Archive Changelog
info May 10th, 2022
bug fix If your spellcasting outfit has a spell duration effect on it, and you use the auto-equip feature, sometimes the final spell duration was displayed as if the spell duration on the outfit wasn't there. This has been fixed.
info April 27th, 2022
content The ordering of empty bottles and barrels for Deccan booze has been fixed to be consistent with the rest of the booze pouring actions.
5.27.16 April 16th, 2022
new The annual Easter Egg hunt is starting on April 17th! Easter Eggs will drop from April 17th through April 23rd at 23:59:59. You can turn those Easter Eggs in to the Easter Egg Hunt Shop found right in town (all towns). In addition, the Snail Buck shop now has a special offer on Snail Bucks. That offer will end after the event.
bug fix Fixed a minor display issue with the Tantalizing Mystery Box.
bug fix There was an issue with the todo list and not counting combat drops appropriately. The todo list should now update as expected.
bug fix On some devices, the travel menu had some anomalies. These should be fixed in this release. In addition, some additional spacing was added above and below the right chevrons used for opening up the travel maps on mobile devices.