Archive Changelog
5.26.24 August 20th, 2019
new There have been some requests for a separate dedicated whisper channel so that whispers do not consume every other channel. There is now a setting called 'Dedicated Whisper Channel' that will do just that.
new I will be removing the special offer from the Snail Buck shop in the next day or two, so be sure to pick some up before it ends!
bug fix The Snail Rattle now shows two rows for its mana regeneration in the Effects Panel. One row shows +2 and the other row shows +2 Magic.
change The spell-casting menu is now a little bit more click-friendly on mobile devices with more padding around each spell.
change The travel menu is also a little bit more click-friendly on mobile devices.
content Bones are now listed under the Carpentry header in the inventory.
content Normalized all of the various spell base timers.

Timer spells start at 30 seconds
Random Drop spells start at 40 seconds
Double Drop spells start at 50 seconds
Success spells start at 50 seconds

This is not a substantial change except for Fleet Foot and Everlasting Feast since they did not have a timer defined. Some other spells are slightly higher and some are slightly lower (+/- 5 seconds).
5.26.23 August 3rd, 2019
new A new event has started! Check out the Snail Hatchery in town to learn more! (Should the shop not show up, just do a hard refresh.) To help celebrate the event, a special offer is going on in the Snail Buck shop.
new The Enhanced Spell-Casting and Auto-Equip Outfits subscription perks now have a forever option! Take them home today for the low, low price of 250 Snail Bucks each!

If you purchase the forever option and you have already purchased the subscription, I will refund the difference. Just reach out to me, Grumpy!
new Goodnight, Sweet Prince. The link to the old manual is no longer. You are still welcome to visit the old page whenever your heart desires.
5.26.22 July 1st, 2019
new Your Homey 1 has created a new emote for everybody to enjoy! Just be careful when you use it, otherwise the same thing might happen to you!
new Embarassed that your eyes just fell out of your head? Morso to the rescue with his newest emote!
new For the tea drinkers out there, Morso again to the rescue with another emote!
bug fix The outfit modal now scales appropriately in Internet Explorer.
bug fix Fixed a small bug that would erroneously display an overlay outfit as the currently equipped outfit when creating an overlay outfit.
change Some people accidentally ate food instead of using the 'Add an Item' link in the 'Make a Request' part of making new trades. The ability to use an item has been removed while the 'Make a Request' stage of a new trade is active.
content Changed 'Crush Gypsum' to 'Make Gesso'.
5.26.21 June 26th, 2019
bug fix Fixed the links for confirmation codes and password resets in emails.
bug fix Item prices in your personal shop logs now use localized numbers.
change Mobile registration has been improved so that the registration button shows up on all menus, and the registration modal always shows up. In addition, the confirmation code input on mobile now defaults to the numeric keypad.
content Removed some legacy item data from bottles of wine.
5.26.20 June 4th, 2019
new Your Homey 1 has created five new quests in the Archipelago!
new Character level up messages have returned at long last!
bug fix Fixed a bug where you couldn't move an item to your shop via the quick-equip modal.
bug fix The quick-equip modal now closes when clicking the upgrade button.
bug fix Clicking on Learn More in the Garden / Workshop menus will now allow you to Learn More!