Archive Changelog
info July 23rd, 2021
notice The Empty Bottle recipe that uses Sycamore Logs will be retired on or after September 1st, 2021.
info July 13th, 2021
content The Snail Medallions can be exchanged in the Snail Shop in town. The shop will stay open 2 weeks longer for the medallions to be exchanged. After the shop closes, the Snail Medallions will automatically be converted.
info June 19th, 2021
new The Snail Day Celebration event has returned! There is a slight twist this year to the main reward. If you did not complete the 2020 event, this year your prize will be an Ornate Snail Bracelet. If you DID complete the 2020 event, this year your prize will be Snail Medallions. If you're wondering what the medallion is for, you're not alone. I don't either. I will work on coming up with a use for the medallion in the coming days, most likely being an exchange in the Snail Shop. If you have any suggestions for what you would love to see, post about it in the forums! I will choose the best idea and will reward the person who came up with the idea 100 Snail Bucks.

The celebration starts on June 20th and runs through the end of the day on June 26th. You can start the event from any town.
new To help celebrate the Snail Day Celebration, there is also a special offer in the Snail Buck shop! The offer will end after the event.
5.27.11 May 2nd, 2021
new If you continuously forget which actions you are working on (like I do), then this latest feature is perfect for you. Introducing the Todo List! The Todo List is similar to the Job Board, except it's for your own personal tasks. You do not put resources up upfront, but rather you can keep track of particular tasks you want to do. You can find the new Todo List under the Effects panel on the left (or under the Summary tab on mobile devices).

By default everyone can create a single project at a time, from which you can create any number of child todos that directly (or indirectly) contribute to that parent project. Purchasing the Enhanced Todo List will increase the project limit to 5 as well as enables the minimum Success, minimum Random Drop and House options (including any future enhancements as well). Any projects that already exist are grandfathered in. Lastly, I am considering the option to purchase additional project slots, but that is TBD.