Archive Changelog
5.26.32 June 3rd, 2020
upcoming This is an unreleased version. Navigate to to try it out today before it is officially released!
new By default, the item search toggle will now hide retired items from view. You can toggle retired items with the click of a button!
new You can now narrow down your search results by filtering by a few new terms - food, consumables, equipment.

e.g. success food, double equipment, random equip
new The Collectables category has been removed.
content Alluvium Ingots have been moved from Pyre Island to Ember Vale.
info April 9th, 2020
new The easter egg hunt has returned along with a powerful new holiday consumable! Check out the Easter Egg Hunt Shop in town for more information. Easter eggs will begin dropping April 10th at 00:00:00 and will stop dropping on April 16th at 23:59:59.
new The special snail buck offer is still in the shop! It will end after the event (for real this time).
info March 17th, 2020
new The rainbow event has returned! Look for rainbows in chat and find Pots of Gold. There is a shop where you can exchange your pots of gold in every town. Check out the item page for Pots of Gold to learn more! Each rainbow lasts for one hour.
new To help celebrate the event, there is a special snail buck offer now available in the Snail Buck shop! The special offer will end when the rainbows stop appearing.
5.26.31 March 4th, 2020
bug fix The whisper notification should work more consistently now.
content You can use :nod: and :nods: for the :yes: emote now!
content Improved the descriptions for Total Mana and Active Mana Regeneration in the manual.
content Searching for 'Fruit' will also show the items that are produced by processing the bushels of fruit.
content Added a rule that specifies that only English is allowed in public chat channels and the forums.