Archive Changelog
info July 15th, 2020
new The ability to create new guild sections has arrived! You must either be the guild leader or have the Can Moderate Guild Forums permission to access it. It can be accessed via the edit button to the right of the Guild section header.

This release does not include the ability to edit section names, nor the ability to delete a section given the destructive nature of that action. Some additional thought will have to go into deciding how to handle those.
info July 6th, 2020
new New guilds will automatically have a General forum section created for them. This at least allows for new guilds to have a place to post things for their fellow guild members, until the functionality to manage guild forum sections is implemented.
5.26.32 June 20th, 2020
new The Snail Day event begins June 21st at 00:00:00! It will end June 27th at 23:59:59. This event will be very similar to the 10th birthday event. For those who were not around for that event, you are rewarded for the total number of actions or battles completed during the event, with various milestones giving rewards.
new The Snail Buck shop is also offering a special bonus offer for Snail Bucks! The special offer will end on or after the end of the event.
new By default, the item search toggle will now hide retired items from view. You can toggle retired items with the click of a button!
new You can now narrow down your search results by filtering by a few new terms - food, consumables, equipment.

e.g. success food, double equipment, random equip
new The Collectables category has been removed.
new Added smooth scrolling to mobile devices.
new Added UI support for level-restricted effects.
bug fix Addressed a few minor bugs related to the message modal.
content Alluvium Ingots have been moved from Pyre Island to Ember Vale.