Archive Changelog
5.27.11 May 2nd, 2021
new If you continuously forget which actions you are working on (like I do), then this latest feature is perfect for you. Introducing the Todo List! The Todo List is similar to the Job Board, except it's for your own personal tasks. You do not put resources up upfront, but rather you can keep track of particular tasks you want to do. You can find the new Todo List under the Effects panel on the left (or under the Summary tab on mobile devices).

By default everyone can create a single project at a time, from which you can create any number of child todos that directly (or indirectly) contribute to that parent project. Purchasing the Enhanced Todo List will increase the project limit to 5 as well as enables the minimum Success, minimum Random Drop and House options (including any future enhancements as well). Any projects that already exist are grandfathered in. Lastly, I am considering the option to purchase additional project slots, but that is TBD.
info April 11th, 2021
content The mining camp is in peril again! Do you have what it takes to save them once more? For those of you who have completed the volcano protection quest, head on down to Pyre Island to help out! Combat level 75 is required to start the new quest - Mining Camp Assault, with combat level 85 needed to advance to the exciting capstone adventure for the Pyre Island quest series.
info April 1st, 2021
new What's that? There's an Easter Egg hunt going on?! That's right! Easter Eggs will drop from April 2nd through April 8th at 23:59:59. You can turn those Easter Eggs in to the Easter Egg Hunt Shop found right in town (all towns). In addition, the Snail Buck shop now has a special offer on Snail Bucks. That offer will end after the event.
content Marshmallow Peeps from the Easter event in 2020 have been renamed to Stale Marshmallow Peeps and a new version of Marshmallow Peeps has been released this year.