Archive Changelog
5.33.0 March 18th, 2023
new There is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop to help celebrate the St. Patrick's Day event!
new I am trialing a simpler item manual, accessible from the item search, as well as clicking on 'Beta Manual' to the right of the 'Learn More' button. This change incorporates a number of features that folks have requested over the years, including the ability to toggle between superior and normal varieties, as well as being able to more easily find which action(s) are used to create an item.
new All remaining action types have been migrated over to the new action service. Following this release, the old action service will be turned off.
bug fix The job board actions will no longer count towards your own todo list.
bug fix The job board actions will now correctly double random drops associated with the action (e.g. qiviut from filling snow fur botas).
change Spell-casting will now only generate a single message at the start of spell-casting, and not per spell.
change If your garden or workshop action switches from adding to removing, the outfit auto-equip functionality will trigger, switching to the appropriate outfit.
change Workshop actions now use 'Adding to Workshops' and 'Removing from Workshops' outfits, similar to the 'Planting in Gardens' and 'Picking from Gardens' outfits.
change Custom quest actions will now show their progress in the action modal.
change The +XP% effect displayed in the action modal will now show your effective +XP% instead of your total +XP%.
content Snail Pocket Knives have been updated to be tier 5 universal tools.
5.32.0 March 5th, 2023
new If you have a +XP effect active, it will now display in the action modal.
change This update is almost entirely frontend improvements, including faster load times, improved inventory performance, improved main panel updates, and more. As always, it's possible that I have missed small interactions (e.g. clicking on a button from the Items tab on mobile devices doesn't switch to the main screen), so please let me know if you experience anything unexpected.
change You can now add a child todo for combat actions that require an effect (e.g. Sea Ice).
5.31.0 February 18th, 2023
new The new Ring of the Singularity is now available to be purchased from the Birthday Shop. The new effect only works in the new action service available in 5.31.0 or later. As of this writing, the new action service only works for basic actions. That means it has no effect on actions that include travel, gardens, workshops, spell-casting, events, jobs, house upgrades, item upgrades, and custom quest actions. These will be coming along quickly once the basic action functionality has been fully released and working without any issues.
new Like mentioned in the previous bullet, the new action service is up and running! I have tested as much as a snail can test, so there may be small edge cases I did not encounter. When reporting bugs, as always, be sure to specify the version you are on!
new Please note that you may experience unpredictable behavior if navigating from 5.31.0 to 5.30.0 and lower. Nothing will be broken, but you will have to restart your action.
new The Birthday Shop has been extended to close at the end of February.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented the build Garden / Workshop modal from going away after building the garden or workshop. Rest assured, it was actually built.
change The mystery box's random number generator has been changed, so 5.31.0 and 5.30.0 and earlier will have different effects. Once 5.31.0 is out of beta, I will be disabling the old endpoint.
content Improved the wording of the description of the Auto-Equip Outfits setting.
content Platinum Medallions are now listed under Tailoring.
content Fixed the plural form of Gold Medallions.
5.30.0 January 22nd, 2023
new Reminder that the Birthday event is going on. See the previous changelog on January 12th for more information!
new Reminder that when this version is released, some functionality in version 5.28.21 and earlier will be turned off, and some parts of the UI will stop working.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented item types (Forest Logs, Water, etc.) from showing up in the todo list if they are in your selected house.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would occasionally show the incorrect name in the minimized house display on mobile devices.
bug fix Fixed a bug that resulted in effects not getting loaded correctly when other players cast on you.
change The combat display has been improved to be more efficient.
change There have been backend-only changes to combat should be completely invisible to you. With that said, it is possible that I have missed edge cases, so please report any odd behavior while doing combat.
content The break rate for Monster's Boots has been increased from 0.0005% to 0.0015% to match the break rate of other event drops.
info January 12th, 2023
new Amar's 14th Birthday event starts on January 16th! You can start the quest early right from town so that you automatically start collecting actions as soon as the clock strikes midnight! Your actions will stop counting after January 23rd at 23:59:59. In addition, as per tradition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop, ending when the event ends.
new Note that I am still working on the year three reward, but that will be an option in the Birthday Shop soon.
5.29.0 January 8th, 2023
new Like mentioned in 5.28.21, this is a fairly substantial release in terms of backend functionality changes. When 5.29.1 is released, some features in 5.28.* will stop working.
bug fix Fixed a minor issue that showed non-skill outfits as an option in the outfit modal while not doing any actions.
bug fix Similar to the inventory and marketplace fixes, the paperdoll should no longer unequip your items on some devices if your finger just so happens to be over the unequip button.