Archive Changelog
info January 30th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a bug that still allowed guild chat to be shown even when the channel was disabled.
content Celestial Bows now have a break rate.
content Fixed the level for preparing orange slices in the smokehouse.
info December 17th, 2019
new This year's Christmas event is slightly different from previous years due to a miscalculation in the drop rate of gingerbread items last year. If you missed the event last year, there are some gingerbread items available in the Jolly Shop (found in any town), along with a couple of new items. Jolly Coins will drop from December 18th through the end of 2019. The shop will remain open until January 17th at 23:59:59.
new There is one last deal in the Snail Buck shop to close out 2019. If you were planning on buying some Snail Bucks, now is the perfect time to do so! The offer will end when the year ends.
5.26.30 December 13th, 2019
change The Disable Auto-Equip setting has been changed to just be Auto-Equip Outfits to reduce confusion when it comes to the double negative. The game will default to the preference you had enabled, but attempting to change it from versions 5.26.29 or earlier will usually not work.
content Searching for the word frog will show Spotted Treefrogs.
info November 24th, 2019
new The Thanksgiving event will begin on November 27th! You will be able to find Turkey Coins by doing any actions or combat. Remember to max out your Random Drops! The coins will drop until December 2nd at 23:59:59 and the shop will remain open until December 14th at 23:59:59.
content Renamed Frogskin Boots and Frogskin Gloves to Worn Frogskin Boots and Worn Frogskin Gloves respectively. They have also been retired and can no longer be crafted.
content Renamed Exotic Tannery in Izanna Port to Tropical Tannery.
content Added six new items - Frogskin Boots, Frogskin Scarf, Frogskin Mask, Toadskin Boots, Toadskin Scarf and Toadskin Mask. Frogskin and Toadskin items have two items sets each - Crafter's and Gatherer's. You can use silver medallions and gold medallions to upgrade these items. Check out the manual for more information!

Want to see another item set for frogskin / toadskin equipment? Feel free to create a Feature Request!