Archive Changelog
5.26.20 June 4th, 2019
new Your Homey 1 has created five new quests in the Archipelago!
new Character level up messages have returned at long last!
bug fix Fixed a bug where you couldn't move an item to your shop via the quick-equip modal.
bug fix The quick-equip modal now closes when clicking the upgrade button.
bug fix Clicking on Learn More in the Garden / Workshop menus will now allow you to Learn More!
info May 17th, 2019
content Moved all arrowheads to the arrowhead category for consistency. At some point I may want to allow for multiple categories (onyx being a gem and an arrowhead for example), but for now, want to keep all arrowheads together.
content Moved beads to their own category in the inventory.
5.26.19 May 8th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where the Gardens & Workshops panel will sometimes erroneously show 0 minutes remaining.
bug fix Messages now scroll as expected.
bug fix Opening the player trade no longer hides the item upgrade modal.
change Equipment that does not have superior variations (gingerbread equipment, arrows, etc.) will not show superior versions in the marketplace.
change Changed some of the registration text to better describe the role of your username.
change Whispering a player on mobile will now automatically focus the chat input.
change It should now be a little bit easier to position your cursor in the chat input at the end of the line without accidentally clicking send.
5.26.18 April 27th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would occasionally prevent the action locations in town from showing up after starting a custom quest action.
bug fix Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies now show up under 'Combat' when effect-based sorting is enabled. The same will apply to any future item that has a combat-based modification.
bug fix Success in the action modal will now take into account skill-based effects.
bug fix Adding a player to your ignore list will now block them from sending messages to you.
bug fix The item count helper text for how many to consume to reach minimum timer will now only show up when it is appropriate - i.e. it won't show up when you are trying to trade them or put them into a house.
change The job board will now remember how you last sorted the jobs.
change The item search menu will now show if the item is in a house or a guild storage when viewing the details.
change Added some flavor text to the empty item upgrade modal. In addition, the item upgrade modal will now close when navigating to any of the main screen menus (houses, marketplace, etc.).
content Combat equipment is now tagged by stats. So you can search for things such as armor or damage. Note that this does not appy to items that can be upgraded to include new combat stats (Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies for example). That will require a little bit further investigation.
info April 24th, 2019
content Some of the combat stats for obsidian weapons were too high. They have been fixed to match steel weapons.
5.26.17 April 20th, 2019
new Clicking on a travel link that is associated with an action will now be handled automatically by the server! In addition, travel links associated with an action will automatically start that action on arrival. This applies to the links in the manual, journals, random events (thunderstorms), etc..

What does all of this mean exactly? It means a few things.

1) You don't need to remember to check back after clicking on the travel links in the manual - the game will start the action for you automatically.

2) If you are playing on a mobile device, you can safely navigate away from the tab after clicking on a travel link or a journal entry. Your action will start in the background.

3) Keep in mind that if you do not have the appropriate tool equipped before you travel, you won't start your action. This is a great opportunity to give the outfit auto-equip perk a try. Not only does it make playing easier, it helps support the costs associated with providing you with a lag-free* gaming experience.

* Not to be confused with Lag the player. He comes and goes as he pleases.
new Added the ability to disable the auto-equip functionality through Settings.
new The changelog link is an actual button to make it more obvious that you can click on it.
5.26.16 April 17th, 2019
new The Easter event begins soon! Like last year, you will find easter eggs everywhere - up in trees, inside fish, in the hands of yetis, you name it! The easter eggs will begin to drop on April 18th at 00:00 game time, and then mysteriously stop dropping at exactly April 24th at 23:59:59 game time. Increasing your random drops to 400% (the maximum) and getting your timer as low as possible is the best way to get as many easter eggs as possible. The shop will remain open through the end of April.

Some of the exchange rates have been changed since last year, and there is also a new easter bunny to buy! Lastly, the counts from last year have been reset.
bug fix Fixed a small bug where the botcheck timer sometimes wouldn't update, even after getting your botcheck.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that did not take into account skill-based minimum timer effects when calculating the number of items to consume for minimum timer.
bug fix Combat stats from modifications did not show up in the holiday shop.
change Houses and guild storages are now differentiated in the 'Your Possessions' section of the manual.
info April 11th, 2019
change Some holiday item break rates changed slightly, along with a small change to how item breaks are calculated.

The following items had their break rate turn from 0.001% to 0.0015%.

Paper Crown, Festive Hat, Festive Gloves, Festive Boots, Festive Coat, Festive Pants, Festive Scarf, Headless Horseman's Hat, Bloody Mary's Mirror, Scarecrow's Scarf, Gingerbread Bracelet, Gingerbread Ring, Gingerbread Pendant, Easter Bunny, Birthday Ring, Birthday Bracer, Birthday Amulet, Lucky Charm Bracelet

In addition, superior snail deluxe pocket knives had their break rate turn from 0.0005% to 0.0015%.
5.26.15 April 10th, 2019
new The quick-equip functionality has returned! Some of you may remember the feature that I released a couple of years ago where you can equip an item directly from your paperdoll, but only when the slot is empty. Now, you can view the list of items from your inventory by clicking on the slot.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that showed a valid effect as being invalid with the new timer calculation feature released in 5.26.14. This only happens with timer foods that are skill-based (only retired foods).
bug fix Fixed minor bug that would hide the action details when starting a location action (anything from town) right after doing a quest action.
change The bonus menu will now warn you when you go above 66% XP or 200% Success that it is more expensive. In addition, the XP bonus will not allow you to spend above a certain (but still very high) threshold.
change Additional padding has been added between the items in your inventory, storages and paperdoll on mobile devices. This should help make it easier to click on the right thing.
5.26.14 April 7th, 2019
new Combat is now a part of the Auto-Equip Outfits functionality. If you haven't tried it yet, now is a great time to see what you're missing!
new Timer foods that stack in effect now give a small hint in the item detail popup about how many you should eat to get minimum timer. If people like this, I can work on expanding the functionality to other types of effects, such as success or double drops.
new Mobile devices now have an unread message indicator in both the top panel as well as in the navigation modal that pops up.
change The clock in the top right is now represented by a 24 hour clock to match all other time-based representations in the game.
change Bottles of Rum now show the Hunt Secluded Game combat zone in the manual.
change Combat now requires that you have a class, which means you will not be able to fight until you equip armor. In addition, you must have a bow and arrow equipped while you're a ranger - you cannot use one without the other.
change Weapons now show their true swing speed in the item details (and other places that show stats).
content Weapons have been updated to go into the appropriate slots! This means that you must be wearing the appropriate armor to equip certain weapons - e.g. if you're wearing leather armor, you can only equip bows and arrows. This update has been focused around rangers and not so much sorcerers, so it is recommended that you avoid fighting with cloth armor and staves until they are ready! There will be another post when they are released.
content Now that weapons no longer occupy the left and right hand slots, you are now free to use mana regeneration items and other equipment that goes in those slots without negatively impacting combat.
content The carpentry level to create several tools has been adjusted, and in some cases includes their experience.
content You can now craft arrows for use by rangers. Visit NEW Manual > Items > Weapons > Arrows for a list of the new arrows.
content Creating wooden buckets in the Drifting Isles will now drop 1 - 3 instead of 1 - 1.
info April 5th, 2019
upcoming There are some changes to combat that are coming up. When combat classes are released, weapons will be updated to go into their respective slots. When this happens, if you have a weapon that is incompatible with the armor you are wearing (dagger + leather, bow + chainmail, etc.), your weapon will not deal any damage with that piece of armor!
upcoming The level to create some tools through Carpentry will be changing. I'm not going to go through all of the changes, but it mostly just affects making dolomite and diorite tools. Most levels only deviate by 1, but some of them deviate more (like Dolomite Hammers going from level 42 to 49). This will take place some time in the next week most likely.
content Fixed Crawfish Boil so that it shows up in the inventory.
5.26.13 April 1st, 2019
new Are you curious what kind of Revenge Homey might seek if he could? See if you have what it takes to complete his most epic quest yet! This quest is available for one day only, and it comes with 3 promises - 1) YOU meet the requirements to complete this quest, 2) ALL materials are provided for production skill tasks, and 3) This quest contains the highest xp per mana action in the game.
new In addition, Homey has given us three new quests that take place in the Archipelago!
bug fix Fixed a minor bug around creating combat outfits.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that resulted in some quests not showing up in the right places.
change The NEW Manual > Quests page will now sort finished quests after unfinished quests and omit the sub-quest text when the entire quest is completed to make it easier to find unfinished quests.
change Random Events now show up on top of their respective skill pages.
change The special offer in the Snail Buck shop will be ending soon.
5.26.12 March 25th, 2019
new Added the Items > Armor and Items > Weapons pages to the NEW Manual! Links to those pages can also be found in the Skills > Combat page at the top. This should help reduce some confusion when first starting out, but there will be more comprehensive pages coming out once the combat classes are released.
5.26.11 March 24th, 2019
new Auto-Equip Outfits have returned! With the new specialist outfits, using the auto-equip outfit functionality is much improved since the original implementation. If you use your own custom outfits or outfit overlays, this feature is not for you. But if you do use the convenient skill-based outfits, with this feature, whenever you start an action that has a matching outfit (e.g. Casting spells when you have a Magic - Spell-Casting outfit), it will equip that outfit. I'm sure there is room for improvement with this particular feature, so please leave feedback in the forums if you try it out!
change Made some minor adjustments to the way encumbrance is calculated while traveling.
change Made some very slight performance improvements.
5.26.10 March 23rd, 2019
change NPC prices have been auto-generated for all items that are naturally obtainable in the game. This includes modified and superior equipment. As with any balancing like this, there are going to be a few prices that have changed. Most of the existing prices are pretty close, so I am not going to call out any prices in particular. The formula for upgraded items is 2x the price and the formula for superior remains the same at 5x the price, making modified superior equipment 10x the price. In addition, the NPC shop will sell its goods at 1.5x the price at which it purchased them, which is a little bit lower than it was.

The NPC shops will buy an infinite amount of anything, but will only sell an unlimited amount of tier 1 tools / armor / weapons, or whatever was sold to the NPC. If I missed something that falls into that category, please let me know and I will consider making it have an infinite supply.

I would like to mention that the process of populating these prices is a manual one, so if you notice that anything that is naturally obtainable in the game is without a price, please let me know so I can run the script.
change Mobile devices now use numeric inputs for several relevant inputs (e.g. consuming foods, casting spells, using bonuses, setting sale prices, etc.).
5.26.9 March 17th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that would prevent holiday shop counts from updating after purchasing an item with a limit.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that prevented chat tabs from losing their notification when a forum post is what caused the notification to happen.