Archive Changelog
5.28.20 December 4th, 2022
new The Winter Garden event has begun! See 5.28.19 for more information.
new The Todo List now supports child todos from effects. An example of this would be making Maple Smoked Cuttlefish. You can now click on Sip of Lavender Liqueur to create a child todo to produce the liqueur. As an added bonus, you can now click on the effects from the manual too.
bug fix The bugfix that was applied to clicking on inventory items on mobile devices was also applied to personal shops too. This should prevent the issue where clicking on an item will sometimes be interpreted as clicking on buttons from within the item detail modal.
change The 'Scroll to Bottom' button that everybody loves has changed slightly to better accommodate small screen resolutions.
content Increased the drop rate and drop quantity of Naga Scales.
5.28.19 November 27th, 2022
new For the month of December, you can now craft Figgy Pudding! Build a Winter Garden in most towns (Abandoned Villege and Arctic Expanse excluded) and grow winter crops. The event starts on December 1st and will run through the end of the year.

While planting the winter crops will only be available during December, the winter garden's processing actions will remain open after December. The exact time when the extension will no longer appear is TBD, but will likely be accessible through the end of January.
new The Books will now display how many of the item is in stock. In the case of actions where there are multiple primary drops, it will not display a stock count.
new There is now a button that shows up in chat when you are not scrolled all the way to the bottom. In addition, it should fix a long standing issue where you will occasionally get booted back to the bottom if you scroll up too slowly.
change Cleaned up the UI when creating new gardens and workshops.
content The original Figgy Pudding has been renamed to Stale Figgy Pudding.
content Gingerbread Seeds have been deleted.
content Bottles of Peach Brandy now have 3 uses when used in recipes.
content Just a reminder that qiviut will be getting a level restriction of character level 30 and sea silk will be getting a level restriction of character level 60 on or after January 1st, 2023.
5.28.18 November 19th, 2022
new The Thanksgiving Event has returned! You can find Turkey Coins throughout the world starting November 20th, and they will continue to drop through November 27th, 23:59:59. You can find them by doing any action or combat in the game. Remember to max out your Random Drops. If doing combat, also remember to max out your Double Drops. You can learn more about these effects by reading about them in Manual > Game Mechanics.

In addition, be sure to check out the new special offer in the Snail Buck shop!
bug fix Fixed a bug that could result in chat notifications not appearing when using tabbed chat.
change Cleaned up some of the link generation logic for internal links.
change Cleaned up the guild storage logs.
5.28.17 November 13th, 2022
new Similar to the new buttons that auto-consume the correct amount of items, some duration-stacking effects are now clickable too. For this iteration, it ignores existing effects, and gives you a one-click option for consuming the right amount for the length of your botcheck. This may change based on feedback.
bug fix Fixed a minor styling issue with the effect panel. In addition, condensed the effect sources so that they take up less vertical space since you cannot interact with them.
change The chat channel selectors and inputs have been changed.

For the tabbed chat, the channel name to the left of the input has been removed. When rewhispering others, it automatically changes into a regular whisper.

The chat size input button has been moved into Settings > Chat.

Note - on some mobile devices, when not using the tabbed chat, selecting a new channel may be challenging. This has been fixed in 5.28.18, but you can also temporarily enable tabbed chat from Settings > Chat if you do encounter this problem.
5.28.16 November 6th, 2022
new Now that nearly all components have been cleaned up, I am giving themes a whirl. For now there is just a single new theme that you can try out, but if people like the ability to use new themes, I can build a section that allows you to select one of several themes. For now, you can access the new theme from Settings > General > Cosmetic Settings > Custom Theme.

Note that some parts of the theme may be incomplete. The only known thing within the game itself that does not conform to the theme's palette is the botcheck and likely parts of the manual. If you spot anything else, please let me know!
bug fix Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in accidentally consuming an item while on mobile devices. This also prevents accidentally focusing on an input field in the item details panel too.
change Fixed a minor issue that sometimes resulted in the paperdoll where items with longer names had a weird display.
change Furnace slot expansion has been increased slightly. Depending on the level of your furnace, you should expect to see an increase in slots, which will decrease the time it takes for your furnace to level.
5.28.15 October 30th, 2022
new When casting spells, you can now click on the "Cast x spells" message to automatically start casting that amount of spells, instead of having to type in the count of spells.
new Similar to casting spells, you can now click on the count of items you need to get to the maximum effect value, instead of having to enter the value in the input field.
change The ordering of effects has been adjusted to make room for new effects that will be coming in the future.
change Cleaned up the holiday shop UI.
5.28.14 October 23rd, 2022
new Halloween is nearly here! You will be able to find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will start dropping on October 24th and stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new In celebration of Halloween, be sure to check out the special offer in in the Snail Buck shop!
change If you have a wait time during combat, that will now be displayed in your previous battles.
change You will now get a message when your battle takes longer than the maximum battle time.
change The Settings > General list has been updated to separate the purely cosmetic settings from other settings that modify the behavior of the game in some way. They now show up under Cosmetic Settings underneath the User Interface settings.
change The player summary has returned to a somewhat more dense table, with a similar density and style to other tables in the game. It responds to the Dense Tables setting as well.
change There is a new setting that allows you to make the item search button always minimized by default. This will save vertical space in the right panel. You can find this under the Cosmetic Settings.
change The New Manual Skills setting has been retired, with the behavior enabled by that setting becoming the default behavior.
5.28.13 October 16th, 2022
new Added a setting that allows you to make some tables more dense. These tables include the skill, effect, paperdoll, and inventory tables.
bug fix On mobile devices and when the item hover setting is disabled, it was not possible to click on an item to bring up the item details. This has been fixed.
change The todo list now considers drop rates when attempting to calculate the resources required. In the case of a drop that is less than 20%, it will display a + after the resource quantities to illustrate that more than that amount is required.
change Various effect and player endpoints have been updated. This is just a PSA in case you see any odd behavior with your player data (copper, snail bucks, etc.) or effects (namely temporary effects from spells, food, etc.).
change Outfits now automatically sort by their name, followed by their specialization (thunderstorms, picking from gardens, etc.).
change The inventory categories now just show the total weight of items in that category, and removed the setting that enabled that feature. October 12th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented child todos from being created under certain circumstances.
5.28.12 October 9th, 2022
new Starting in 5.28.12, hotfix patches outside of the normal release schedule will be done with an additional attribute in the version. For example, the first hotfix patch in 5.28.12 would be
new In addition to cleaning up the marketplace logs, you can now also download a csv of your shop logs.
new A persistent notification has been added to the Trade button in the Player Summary when you have a pending trade. Fulfilled trades and received trades will both trigger the notification.
bug fix Fixed a bug that resulted in the summary panel opening up scrolled to the bottom instead of the top if your books were open.
change Updated the message modal. One important change is that the "archive" button actually behaved more like a "delete", so the button name has been updated accordingly.
change The manage item modal for setting buy prices, sell prices, and max stock has been updated to use a single button to update all values at once. That button will also revert back to a disabled state when your changes have been made.
change Closing out of the trade panel will not clear our your current trade, so you will be able to close it, access houses, chat, etc., and then go back to your trade to complete it.
change Your personal shop will now remember where you were scrolled to after you manage an item's prices.
5.28.11 October 2nd, 2022
bug fix On mobile devices, when you are in a shop, house, or storage, navigating to the Items tab resulted in the summary at the bottom erroring out. That has been fixed.
5.28.10 October 2nd, 2022
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that caused way too many decimal places in the new random drop display for certain actions.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the new Create Todo button in the Books. You can now create a todo that will actually count your actions!
5.28.9 October 2nd, 2022
new The Inventory Tabs beta feature will become the only available view of the inventory in 5.28.11. Please give it a try from Settings > Inventory Tabs if you want to provide feedback before the official release!
new If you are planting in your garden, you will now see your -Grow Timer effect in the action modal.
new If you have the Enhanced Gardens & Workshops perk, you will now get a small notification in the header when you have a garden or workshop that is ready. That notification will go away when you either clear the entire garden or workshop, or you add more things (e.g. adding a new barrel, plant something new, etc.).
new The Books now include a button that will jump straight to making a new todo.
bug fix Fixed a bug that was introduced in 5.28.8 that made the garden and workshop pages show all drops as random drops.
change There have been a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to how things are styled. Those changes should be invisible to you, but if you see something that doesn't look quite right, please let me know about it in the forums.
change When creating child todos inside of a project todo with a house associated with it, the child todos will now display the count of resources that are inside that house.
change When you add or remove items from your houses and storages, the capacity displayed in the summary view will automatically update.
change Improved the Books panel so that opening the panel will automatically scroll the books into view if they would otherwise be hidden.
change The random drop display in the action modal will now stop turning yellow when you reach the minimum amount of random drops to get 100% drop rate. A good example of this is Quartz Sand. Quartz Sand's Random Drops display will turn grey once your random drops meets or exceeds 100% since quartz sand has a 50% drop rate. When this is the case, the random drops required will also be displayed.
5.28.8 September 25th, 2022
new It's fall again! You'll know what that means soon enough, if you don't already.
new Your outfit list will now show you the count of items that are a part of that outfit, along with how many of those items you have on your person.
new Added a setting that allows you to hide scrollbars.
bug fix Fixed a bug where the marketplace was not showing combat stats associated with modifications (e.g. Ill-Tempered Easter Bunnies).
change Redesigned the player trade experience. As part of that, some improvements have been made to the mobile UI to hopefully make it easier to add items to your trades from your inventory using the same model as shops.
change Cleaned up some more of the marketplace UIs, specifically the buy and sell modal.
change Cleaned up the quest modal.
change It's now easier than ever to share your hard-earned levels with the rest of the community!
change Character level requirements now show up in quests if you do not have the level to do the quest.
change If you sometimes feel the need to disable all chat channels, you will now be greeted with a helpful message stating that your chat is disabled. If you are on the desktop UI, the size of chat will be further minimized to avoid distractions.
change You can now update the total count in your todos after the todo is created.
content Bone Arrowheads now drop 4 - 6 instead of 2 - 4.
content Urchin spines now drop 15 - 25 instead of 3 - 6.
content Onyx now drops 2 - 4 instead of 1 - 1.
content Creating Forest Arrows will become 42 XP, down from 50 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Tropical Arrows will become 44 XP, down from 57 XP, in 5.28.9.
content Creating Archipelagic Arrows will become 97 XP, down from 140 XP, in 5.28.9.
5.28.7 September 18th, 2022
new The new Guild Member Permissions modal has been created to make it easier to see, at a glance, what permissions each guild member has. If you are either the guild leader or have the permission to change permissions, you will see a new button in the Guild Member tab of the guild widget.
new When looking at the item details widget for a superior item, there is now an indicator that shows the quality, along with a quick link to the Superior Items page in the manual.
new The paperdoll header will now display a small notification when your currently equipped outfit is missing an equipped item. This is especially useful when you have the auto-equip outfits perk since you can just keep your paperdoll collapsed now.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that prevented some actions from showing negative random drops when there is a random drop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from managing shop prices from your personal shop.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent the incorrect resource requirements from showing up in todo lists.
change Good morning, new colored buttons. To add a little bit of flair, the main navigation buttons on the desktop UI have a touch of color once again.
change If your garden or workshop does not have any available slots, the plant button will have a different style to indicate that it is disabled.
change Cleaned up more of the job board activities (viewing and creating jobs).
change Made some fairly large changes to the outfit panel and outfit management system. The desktop and mobile UI now have feature parity when it comes to previewing your outfit before equipping.
content Empty bottles drop slightly more frequently now. The empty bottle action on Valentine Island now drops 1 - 2, and the action in Lazuli Desert now drops 2.
content Potions of Blooming II have been released. In addition, crushing salt rocks on the Torrid Isle is now level 16 Alchemy, and crushing black runes is level 19 alchemy.
info September 13th, 2022
new There is a bug that prevents you from managing your shop's prices by clicking on them (or clicking on Manage Item). As a temporary workaround, you can still click on the item prices to open up the buy / sell widget, and then use the Buy From Shop or Sell From Shop buttons.
5.28.6 September 11th, 2022
bug fix Fixed a bug with the todo list and it sometimes showing the incorrect filter when opening up an item storage.
bug fix Fixed a fun bug that resulted in timestamps showing as 24:xx instead of the expected value of 00:xx.
bug fix Fixed a less fun bug that resulted in items not being clickable. I am not 100% sure the cause of it, but it seemed to originate if you have an outfit that does not contain any items.
bug fix If you do not have the level for an effect, that level will now show up as red again.
bug fix There was an issue with the Inventory Tabs feature where the house filtering did not automatically toggle the most appropriate item classification (e.g. if you have 1 resource and 0 consumables and 0 equipment, it did not switch to resources). This has been fixed.
change Good night, sweet colored buttons. The buttons in the center of the screen on the desktop UI are no longer colored. If you miss the pretty colors, the next release will reintroduce a touch of color, so stay tuned!
change When creating child todos, the Todo List will now consider house contents too when making a suggestion for how many actions you need to do.
change Cleaned up most of the guild widget.
change The modal logic is in the process of being simplified. While most of the modals should all continue to behave as expected, there is a chance that not all cases have been covered. If you experience any issues with opening any modals, please make a bug post in the forums.