Archive Changelog
5.28.8 September 25th, 2022
new It's fall again! You'll know what that means soon enough, if you don't already.
new Your outfit list will now show you the count of items that are a part of that outfit, along with how many of those items you have on your person.
new Added a setting that allows you to hide scrollbars.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the marketplace was not showing combat stats associated with modifications (e.g. Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies).
change Redesigned the player trade experience. As part of that, some improvements have been made to the mobile UI to hopefully make it easier to add items to your trades from your inventory using the same model as shops.
change Cleaned up some more of the marketplace UIs, specifically the buy and sell modal.
change Cleaned up the quest modal.
change It's now easier than ever to share your hard-earned levels with the rest of the community!
change Character level requirements now show up in quests if you do not have the level to do the quest.
change If you sometimes feel the need to disable all chat channels, you will now be greeted with a helpful message stating that your chat is disabled. If you are on the desktop UI, the size of chat will be further minimized to avoid distractions.
change You can now update the total count in your todos after the todo is created.
content Bone Arrowheads now drop 4 - 6 instead of 2 - 4.
content Urchin spines now drop 15 - 25 instead of 3 - 6.
content Onyx now drops 2 - 4 instead of 1 - 1.
content Creating Forest Arrows will become 42 XP, down from 50 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Tropical Arrows will become 44 XP, down from 57 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Archipelagic Arrows will become 97 XP, down from 140 XP, in 5.28.9.
5.28.7 September 18th, 2022
new The new Guild Member Permissions modal has been created to make it easier to see, at a glance, what permissions each guild member has. If you are either the guild leader or have the permission to change permissions, you will see a new button in the Guild Member tab of the guild widget.
new When looking at the item details widget for a superior item, there is now an indicator that shows the quality, along with a quick link to the Superior Items page in the manual.
new The paperdoll header will now display a small notification when your currently equipped outfit is missing an equipped item. This is especially useful when you have the auto-equip outfits perk since you can just keep your paperdoll collapsed now.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that prevented some actions from showing negative random drops when there is a random drop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from managing shop prices from your personal shop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent the incorrect resource requirements from showing up in todo lists.
change Good morning, new colored buttons. To add a little bit of flair, the main navigation buttons on the desktop UI have a touch of color once again.
change If your garden or workshop does not have any available slots, the plant button will have a different style to indicate that it is disabled.
change Cleaned up more of the job board activities (viewing and creating jobs).
change Made some fairly large changes to the outfit panel and outfit management system. The desktop and mobile UI now have feature parity when it comes to previewing your outfit before equipping.
content Empty bottles drop slightly more frequently now. The empty bottle action on Valentine Island now drops 1 - 2, and the action in Lazuli Desert now drops 2.
content Potions of Blooming II have been released. In addition, crushing salt rocks on the Torrid Isle is now level 16 Alchemy, and crushing black runes is level 19 alchemy.
info September 13th, 2022
new There is a bug that prevents you from managing your shop's prices by clicking on them (or clicking on Manage Item). As a temporary workaround, you can still click on the item prices to open up the buy / sell widget, and then use the Buy From Shop or Sell From Shop buttons.
5.28.6 September 11th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug with the todo list and it sometimes showing the incorrect filter when opening up an item storage.
bug fix Fixed a fun bug that resulted in timestamps showing as 24:xx instead of the expected value of 00:xx.
bug fix Fixed a less fun bug that resulted in items not being clickable. I am not 100% sure the cause of it, but it seemed to originate if you have an outfit that does not contain any items.
bug fix If you do not have the level for an effect, that level will now show up as red again.
bug fix There was an issue with the Inventory Tabs feature where the house filtering did not automatically toggle the most appropriate item classification (e.g. if you have 1 resource and 0 consumables and 0 equipment, it did not switch to resources). This has been fixed.
change Good night, sweet colored buttons. The buttons in the center of the screen on the desktop UI are no longer colored. If you miss the pretty colors, the next release will reintroduce a touch of color, so stay tuned!
change When creating child todos, the Todo List will now consider house contents too when making a suggestion for how many actions you need to do.
change Cleaned up most of the guild widget.
change The modal logic is in the process of being simplified. While most of the modals should all continue to behave as expected, there is a chance that not all cases have been covered. If you experience any issues with opening any modals, please make a bug post in the forums.
5.28.5 September 4th, 2022
upcoming I am going to add a level restriction to qiviut and sea silk clothing (and possibly frog skin, toad skin, and silk). For the two core item sets mentioned above, that level restriction will be character level 30 for qiviut and character level 60 for sea silk. To give folks plenty of notice, I will hold off for 2022 and implement it on or after January 1st, 2023.
new A beta version of the new inventory view is available as a setting. You can toggle this new setting from Settings > General > Inventory Tabs. Please leave your feedback in the forums!
new The item details widget for equipment now shows you how many outfits that particular item belongs to. This can be useful for cleaning up your inventory of equipment you do not normally use.
change Added a notification to the mobile menu button when you have a new message.
change If you are wearing a Headless Horseman's Hat and you are doing an action with a random drop, it will show your Random Drops.
change I have deprecated the library I used for managing time. While I believe I have covered everything, I may have missed something. If you encounter any issues, please create a bug post in the forums.
change On mobile, when you open your shop, you will now have a button that will allow you to open up your inventory. If people like this feature, I can work on extending this to houses and storages in a future release.
content Linen, Qiviut, and Sea Silk are getting a buff. If you have a full set equipped, it will now repeat the Random, Double, and/or Success effects. The original -Timer effect for the full set has been removed, but I doubt it will be missed.
5.28.4 August 29th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to add an item from your inventory into your personal shop on mobile.
5.28.3 August 28th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug with being able to click on item types in the action modal.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented some users from being able to search for items using the item search.
change As of 5.28.3, I am deprecating both legacy storages and legacy shops. Legacy storages can continue to be upgraded on 5.28.2 or earlier, but I do not plan on creating an upgrade path for your legacy shops. This is due to the fact that 5+ years after marking them as legacy, most guilds should have already expanded the new storages, and ideally have already moved their items into those new storages.
change The item search widget will now allow you to open up your personal shop without stopping your actions.
change Made some modifications to mobile support that will allow users to force the mobile UI on devices that do not automatically trigger it, while also increasing the number of mobile devices that detect it automatically.
change Item search results now show which slot(s) a piece of equipment will go into.
change The item search button will now automatically minimize when the main item search button scrolls off-screen.
change Character level requirements now shows up in the item details. In addition, skill level requirements always show up now, instead of conditionally based on your level.
change Personal shops will now have a tabbed item classification (equipment, consumables, resources) instead of having them as headers. This will allow you to jump instantly to a type of item. If you like this feature, I can consider extending it to houses, storages, and even your inventory.
change Cleaned up most of the Settings modal, with some work still remaining. In addition, moved the A (all) and T (tabbed) chat settings to Settings > Chat.
change When you navigate to your inventory while a house or storage is open on mobile, a button to return to your house will be made visible.
change The mini action display on mobile will have the same honey color when you are not on minimum timer.
change You can now sort by experience in the new Books feature.
change Item searches will persist across even after the item search modal is closed. There is a handy little clear button to clear the input to make it easy to start a new search. That same clear button has been extended to a few other input fields.
content Fish Kulambu's effect has been increased from -6 Timer for 60 Minutes to -9 Timer for 60 Minutes.
5.28.2 August 14th, 2022
new The spell-casting panel will now show how many of a spell you need, as long as you are casting a spell that matches your current skill, and you are the spell's target.
new You can now limit the number of items being upgraded. This only applies to upgrading equipment.
new The beta of the new Books feature is here! This will be a Snail Buck perk, but while it's being designed and built out, it will be free for all. The free version of the Books will include only Cadenberge Territory, while the perk will enable all remaining maps.
bug fix Fixed an issue with searching for item types in houses and storages.
bug fix Fixed an issue with buying house plots.
change Updated the item search to be a button instead of an input.
change Updated the item detail widget that pops up.
change The Mystery Box will show the duration left on the day's effect when you view its item details.
change The double drop display in combat will not show up if none of the drops are capable of doubling.
5.28.1 August 7th, 2022
new Going forward, if you want to test beta releases, they will be version specific (e.g. /v/5.28.1 instead of /next).
new Consider this phase 1 of many. Like I alluded to in the feedback forum post, I am going to go through each component with a fine-tooth comb. This is a time consuming process, so updates will come in pieces.
new The action modal now shows double drops and random drops. Success is conditioned on the action's base success rate and whether or not you can produce equipment, and random drops will trigger if there is a drop with less than a 100% chance. You can also view drops in addition to requirements.
change The player trade is now accessed via a Trade button to the right of your Copper. This was done so that now all of the navigation buttons have consistent behavior (they replace the main panel).
change The mobile UI has had a lot of minor improvements.
change The item search will now surface items with an upgrade that matches your search terms. So if you search for Icy Red for example, you will see qiviut clothing show up.
change This is mostly an FYI, but I have been replacing some of the API endpoints with new endpoints. This should be seamless to you, but wanted you to be aware of it nonetheless.
content Crab Traps need a tier 3 chisel now (they were tier 2 before).
content Northern Bows need a tier 3 chisel now (they were tier 4 before).
info July 18th, 2022
content Coriander seed drops from Spice Gardens have been increased from 2 - 4 to 4 - 8.
content Coriander seed drops from Roaming Across the Plateau have been increased from 1 - 3 to 2 - 6.
5.27.17 July 6th, 2022
new There was a bit of a booboo with the Snail Day Celebration for a few players. To remedy the problem, there is a special quest in town if you are one of the few players who ran into the issue.
new There is now a Changelog button in the manual in case you don't know about the button to the left of the clock.
new There is a new effect called "Superiors". More details can be found in Manual > Game Mechanics. This is currently a soft release of the functionality to ensure the actual mechanic works, with the new item being released soon.
bug fix Todo list actions for gardens and workshops will now respect the random drop requirement for removing items from your extension.
change Item filtering inside of houses and storages has been improved to be similar to filtering from the item search above the inventory. It does not have perfect parity, but it's closer.
content Fixed the various messages for processing strips of bark in the Deccan Territory.