Archive Changelog
5.27.11 March 6th, 2021
upcoming This is an unreleased version. Navigate to to try it out today before it is officially released!
new If you continuously forget which actions you are working on (like I do), then this latest feature is perfect for you. Introducing the Todo List! The Todo List is similar to the Job Board, except it's for your own personal tasks. You do not put resources up upfront, but rather you can keep track of particular tasks you want to do. You can find the new Todo List under the Effects panel on the left (or under the Summary tab on mobile devices).

Some of the features include -

- Minimum Success - You can set a minimum success rate for a given action. This has been requested in the past and now it is a reality! If there is a particular action you don't want to fail, this is the best way to do it.

- Creating New Todos - You can click on a resource in a todo to show a mini-manual view that includes how to acquire the resource and if you have any in storage. If you click on an action under the Acquired From header in the mini-manual, that will allow you to create a new todo.

- Item Types - The mini-manual view for item types goes a step further than the existing manual and displays all actions that will drop that item, as well as shows all items in your storages that have that type.

While development is actively being done on the Todo List, this feature will be free to use and test out. Feedback for the Todo List is being collected in this forum post, so feel free to contribute to the conversation! Once the feature is more mature, it will become a Snail Buck Perk. Exact costs are TBD, but I am open to feedback. With that said, despite what I said in a previous changelog, I will probably leave the Open / Travel buttons free to use without making it a perk.

Last, but not least, I am trying to learn what works best for this type of todo list so that it can also be applied to the Guild Job Board. So any feedback would help influence that as well. What do you see working well? What is missing that would make it viable for a guild job board?
content Potion of Insight now requires 6 Dwarf Fireweed and 2 Oysterleaf, down from 9 Dwarf Fireweed and 3 Oysterleaf.
content Arctic Brew now requires 2 Dwarf Fireweed and 6 Oysterleaf, down from 3 Dwarf Fireweed and 9 Oysterleaf.
5.27.10 February 20th, 2021
new With the release of the new Tier 2 booze actions, it has become apparent that it would be good to be able to create auto-equip outfits that will be separate from the main skill outfits since their requirements will vary quite substantially from their usual actions. For now, this can be enabled via the BETA Booze Outfits setting, found in Settings. This setting will be removed in the future and this will be the default behavior.
bug fix Fixed an issue that would occasionally show the incorrect thing when reconnecting after clicking on one of the travel links (i.e. the travel button to catch lightning, the new open / travel buttons / travel via the manual, etc.). Upon reconnecting, the game would erroneously show the incorrect thing while still continuing to work in the background. This should no longer happen after this update.
change Removed the Opaque Modal Background setting and set the modal background to the value as if the setting was enabled.
change Added a button in the forum that lets you instantly go to the bottom of a topic.
change Instead of the anxiety-inducing NEW that shows up when on the /next release, it will now show a pleasant NEXT instead.
change The manual will display a * next to drops that are not subject to double drops, along with a brief explanation of the new symbol at the top of the page.
content Empty Bottles on the Drifting Isles have received a small update. Instead of requiring Sycamore Logs, they will require Olive Logs. Taking into consideration the fact some players have already stockpiled logs to make the bottles with Sycamore Logs, the original action will still remain. At some point in the future, the old action will be removed.

Old Req. New Req. Old XP New XP
1 Quartz Sand
1 Sycamore Log
1 Quartz Sand
1 Olive Log
45 32

In addition, quartz sand's drop rate has been increased from 1 - 1 per action to 1 - 2 per action. Because of this change, Quartz Arrowheads will now grant 49 XP per action, down from 59 XP per action.
5.27.9 February 13th, 2021
new Have you been wondering what to use your tier 2 booze for? If the answer to that question is a resounding "YES!", then wonder no longer. Homey has done an incredible job designing and implementing the tier 2 booze actions. No spoilers here I'm afraid, you'll just have to discover this new land for yourself. A refresh may be necessary if the new map does not show up underneath the Archipelago.
new Do you frequently use the item search? Are you tired of having to manually travel to the right location, then go to Buildings > [ Houses | Guild ], click on the relevant house / storage and search AGAIN for the same item you literally just searched for? Well you are in luck! Introducing the Fast Open and Travel button! Search for your favorite item, click Travel or Open and let the game do the rest of the work for you.

Note that as of this writing, if you are traveling to a new map, you will navigate to the exact location of that house or storage, it will not stop when you arrive at a closer location. I may change this in the future, but the implementation of that was somewhat more complex, so I didn't want to delay the release of this to try to solve that problem.

Since this is a pure convenience feature, I may consider making this a Snail Buck perk. But for now it's free for all to use. If I make it a perk, I will build in traveling ring support and will consider other enhancements. Feedback as always is welcome!
new The manual skill pages are beginning to get a bit crowded. I have been meaning to try to make using them a little bit better, so I am starting to work on a beta view for them. To try out the beta, go to Settings and enable the BETA New Manual Skills setting towards the bottom. The assumption is that you are most likely going to just work on a given a map for a while, so for starters, it will hide all of the maps except for Cadenberge Territory. You can hide / show any map that you'd like after that initial view. It shows the level range associated with that group too. Feedback and feature requests are encouraged!
bug fix Fixed a bug around the new item count calculations and using skill-based effects.
bug fix There was a bug with superior Volundr Wings that actually resulted in timers not being properly set when traveling over water. This bug has been fixed, which means your timers will now be calculated correctly. This may result in higher travel timers across water if you normally wear superior Volundr Wings.
change The ordering for houses in the job board and in the manual has been fixed so that the proper progression is shown.
content In addition to the new content, there are new quests available as well, also written by Homey!
content Smoked Carp's effects have been increased from +2% Double Drops and +8% Random Drops to +3% Double Drops and +12% Random Drops.
5.27.8 February 7th, 2021
new The helpful little message in the item detail modal that shows how much of a particular item to consume has been extended to also include random drops and success! Now you will be able to see how many items you need to consume to get maximum random drops and 100% success. The success message is only a warning because you may want to exceed 100% success, but this will help ensure that you do not fail your current actions.
bug fix Fixed minor UI issue with the personal shop upgrade showing an enabled button when you do not in fact have enough copper to purchase the upgrade.
change Because of all of the new items available in the game, the maximum personal shop capacity has been increased from 200,000 stones to 300,000 stones. There are now options for increasing your shop by 50,000 stones with copper and 50,000 stones with Snail Bucks.
change The modal that pops up after using bonus points will now automatically close when the parent modal is closed. In addition, using bonus points will prevent accidentally double clicking when network connection is slow.
change Similar to the update to Account Bound items, items without a break rate will no longer show a red 1 next to them when they are equipped.
change Combat experience shows up in the battle modal while you are fighting.
content The plural of Obsidian and Glacial Gladii has been fixed.
content Frogskin, Toadskin and Silk clothing is now under Equipment > Special if the effect-based equipment sorting is not enabled.
content The weight of a couple of items has increased. Maple Syrup increased from 35 pebbles to 1.35 stones and Vials of Ink increased from 30 pebbles to 1.15 stones.
5.27.7 January 27th, 2021
notice The birthday quest no longer shows up in town, but you can still click on your journal to turn in your quest.
new Clicking on a resource from the action modal will now open up the manual page for that item.
change The action modal should now be more mobile friendly.
content Kite has been renamed to Stingray Kite. In addition, the Newt Skin Kite has been released!
content Wanderlust was accidentally set to level 50 in August 2019. It has been reverted back to level 44.
5.27.6 January 17th, 2021
new The Mystery Box has been fully implemented! If you enjoy the effect of the Mystery Box, be sure to thank Homey for the idea.
new The same logic that shows number of items to consume for minimum timer has been applied to double drops too.
change Using bonus points to enable an effect will now show up in chat too.
change Account Bound items no longer show a red 1 next to them when they are equipped.
5.27.5 January 12th, 2021
new Amar's 12th Birthday event starts on January 16th! You can start the quest early right from town so that you automatically start collecting actions as soon as the clock strikes midnight! Your actions will stop counting after January 22nd at 23:59:59. In addition, as per tradition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop, ending when the event ends.
new The Manual > Effects page has been updated to include combat stats as well.
bug fix Fixed a display bug with some item sets.
change Improved the manual effect pages to be more mobile friendly.
change The large list of tools that have certain effects in the manual have been consolidated to be more compact.
5.27.4 January 9th, 2021
new A high score for house capacity has been released!
bug fix Fixed a bug with different item sets with the same name.
bug fix Fixed typo with War Elephant item detail description.
change Increased padding between spells in the spellcasting modal.
content The break rate for the Ugly Sweater has been lowered.
content The Rosewood Barrel experience was increased from 254 to 286.
5.27.3 December 30th, 2020
change The item pages in the manual now show the item's category to make it easier to find.
change The functionality to support the Ugly Sweater effects has been implemented.
content The Ugly Sweater has its new effects. Similar to the Ornate Snail Bracelet, the sweater grows with you, except it is based off of your character level instead of your magic level.
info December 22nd, 2020
change Brrrr! Winter botchecks have returned!
change The garden and workshop high scores now support guild sorting.
5.27.2 December 19th, 2020
new It might not be a Gingerbread Garden (returning winter of 2021), but the Jolly Coins have returned! They will begin to drop on December 20th, and will stop dropping January 1st at 23:59:59. Turn in your Jolly Coins to the Jolly Shop, located in all towns.
new The Ugly Sweater's full effects are not yet implemented. Their effect will be released before the shop closes.
new The last sale of the year for Snail Bucks is here! Everybody's favorite deal is here - extra Snail Bucks! Get them while they last, offer will end when the event ends.
content The Immortal Tower has arrived in the Drifting Isles! You will be able to fight in the normal Immortal Tower Courtyard zone at level 95, and the dungeon at level 105. There are three new legendary weapons available.
content The Distillery preparation action names on the Deccan Territory have been adjusted to line up better with the existing actions.
content Guard Insignas are now listed under the Magic category.
content Alluring Robes have arrived! They are the fifth tier sorcerer armor. Like the other robes, stat-wise they are not quite ready for prime time, so use at your own risk.
content Demonic Cloth experience has been reduced from 484 to 387.
content Silk Cocoons now drop when chopping Papaya Logs and Rosewood Logs.
content Deccan Territory travel messages are now in the present tense.
content Adamantine and Diorite tools now have upgrades.
content Drifting Isle combat equipment now has upgrades.
content The Enchanted modification strength on the Deccan Territory has been increased.
content When harvesting cilantro, the drop rate of coriander seeds has been increased from 1 - 3 to 2 - 4.
info December 19th, 2020
bug fix You can now put Deccan Territory house upgrades on the job board.
info December 10th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a bug with upgrading some of the new equipment.
5.27.1 December 8th, 2020
bug fix Fixed a minor display bug with level-based effects (specifically ornate snail bracelets).
bug fix Fixed a minor display bug in the manual where combat stats did not show up when the item does not have an effect. Also fixed the header for effects to show up as Stats & Effects if either stats and / or effects exist for an item.
change The action modal will now hide the description on mobile devices when you are actively working on an action.