starts up.
change Made a very tiny improvement to how the clock is rendered. Should improve performance ever so slightly.
change Success now shows up alongside Random Drops and Double Drops, pulling together all current and future effects that will be affected by diminishing returns.
5.21.72 November 2nd, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from viewing all shop logs on mobile devices.
bug fix Consuming bonuses while in combat will now automatically activate while fighting.
change Improved the way item searches work. Some examples of new things you can search for include - mining tool, travel, total mana and double feet to name a few. Play around with it! Is there something missing? Let me know and I can see if I can add it.
content Fixed the tool level for obsidian katanas.
content Ice needles now show up under cooking materials.
content The Grieving Widower and the Journeyman Carpenter quests are here!
5.21.71 October 27th, 2018
new If you missed it, be sure to read up on 5.21.70 about the Halloween Event!
bug fix Trick! There was a bug where the Scarecrow's Scarf did not do what it was intended to do. Treat! That bug has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that showed 0-count personal shop contents in the item summary widget and the manual.
bug fix You can now click on an item in your inventory when adding all of that item to a player trade.
change Preference changes made on one device will now carry over automatically to another device when switching over.
change Added the author in the manual for player-contributed quests.
change The NEW Manual will now show you your personal base success rates.
content Tropical Fishing Rods use Tropical Logs instead of Bamboo now.
content Bottles of Honey have been converted into Empty Bottles (1:1 ratio).
content Brass Ingots have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:2 ratio).
content Clockwork Vials have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:10 ratio).
content The manual now shows Cypress Logs instead of Petrified Logs for buildings.
5.21.70 October 27th, 2018
new Halloween is here! You can find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new The ever so spooky Scarecrow's Scarf has been added to the Spooky Shop!
bug fix Older versions of the game do not show when holiday shops close correctly. This has been corrected in this version.
change Fixed some display elements for the holiday shop equipment.
5.21.69 October 21st, 2018
new Personal shop contents now show up in the item search! This further improves the ability to use your personal shop as both a shop AND a globally accessible storage, making it even easier to have access to your most frequently used things anywhere you go.
change Adjusted the colors of the houses / storages in the item search panel and manual to match the colors in the item search widget.
5.21.68 October 21st, 2018
new The personal shop transaction logs are finally here! You can find them in the Marketplace, next to the purple Manage button.
change Bumped up the total number of logs displayed in the guild storage logs.
change Adjusted the UI ever so slightly for the guild storage logs.
info October 17th, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug where double drops did not affect custom quest actions.
content The retired items have been converted into their most appropriate replacement item. In some cases, there was a good 1:1 replacement, and in others, there wasn't. To compensate, the items that did not have a good replacement have been turned into Archipelagic Coins, which can be traded in in Fiery Port.

Old ItemNew Item
1 Sesame Oil3 Brown Rice
1 Dried Jellyfish4 Shrimp
1 Alligator Stew1 Shrimp Gumbo
1 Jellyfish Salad1 Alligator Skewer

Converted into Archipelagic Coins - Sesame Jellyfish, Ancient Vases, Sea Lettuce, Bladderwort, Pitcher Plant, Sundew, Venus Flytrap, Bladderwort Extract, Sundew Extract, Venus Flytrap Extract, Water Breathing Potions
content Readjusted the level for summoning runes.
content Converted Iron Spatulas to Iron Frying Pans and deleted Iron Spatulas.
5.21.67 October 16th, 2018
notice This will probably be the last big retroactive update of this kind. The archipelago content left much to be desired, so I hope this update helps close the many gaps in the level 45 to 60 range (for many skills). There are still more updates to come, but they will be mostly additive updates.

I hope everyone likes the new content. I have had to retire quite a bit of content in this update in order to get a better fit for all of the new stuff, which mostly includes new foods and potions. And remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Is there something that you absolutely hate in this update (or future updates)? Open up a dialogue with me and we can talk about it! I've created a new forum section called Feedback under Game Development for such a thing!
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the wrong garden / workshop is sometimes displayed if changing which garden / workshop you're working in while on a different device.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the job board houses in Internet Explorer.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with custom quest actions and starting locations.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with hydrating quest actions after refreshing or switching devices.
change We're going to try something new. I've lifted the cap on the amount of +Success you can get. The cap used to be 200%, but now it will work on diminishing returns. Refer to the following table …

Actual SuccessConsumed ValueTotal Consumed Value
0 to 100%100%

100% to 200%200%
+ 200%

200% to 300%300%
+ 200%
+ 300%

300% to 400%400%
+ 200%
+ 300%
+ 400%


In other words, it gets more and more expensive to increase your +Success past 100%, but it increases your chances of getting superior equipment (in the case of making equipment). Outside of equipment, it still has no additional effect. This table is not all inclusive - you can continue to go as high as you would like. I also haven't updated any in-game descriptions of success. Considering how the prototype period goes, I will adjust if necessary, then update the in-game descriptions.

If this goes well, I will most likely apply the same logic to random drops and double drops.
change Accepting a quest will now automatically open up the journal if it is collapsed.
change The ability to cast spells is no longer hidden at level 1.
content Some delicious new foods and potions.

Shrimp Gumbo-4 Timer for 60 mins
Peach Cobbler-5 Min. Timer for 1 min (stacks)
Shrimp Etouffee+100% Random Drops for 3 mins (stacks)
Alligator Jambalaya+100% Success for 3 mins (stacks)
Alligator Skewer+100% Double Drops for 3 mins (stacks)
Potion of Blooming IV-5 Grow Time for 5 actions

content Satchels now grant +1,000 Capacity, up from +200 Capacity.
content Quartz Sand is now its own action at level 60, and is no longer a random drop of Diorite mining.
content Gathering levels have been lowered in the Northern Province, Archipelago and Drifting Isles. Gathering experience has also gone through some recalculations. In most cases, the experience hasn't deviated much in either direction with the exception of filling botas. Their experience has been lowered dramatically.
content Spell Duration foods and potions have been recalibrated.

Apple Cider+20 for 1 Spell+15 for 1 Spell
Bacon Wrapped Trout+3 for 3 Spells+6 for 3 Spells
Yellowtail Sushi+3 for 3 Spells+6 for 3 Spells
Caviar+3 for 3 Spells+8 for 3 Spells
Potion of Enduring Flame+25 for 3 Spells+10 for 3 Spells

content Adamantine Spatulas have become Adamantine Frying Pans.
content The flower garden now requires water.
content Cypress Logs (formerly Petrified Logs) now drop peat moss and copals.
content Hiking in the Jungle is now level 15 Speed and Hiking in the Celestial Oasis is now level 75 Speed. Experience has been updated to reflect this.
content Summoning runes now all require 1 mana. This was done to balance content that uses runes.
content Orchards are now present in the Archipelago where you can grow peaches and tangerines. Tangerines do not have a use yet. They will be used in Alchemy.
content The recipes for exploding potions and potions of enduring flame have changed. This was mostly to help break up the resources from hiking and combat, and to allow for some resources to be used elsewhere (implemented as part of this update and future updates).
content Some things have been renamed.

Petrified LogCypress Log
Jellyfish NetShrimp Nets
Sesame SeedsBrown Rice
CarrotsGreen Bell Peppers
Kale LeavesWild Celery
Spring OnionsRed Onions
Shimmering PowderCrushed White Runes
Void PowderCrushed Black Runes
Cerulean PowderCrushed Twilight Runes
Alizarin PowderCrushed Dawn Runes
Petrified *Archipelagic *

content The following places have been retired.

Swamp GardenTo avoid oversaturation, the swamp garden has been retired in favor of more focus on the seaside garden. Swamp Garden experience will get merged into Seaside Garden experience in a later update.
Carnivorous PlantsSame reason as swamp gardens. The only exception to this is peat moss, which can now be found while chopping cypress logs.
DivingDiving did not offer enough content to be worth continuing.
info October 12th, 2018
new As some of you may remember, I removed the ability to remove copper from your old guild shops some months ago. Well, if you are the guild leader of a guild that has old shops that still have copper in them, I have gone ahead and sent you a package containing all of the copper that was in your shops. You can access it via Merchants > Player Trade.
new Everlasting Feast has arrived! It is the new Cooking Double Drop spell from the spell contest. A refresh will be necessary for the new spell to show up.

There will most likely be some adjustments made to how spell levels work, so for the time being, the new spell's level is the same as the lowest level double drop spell.
5.21.66 October 6th, 2018
new You will now receive level up notifications when your gardens or workshops gain a level!
bug fix Dulcimers and other items with the spell duration effect will now only break while casting spells, instead of having a chance to break while doing anything. Note that if the item has another effect that is active, it can still break while doing anything.
bug fix If you begin to work on an expired event, it will now disappear from the town view.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the dulcimer's mana regeneration effect would mysteriously show up on other items.
bug fix Removed the ability to accidentally set your shop's buy price to a higher value than your sell price.
change The Perks and Bonuses menus now behave consistently on the mobile UI.
change Improved some travel logic for the case when you attempt to travel to the same location you are currently in.
5.21.65 September 28th, 2018
bug fix Chat will now warn you if you attempt to re-whisper a player without actually whispering them in the first place.
bug fix Fixed a small bug with continuing compound upgrades after a refresh.
bug fix Made a small adjustment to when actions are re-hydrated (when you come back from being offline). This should help in some cases where you are presented with incorrect information (the wrong garden for example).
bug fix Item weights and deleted items are now calculated appropriately in all cases.
change The skill names in the Skill panel will now open the NEW Manual skill pages instead of the old manual skill pages.
content Updated many success messages so that they better handle double drops.
content The beads you make will no longer be "beaufitul".
content Fixed lobster trap experience.
content Fixed all smithing tool requirements and their associated failure messages.
5.21.64 September 22nd, 2018
bug fix On mobile devices, under certain conditions, it was possible to accidentally move stuff into and out of houses and storages by opening the item detail modal. This has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a bug with double drops and using Bottles of Rum in combat.
change Made some back-end changes with how effects are calculated. This should not result in any noticeable changes, but if you see anything weird with effects, such as effects not being applied or effects not updating like you are expecting, please reach out to Grumpy.
change The guild storage level requirements can now be found in the NEW Manual > Buildings > Guild Storages page.
content Added the Fleet Foot spell, which grants -2 Speed Timer. The spell levels are going to be adjusted at some point in the near future, so for now, Fleet Foot is going to be a level 1 spell. Note that you may need to do a hard refresh for the spell to show up.
content Fixed the violin so that it uses level 30 Magic instead of level 30 Combat.
5.21.63 September 16th, 2018
notice There was an unfortunate mishap during the process of converting the old style armor into the new style armor. In many cases, any fractional amounts of armor were lost, which includes quantities that should have been 1 but instead became 0. This means you may need to recreate your outfits and re-equip your armor. Given the nature of the hiccup, I cannot recover the missing armor. Instead, I have compensated everybody with 20,000 copper to help replinish any missing armor. My apologies for the mishap.
bug fix Fixed the Mystic Mortar & Pestle to fulfill the Mortar & Pestle tool type.
change Updated the Game Mechanics page to include success per level.
content Wooden buckets now have higher requirements.
content Retired all old multi-piece metal, stone and leather armor and replaced it with single-piece armor.
content Stone armor has been completely retired. Refer to the table below for their replacements.
content Some things have been renamed / merged.

Obsidian ArmorSteel Chainmail
Dolomite ArmorAlluvium Chainmail
Diorite ArmorAdamantine Chainmail
Alligator HideSwamp Hide
Alligator ArmorSwamp Hide Armor
Frost ArmorSnow Fur Armor
Empty VialEmpty Bottle
Empty VatWooden Bucket
Steel ShovelIron Shovel
content Adjusted some existing carpentry and tailoring experience. This includes both experience increases and decreases.
content Thunderstorms are now back to their original frequency.
content Set a few of the items that were recently deprecated to retired to avoid confusion (including but not limited to Clockwork Compasses and some of the old potions in Cadenberge Territory).
5.21.62 August 28th, 2018
new Added spells to the Magic skill page in the NEW Manual.
new Added random event information to the NEW Manual.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the new effect grouping doesn't affect houses / storages.
change The manual will now show random drop percentages if the percentage exceeds 20%.
change Added the time of day requirements to the action modal (e.g. planting nightshade now shows the Night requirement).
5.21.61 August 27th, 2018
change The effect grouping setting for equipment and consumables has been split up. This means you will need to re-toggle one or both settings if you were using the setting before.
change The Old Houses are finally gone! The conversion has taken place, so if you had any old houses, they have been converted into the new house structure. If you had more than one house in a given location, those houses have been merged into a single larger house.
info August 26th, 2018
content Modifications have a special new mechanic - modified break rates. They are not listed anywhere yet, but now modifications can have custom break rates. A few key examples …

ModificationBreak Rate Multipler
Varnished / Gilded0.10
Nimble / Burly / Learned0.25

This means if you have a Varnished Jade Pickaxe for example, it will go from a base 1.4 % break rate to 0.07% break rate for being superior and varnished.
5.21.60 August 25th, 2018
change The tabbed chat setting has been moved into the main chat UI to help facilitate easier switching between the two settings.
change In the new effect sorting view, the tools now group by skill instead of the tool name (e.g. Hatchets now show up as Woodcutting).
change Fixed a minor bug with the Enhanced Spell-Casting feature not expiring correctly.
content Existing Mortars and Pestles have been updated to follow the new pattern, and all of the missing Mortar & Pestle tools have been added.
5.21.59 August 25th, 2018
bug fix Fixed a relatively rare bug with the new tabbed chat notifications where the notification will decide to stick around.
change When re-whispering in the tabbed chat, it will show who you are rewhispering once again! No more awkward mis-whispers.
change Updated the grouping on the new effects sorting to separate Armor and Weapons.
change Tools now show up in their own category, with the tool type showing up as the subcategory.
5.21.58 August 24th, 2018
new As promised, basic channel notifications are here! When somebody says something in an inactive channel, there will be a little * next to the channel name. It is worth noting that a refresh will also clear notifications. They do not persist across refreshes / devices.
new Introducing the effect sorting prototype! Now you can toggle sorting your Equipment and Consumable items by their effects instead of their category. Simply go to Settings > Sort By Effects to enable the setting. This is still a prototype, so feedback is more than welcome!
5.21.57 August 24th, 2018
new Introducing the tabbed chat channel prototype! Simply go to Settings > Tabbed Chat Channels to enable the setting. It will allow you to use chat tabs instead of seeing all channels at once. I plan on adding channel notifications to inactive tabs in a future update.
5.21.56 August 22nd, 2018
new Italics have returned at long last! I unfortunately store the data in a different way now, so the criteria for getting italics has changed from spending $50 to buying 500 Snail Bucks.
new The botcheck timer now shows up on the working screen when on mobile.
info August 18th, 2018
content The break rate for metal and stone tools has been lowered to improve the time : value ratio for making them.
content Some of the adamantine tools have been bumped up to requiring two ingots instead of one. The experience has been updated to reflect this.
content Stone tools have had some resource updates. For balance purposes, obsidian and diorite tools now use two stones per tool, while dolomite uses three stones per tool. The experience per tool has been updated to reflect this.
content Added Northern Fishing Rods to take the place of the Tier 3 Fishing Rod tool.
content Apple Cider and Pumpkin Ales are ready for September! A couple of changes have been made to these items …

- Apple Cider now requires 6 apples (from 3 Apples).

- Pumpkin Ales now require 2 pumpkins (from 1 Pumpkin).

- Pumpkin Ales are now -2 Timer for 30 Minutes (from -2 Timer for 20 Minutes).
content Jade mining and jade tools have made their way to the Northern Province!
content Obsidian tools have been adjusted for tier 2, which means they have -2 Timer instead of -4 Timer.
content The ability to make obsidian armor has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content The ability to make brass-related items has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content The ability to make silver items has been removed but you can still wear existing items.
content Finding thunder eggs while using obsidian has been removed from the actions, but added as a possible drop when using obsidian. The Random Drops effect does not affect these types of drops.
5.21.55 August 18th, 2018
new At long last, random events have returned! Right now the only random event active is thunderstorms, but starting on September 1st, random apple picking will return as well. You will be able to click 'Travel' in chat to travel to that location (but you'll need to start the action yourself - there are future plans to add that capability).
bug fix Viewing prices from the manual now closes the manual.
bug fix Moving items to and from storages will now automatically hide the little item popup.
bug fix Replaced the old clock with a brand new clock (will hopefully prevent the version link from sticking).
bug fix Fixed a bug where having Stripe disabled will prevent you from being able to use PayPal.
5.21.54 August 13th, 2018
new Introducing Enhanced Spell-Casting!
You can find it from Perks in your player summary, right above your mana.
new Each subscription (besides Extended Botchecks) can be enabled for a free 7 day trial if you have not yet enabled them. Perfect timing to try out that Enhanced Spell-Casting feature or maybe put some Smithing jobs up!
content Easter Pendants magically turned back into Golden Eggs.
5.21.53 August 12th, 2018
new Additional support for modifications have been added to the manual. They now show up on item pages (for example, Linen Shirts will now show each modification).
content Varnished item sets are now (1) -2 Timer and (2) +4% Double Drops and only apply to Elinvar tools. Existing gilded items will maintain their upgrades, but are not available in the marketplace.
content Gilded item sets are now (1) -3 Timer and (2) +6% Double Drops, and only apply to Alluvium and Dolomite tools. Existing varnished items will maintain their upgrades, but are not available in the marketplace.
content Festive Scarves now get +10 Total Mana.
content Timers, besides Magic and Speed, are now automatically calculated. This means that some timers will be higher while other timers will be lower. Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting have already been adjusted in a previous update, so they will remain unaffected.
5.21.52 August 11th, 2018
new Introducing the new and improved PayPal payment option! For those of you who like to use PayPal, you can now access it following the same instructions found below in 5.21.51.
bug fix The mobile Get More button will now actually let you Get More!
5.21.51 August 10th, 2018
new Introducing the Stripe checkout option! You can now painlessly support the game by heading on over to Get More as shown in the picture below.
A couple of the pricing options have changed (by at most 40 Snail Bucks), so I have added a special promotional offer to celebrate this release! Offer ends at midnight on 08/19.

Lastly, some of the higher options come with Bonus Points instead of more Snail Bucks. Bonus Points will be getting an additional use soon, so stay tuned for that update!
bug fix Superior dulcimers now come with double the Spell Duration!
bug fix Bonus point purchases now show up in chat again.
5.21.50 August 5th, 2018
new Added the percent chance of getting back an item when a resource is consumed by an action to the item pages in the manual.
bug fix You can now create multiple jobs without having to refresh first!
change Made this very changelog page mobile-friendly.
change Made the login page, along with the password reset pages, mobile-friendly.
5.21.49 August 4th, 2018
new Added this changelog page, which is accessible from clicking on the version in the top right hand side of your screen.
new Added a little notification when your client becomes out of date.
new The item page in the manual will now show the item counts in the About section. For example, Buckets of Milk will show 5 uses.
new The item page in the manual will now show the item returned in the About section when it is consumed as a resource. For example, Buckets of Milk show that you can get a Wooden Bucket when it is consumed.
new Added a description for the combat skill, directing people to use the old combat page for now.
new For items acquired from or used in Gardens / Workshops, a link has been added to their page in the manual to quickly navigate to that Garden's / Workshop's page.
bug fix Fixed the ability to manage item prices when the Item Detail Hover setting was disabled.
bug fix If you change locations while your client is offline, it will make sure you appear in the right location when you reconnect.
5.21.48 August 3rd, 2018
new Added outfits to the mobile UI.
change It is no longer possible to change account information without first registering your account.
5.21.47 July 28th, 2018
new Added some quest functionality for the case when you do not have all of the requirements necessary for the the next leg of a quest.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would sometimes prevent you from buying or selling items in the marketplace, needing a refresh to fix.
change Changed some wording in the manual around the gardens & workshop pages.
change Some general cleanup of some unused CSS classes.
5.21.46 July 26th, 2018
new The Old Marketplace has finally been deprecated! If you had any fulfilled market requests, or were buying any items, that copper already made its way into the copper you are carrying. If you were selling any items, or had items waiting for you to pick up, those items have been returned to you in a package sent by Amaranthine (imaginative, I know).
change Fixed some styles for manual links.
change Added some additional 'Learn More' links for easier manual navigation from the game.
change Added some additional descriptive text to the manual to help explain certain things better.
5.21.45 July 21st, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug with bonuses where it would error out but still trigger the bonus.
5.21.44 July 21st, 2018
new The gathering update has been completed in Cadenberge Territory. Like I mentioned in another forum post, I left the picking levels alone for this update so you can still clear out existing crops if you lost the ability to pick them, but will be updating them in a few days. After that, you'll just need to get the level to pick them.
new Added the new game mechanics page.
new Added the new garden and workshop pages in the manual.
new For primary drop actions with many drops (hiking for example), the drop rate has been added to the manual to make it clear that you can increase that rate with the Random Drops effect.
bug fix Fixed a small UI bug with showing the wrong value for superior tools.
change Fisheries are now considered Workshops.
change The game will no longer max out the amount you type into the consumable items. This will hopefully reduce the frequency of accidentally consuming the wrong thing.
change Expanded a bunch of descriptive text for the various effects to help explain them a little bit better.
5.21.43 July 17th, 2018
new The Carpentry, Smithing and Tailoring updates on Cadenberge Territory have been made. Please let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary with the new content. You may need to clear your cache to see some of the changes.
new The new tool page has been added. You can find it from NEW Manual > Items > Tools. You can also click on the tools from the actions in the manual to go to the page specific for that tool.
bug fix Fixed a bug where, on certain item actions, the price list isn't automatically re-fetched.
change The tool tiers for various actions / tools have been cleaned up.
5.21.42 July 16th, 2018
new Introducing the new Armor slot. This will be the slot you use to for your single set of armor. This is in preparation for the armor sets that will be replacing the original 5 and 6 piece armor sets. More details to follow.
bug fix Fixed a bug on some mobile devices where the new item search goes off-screen.
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was not possible to close out of one of the travel modals.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with the bonus menu sometimes not having an effect selected.
change Updated the alcohol actions in the manual to be separate from the normal actions you can do for each skill.
5.21.41 July 9th, 2018
new Updated the item search panel in the top right to use the latest and greatest architecture.
new The item search panel now has a single button to click to reduce confusion - from the item detail panel you can view where your items are, how much they are going for in the marketplace, and includes a link to the manual.
new The item search functionality also works on mobile!
new Updated the way the manual is rendered too - let me know if you see any issues with it.
5.21.40 July 8th, 2018
bug fix You can now view item details from the marketplace while on mobile and when the item detail hover setting is disabled.