Archive Changelog
5.27.14 October 24th, 2021
new Halloween is here! You can find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new When your guild levels up, you will now get a message in guild chat!
bug fix Fixed a bug with sorting actions in the beta action pages in the manual.
change You can now restart a house or storage upgrade from the action modal.
change The house and storage pages in the manual now display XP instead of Exp for better consistency in the manual.
content Searching for "level" will now only show items with the level effect.
5.27.13 September 12th, 2021
new Added a description to Manual > Game Mechanics that explains how character and guild experience is gained.
new You can now filter your guild storage logs by player, item, or storage name. In addition, the 500 log limit has been lifted.
bug fix Occasionally item quantities overlapped in 'Your Possessions' in the manual and item search modal if the quantity was large. This has been fixed.
change The resource display is now completely consistent across all places in the game. In addition, this change should make manual links much more obvious.
change Chat is now defaulted to tabbed-chat for new players.
change On the desktop UI, equipping an outfit is now two clicks instead of one. The first button is to preview the outfit and the second click is to equip it. On mobile devices, it's a single click to equip your outfit. In addition, there's some more padding between outfits to make it easier to tell which button belongs to which outfit.
change The New Manual Skills beta setting also applies to combat now.
change Improved some of the accessibility of the skill panel, and made the skills more obvious that they are links.
change Added visual indicator that headers (on the left and right panels) are clickable.
change Refactored the Effects panel on the left side of the screen (or in the Summary tab on mobile). Should be more or less equivalent to the original, but I'm mentioning it if in case something doesn't work quite right. The biggest change is that the value for the main row is now your effective value. Expanding it will show the total effect value. In other words, if your total success is 400%, the actual success displayed will be 300%.
change Adjusted which action name is used for extension action todos. In some cases, the name displayed was misleading.
change The bonus panel now allows you to use the enter key to enable bonuses, as well as use the escape key to close out the bonus panel. In addition, when closing the bonus panel on the mobile version, the inner-modal will now be closed when the bonus panel is opened back up again.
content The Empty Bottle recipe using Sycamore Logs has been removed.
content Cooked Bass went from -2 Timer for 3 Minutes (stacks) to -1 Timer for 15 Minutes.
content Cooked Trout went from -5 Timer for 3 Minutes (stacks) to -2 Timer for 15 Minutes.
5.27.12 August 23rd, 2021
new I hope you have all enjoyed this very special event! I'll be leaving the special offer up in the shop for the next day or so, so make sure to take advantage of it if you were planning on buying any Snail Bucks.
bug fix Fixed a bug in the Todo List where only a single extension action was displayed when creating a new Project (e.g. Creating a project for Violets would only show you the Frost Flower action, not both options - this has been fixed).
bug fix Fixed a bug in the Todo List where the open / travel buttons for resources would display the incorrect house filter on occasion.
info August 7th, 2021
new The Pink Snail Egg event will be starting Sunday, August 8th! This is a random drop event where you can find Pink Snail Eggs throughout the world. Make sure to max out your Random Drops at 400%, and if you're doing combat, also max out your DD at 100%. Any skill can drop the eggs. Since this is a one time only event, it will run for 2 weeks, ending on Saturday, August 21st at 23:59:59. As per tradition, because of the event, there is an extra special offer going on in the Snail Buck shop!