Archive Changelog
5.23.12 January 15th, 2019
new The 10th birthday event is beginning tomorrow! The quest itself is available in town for you to pick up, but it will not start counting actions until January 16th rolls around.

The event officially starts January 16th at 00:00:00 and ends January 22nd at 23:59:59, but you can start the event early so that you are ready when the clock strikes midnight. Note that each action and each battle will count as one action. Old combat does not count towards the event. Finally, double drops in both actions and combat will count as two actions.
new Added Damage Boost and Armor Boost stats, which basically increases the respective stats of other equipped items. This is a brand new stat, so when combat is re-balanced, the actual values on the event items may change. Also, it is worth mentioning that they only work in the new combat, old combat does not benefit.
change Updated some front-end functionality to support the birthday event.
change Made the item detail popup slightly less sensitive to scrolling when using a touch screen device.
content The Birthday Pony from last year was renamed to Retired Birthday Pony. This year's Birthday Pony is unbreakable but Account Bound. Account Bound items cannot be traded between players. This is the first time this functionality is being used, so if you find a way to trade account bound items, please let me know. Any items found getting around the loop hole without being reported to me, Grumpy, will be removed from the game without any compensation.
5.23.11 January 13th, 2019
new Combat drops now show up in the manual on the item pages. Should be sufficient to show you where, at what level, and which mob drops the item you are looking at. A future update will bring similar details to the combat page itself.
change Updated some quest functionality in preparation for the birthday event.
change The action service now uses the same performance improvements as the combat service! This basically means any version prior to 5.23.1 will not behave as expected, so be sure to make sure you're using the latest version!
content The legendary weapons have been re-calibrated to more closely align with the weapons they are replacing. Spectral will mimic steel, Pearlescent will mimic elinvar and Glacial will mimic alluvium. The pyre dungeon weapons will mimic Adamantine when they are released. Their accuracy will stay the same as it was however.
5.23.10 January 13th, 2019
new Personal shops now have a visual indicator that shows if the prices at which you are buying or selling are ideal. For example, if your shop is selling Oak Logs for 6 copper each, but the best price on the market is 5 copper each, it will show a red next to the price.
new Some items are best described with a few words, such as Witch's Broomsticks. Now, little descriptions can be added to such items to describe what they do. This mostly applies to travel items like the Witch's Broomstick, Volundr Wings and Wedding Ring, as well as the Birthday Hat and Scarecrow's Scarf.
change Witch's Broomsticks, Volundr Wings and Wedding Rings now show up under the Traveling category when using effect-based sorting.
change The changelog will now show the last 3 months of updates. If you want to see older ones, just visit the Archive.
content Updated the stats on the legendary weapons, most notably the new Glacial legendary weapons.
info January 12th, 2019
new The Frozen Dungeon has arrived! Combat Prototype Release Notes
content The experience for Woven Seaweed Cloth has been fixed.
5.23.9 January 11th, 2019
new Don't … but Your Homey 1 has created the :panic: emote!
bug fix You should now be able to more easily scroll your paperdoll / inventory on mobile without accidentally opening up the item detail modal.
bug fix Fixed minor bug where occasionally the action count would hang around if you cancel out of casting spells. Please let me know if you continue to see this.
bug fix Fixed a super rare edge case where leveling up on the last slot when adding to a garden or workshop would stop your action instead of continuing.
bug fix If you accidentally start planting something that is already growing in your garden, it will now update the existing entry instead of creating a new row. The same applies to workshops as well.
bug fix Fixed an issue where you would sometimes get sent to the town menu when getting a botcheck and you've been idle for a while.
change Fixed the redundant scroll bars in the combat modal on some browsers. Should mostly impact Firefox and Mobile Safari. The changes have been tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge as well, so please let me know if you see any type of regression.
change Updated the disconnect modal logic so that there is a longer delay before popping up. It should help in the cases where there is only a momentary network hiccup that doesn't otherwise affect your client.
info January 9th, 2019
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with quests and item removal events.
change Changed some back-end service architecture to hopefully reduce the chances of another outage we had yesterday. Let me know if you see any issues doing anything.
content Updated the original 'Ancient' items to be grouped as 'Forgotten' > Subcategory. Should help fix some of them and also group them together to make it easier to work with them in your inventory.
content Added the new legendary weapons to the Legendary Forge in Frusen Mountains, and updated the new seaweed tailoring actions so that they now show up in Insular Village.
5.23.8 January 8th, 2019
upcoming Reminder that the gingerbread gardens will be going away soon! On or after January 16th, they will be removed, so be sure to process all of your gingerbread dough.
new Some new quest code has been released to support the new birthday quest that will be starting soon! January 16th at 00:00:00, the birthday event will begin and will run through January 23rd at 23:59:59. More information will be released soon.
change Updated the recommended level for the Graveyard Dungeon to level 25 Combat since this is the first possible level at which you can get to the boss. This is only a visual change.
content The Merfolk Dungeon has arrived to new combat! Combat Prototype Release Notes can refresh your memory about how dungeons work. You can find the merfolk dungeon in Silver Lagoon.
content Woven Seaweed Robes have also arrived! They are the second tier sorcerer armor. Use at your own risk for now - the full set of sorcerer abilities have yet to be implemented, so the robes will make it more difficult to survive in dungeons.
content Made several micro adjustments to some tailoring and cooking experience, as well as adjusted some of the drop rates for combat. Most notably, Shrimp Gumbo has dropped from 184 to 170, but Ostrich Omelettes have increased from 62 to 106. On the tailoring side of things, Spectral Robes have dropped from 80 to 69, but the Spectral Cloth has increased from 80 to 135.
5.23.7 January 5th, 2019
new Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Gardens & Workshops panel is now behind a subscription. However, we are going to try something new this time around. You can either use it via subscription for 10 Snail Bucks per month, or you can enable it forever for 100 Snail Bucks.
change Extended Botchecks have been updated to use the new subscription system. Should be mostly a transparent change, but extending botchecks from versions 5.23.6 and lower is no longer supported.
change Updated the NEW Manual combat page to link to the combat release notes until more information is added.
change Retired items now show a banner at the top of their page in the NEW Manual, indicating that they are retired.
change The Enhanced Job Board subscription feature's price has been updated. You can now purchase it for 10 Snail Bucks for a month, or 100 Snail Bucks forever.
5.23.6 January 4th, 2019
new The effect pages in the manual now show item upgrades!
new Expanded the diminishing returns logic a bit in both the effect panel and in the item detail widget in an attempt to make it more clear what is happening with your effects.

The effect panel will now show you the total value of your effects, and if diminshing returns is affecting them, it will also show your effective effect. So if your total success is 400%, it will show you both your total success, as well as your Effective Success at 300%.

When you are consuming items, if diminshing returns will impact your final effect, it will show you what your total effect will be after consuming the item, which includes other active effects.
bug fix Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to do an early botcheck from the combat modal on mobile devices.
5.23.5 January 3rd, 2019
upcoming The Gingerbread Gardens will be removed on or after January 16th. Be sure to process all of your Gingerbread ingredients before then!
new Some new changes have been made available for combat! Read all about the changes on the Combat Changelog page.
bug fix The guild storage page should no longer take focus away from other input fields.
bug fix Sometimes the item upgrade and spell casting modal will not disappear when you switch to a different activity. This has been corrected.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug where PayPal will occasionally cause the Snail Buck modal to error out.
change You can now use instant travel equipment from your inventory again, but it is from a button in the detail popup, and no longer has a confirmation screen.
change Sal spent endless seconds changing the :no: emote. You can now use :no: and :yesno: , which was the original.
content Some cooking experience and combat drop rates were adjusted slightly based on some revised calculations. The two biggest changes were Alligator Jambalaya going from 107 XP to 88 XP, and Alligator Skewers going from 168 XP to 137 XP.
info January 1st, 2019
content Added the Coconut Barrel, Larch Barrel, Cypress Barrel and Mulberry Barrel in preparation for some of the new booze content. Some existing booze will be changed to use the new barrels, so I am releasing these early so that people can start preparing.
5.23.4 December 29th, 2018
new Are you tired of trying to find your traveling rings? You now use traveling rings directly from the travel panel! You no longer use traveling rings from the inventory.

In addition, traveling rings now show up under Consumables, under the Traveling category.
info December 28th, 2018
content A new recipe and some updated effects on the Drifting Isles.

Consumable New Effect Old Effect
Ostrich Omelette +50% Random Drops
… for 3 mins (stacks)
-5 Timer (Day)
… for 30 mins
Moonfish Salad -5 Timer
… for 60 mins
-5 Timer (Night)
… for 30 mins
Fishcakes -3 Timer (Drifting Isles)
… for 60 mins
-4 Timer (Drifting Isles)
… for 30 mins
Spinach Pie
+5% Double Drops
… for 60 mins

+1,000 Capacity
… for 60 mins
-6 Timer
… for 15 mins (stacks)

+1,500 Capacity
… for 15 mins (stacks)
Jar of Pickles +5% Success
… for 60 mins
+5% Success
… for 20 mins
Fig Roll -5 Minimum Timer
… for 2 mins (stacks)

content Olives, figs and mulberries can now be planted in your orchard, and orchards are accessible from the Drifting Isles.
5.23.3 December 28th, 2018
change Updated the NEW Manual > Effects and the NEW Manual > Items > Equipment pages so that they properly differentiate between normally obtainable items and holiday or retired items.
change Added some slightly better modification support to the manual, namely around the resources that go into making a modification - such as varnish, dyes and chromatic scales.
info December 26th, 2018
new The end of the year is upon us! I hope everybody has had a great 2018, and I hope 2019 is even better. To celebrate the end of the year, a special offer is available in the Snail Bucks shop. That offer will be available through January 7th.
change This is more of a heads up that I made several small back-end changes in response to the brief outage we had yesterday. If you guys experience any weird behavior, let me, Grumpy, know. Weird behavior would mostly consist of clicking a button and nothing happens.
5.23.2 December 23rd, 2018
upcoming The carpentry levels to create dolomite tools are going to get a level adjustment. On average, their level will increase by about 5, which also means they will probably grant slightly more experience in some cases. That'll be released in a few days most likely, so wanted to give a heads up. In addition, Diorite Chisels will be changed to level 71 Carpentry to make, from level 64 Carpentry.
bug fix Fixed some minor issues around displaying banned players in the new guild panel.
bug fix Guild members, guild invites and guild bans now have case-insensitive sorting.
bug fix Fixed several minor issues around outfits. Some affected the mobile UI, which also affected people who have the Hover-Over Item Details setting disabled. And others affected the paperdoll display after switching outfits.
change For items and item types that are used to build houses, their pages now show the houses / storages that they are used to build.
change Updated some display logic for handling long item names in the paperdoll and inventory.
content Chromatic obsidian and steel tools have arrived!
content The milk type has been removed in favor of the simpler use of Buckets of Milk. With that said, Bottles of Milk have been converted into Buckets of Milk. In addition, Bottles of Milk have also been turned into Empty Bottles at a ratio of 2:1 - it's normally a 4:3 ratio, but you keep the uses of milk too, so I am only returning 50% of the bottles instead. It should be a fair compromise.
content Too much to list here, but updated some of the log-specific equipment to their generic counterparts (e.g. sycamore fishing rod to celestial fishing rod). Also converted sycamore buckets to wooden buckets and updated the milk gathering action to use wooden buckets.
Item New Effect Old Effect
Copal Bracelet +6% Double Drops +5% Double Drops
Jasper Bracelet +6% Success +5% Success
Lodestone Bracelet +30% Random Drops +20% Random Drops
Twilight Bracelet
+4% Double Drops
+4% Success
+20% Random Drops
-2 Timer - Mining
+20% Random Drops - Mining
Volundr Headlamp
+25% Random Drops
+25% Random Drops - Night

Note that the effect shows up
as +50% Random Drops in
5.23.1 or earlier in the effect
-2 Timer - Mining
5.23.1 December 22nd, 2018
new The guild panel has been rewritten to conform to the latest coding conventions. Ideally most of the existing functionality should all be working just like it did before. In addition to the old functionality, I've also released a few new features for guilds.

Open Enrollment
Guilds can now toggle open enrollment for new members. If a guild has open enrollment, players can come and go freely, with the exception of players who have been banned from the guild.
Ban List
Sometimes a player is no longer welcome in a guild for one reason or another. When that happens, a guild is welcome to add them to their ban list. The ban list is mostly used for guilds with the open enrollment enabled so that the player cannot re-join the guild, but it can be used for record keeping purposes as well.
Chat Notifications
Guild chat notifications have returned! When a player joins or leaves your guild, you will receive an in-chat notification of the event. Is there a missing event? Let Grumpy know about it!
Kicking Members
When kicking members from the guild, you have the option to just kick them, kick and add them to the ban list, or kick and add them back to the invite list, in the hopes that should they return some day, they will have an invite waiting for them.
bug fix Fixed some minor loading issues with gardens and workshops when logging in.
bug fix The Grow Timer effect works when starting a garden now.
change There have been some pretty extensive updates to the logic that shows you your action / battle when you log back in or refresh, as well as for botchecks. I don't expect any changes to this logic, but with any large changes, there is always the possibility that I missed something. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!
content Set the Paper Crown to retired.
content Fixed some tailoring on the second map that erroneously required tier 3 shears.
content Two of Your Homey 1's most recent quests have been added! Check them out under NEW Manual!
info December 22nd, 2018
change Winter has arrived once again (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), and so have the winter botchecks! Now instead of confusing the pinecones with the acorns, you can confuse the snowflakes with the snowmen!
5.22.13 December 16th, 2018
new The ability to click on a garden or a workshop in the new panel is finally here after all these long hours. It will not automatically start your action for you (yet), but it will bring you to the nearest location and highlight the garden or workshop you selected.
5.22.12 December 14th, 2018
new Do you ever travel all the way to a different map, only to discover that your garden still has an hour left? Well I am pleased to introduce you to the Gardens & Workshops panel, which can be found right underneath your Journal! It will show you all of your gardens and workshops that currently have things waiting for you.

Due to their nature, you cannot click on them to travel since some of them have multiple locations. That might become a feature later on. Best of all, this feature is available just in time for the Gingerbread Garden event, which runs through the end of December!

With that said … this will become a subscription feature after the event is over. Exact details are still being worked out, so stay tuned for more information next year.
bug fix Fixed the level requirements for Jade Mortar & Pestles.
info December 14th, 2018
upcoming Gingerbread Houses now require 3 Gingerbread Dough to make (down from 6 dough) and are good for 120 actions (up from 90 actions).
upcoming Gingerbread Rings have been added to the list of items you can make with Gingerbread Dough. Arguably the most boring holiday item to be released in a while, but can't say no to a free spell.
upcoming As interesting as it was, the original molasses and brown sugar process was confusing and made it too easy for players to accidentally lock themselves out of being able to make enough dough. This year, making molasses and brown sugar is now a single step process that relies on random drops. Don't worry though, you can still shoot yourself in the foot if you wear your Headless Horseman's Hat … so don't do that!
5.22.11 December 9th, 2018
upcoming The gingerbread garden event is returning on December 15th!
new The new high scores are finally here! You can access them from NEW Manual > High Scores! There's still some functionality on the way, but you should be able to find everything you could before, and more.
bug fix Made a small bug fix to the shop filtering.
change Made some small back end changes to gardens and workshops that should be invisible. I'm mentioning it nonetheless in case you guys notice anything out of the ordinary with regard to garden and workshop actions.
change Added random events to the NEW Manual under each skill page.
info December 5th, 2018
change The special offers in the Snail Bucks shop have been removed. Stay tuned for more special offers!
5.22.10 December 3rd, 2018
new Your Homey 1's first combat quest has arrived!
change The quests in the manual are now organized by starting map instead of all together.
5.22.9 December 2nd, 2018
new The support for combat quests has arrived! No new quests quite yet, those will be coming soon!
bug fix Fixed a bug where it was not possible to consume or equip items while upgrading houses under certain conditions.
bug fix Sometimes closing the storage upgrade modal would not actually stop you from upgrading, causing you to continue to upgrade in the background.
bug fix The house / storage filter no longer applies automatically when opening up your personal shop for the first time.
bug fix Fixed another place where the experience bonus wasn't showing the appropriate value.
change Added some general performance improvements.
change Changed the way anonymous Bonus Point purchases work. There is now a setting that will remember your choice. This applies to both direct bonus point purchases (from the Bonuses menu) as well as when making Snail Buck purchases that contain Bonus Points.
change Removed the theme selector for now. Themes will come back in a later update!
5.22.8 December 1st, 2018
bug fix The wrong value for the experience bonus in the effect panel was shown. This has been corrected.
bug fix Fixed minor bug where the modification modal did not disappear when using the enhanced spellcasting while doing combat.
change Running out of bonus points, but don't want people to see you buying them? No sweat! Just click the Buy Anonymously button and your purchase will be between you and me ;)
info November 28th, 2018
change Re-wrote the equip and unequip functionality. Should have no visible change, but mentioning in case you see anything weird.
content Updated gold nugget drop rate ever so slightly.
content Squid have magically turned into yellowtail!
5.22.7 November 27th, 2018
bug fix Updated some outfit logic to help ensure that you have the most up to date version of your outfits.
bug fix Fixed a small bug that sometimes prevented you from being able to see changes to your outfit.
bug fix Fixed another small bug that would hide the ability to update an equipped outfit when the Hide Skill Outfits setting was toggled.
bug fix Updated the item upgrade modal on mobile so that it doesn't prevent you from looking at your item panel.
change Updated the way diminishing returns are calculated. Like I mentioned when I originally released diminishing returns, I will adjust if necessary. So, here is the inevitable adjustment! To put it simply, the amount required grows faster than before. I will show a simple comparison table between the old system and the new system to show how the progression compares. You will find that the initial values are actually more favorable.

Actual SuccessOld Consumed ValueNew Consumed Value
100% 100% 100%
200% 300% 200%
300% 600% 400%
400% 1,000% 800%
500% 1,500% 1,600%
600% 2,100% 3,200%

change The experience bonus was also updated a little bit to fit in with the changes noted above. In general, the experience costs a little bit less bonus points for the same amount of XP% when first starting out, but grows exponentially more as you start to go higher.
5.22.6 November 26th, 2018
new After nearly a decade … the ability to update any outfit has arrived! Simply equip the outfit you want to modify, add / remove items, and then save! It couldn't be easier.
bug fix Some of the action modals (specifically spells and item upgrades) would sometimes be closed by other modals (bonuses for example). This has been fixed. You should now be able to enable that sweet, sweet experience bonus while writing those sappy valentine cards!
bug fix The item upgrade modal will now show up inside the inventory on mobile.
change I've disabled the new Auto-Equip Outfit functionality for now. After some testing, and preliminary feedback from others, I am not sure if the feature is going to work as well as intended. I will be back to the drawing board for this feature.
change Moved some of the new outfit functionality to the outfit panel and out of the combat / action modals.
5.22.5 November 25th, 2018
bug fix Fixed Roasted Turkey w/ Fixings so that it uses the right effect.
change When you have the Enhanced Spell-Casting perk enabled, upgrading Valentine Cards will now auto-resume your last action just like spells do!
change Updated the item modification UI to use the latest and greatest code! Now your mana and resources will update appropriately.
content Reverted the jerky changes, pending further consideration.
content Searching for gator will yield alligator items! Have some common slang you'd like to see show up in the item search? Send me a message!
5.22.4 November 24th, 2018
new Outfits have gotten several upgrades!

- Your currently equipped outfit will now show up inside of your paperdoll. Since this is new functionality, you will need to equip an outfit first for this to work.

- You can associate your currently equipped items with the skill you are currently doing with the click of a button.

- If an item from your outfit is unequipped, you can re-equip the item from your inventory by clicking on the dimmed out item!

- Hate the ugly blue button and never use outfits? No problem! Just disable the functionality from Settings > General.

- And last but not least …
new The enhanced spell-casting feature now works with the combat prototype!
new Your Homey 1's most recent quest has been released!
bug fix Switching between different devices and between actions and combat would sometimes show double botcheck bars in the mobile UI. This has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug with some quest text that did not show up when doing custom actions.
content Jerky has been changed slightly. Instead of offering 2% and 3% DD for the new foods, they will only offer 1% DD.
content Bamboo Cutting Boards now go in the Left Hand equipment slot.
5.22.3 November 21st, 2018
new Added the botcheck to the mobile UI when doing combat! More information will be added at a later point in time.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that did not show the modified experience when using the new experience bonus.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that sometimes caused the spell casting UI to stick around, specifically while traveling.
change Updated the giant disconnect menu with a friendly reminder that you are still working in the background.
change The manual will now indicate when you cannot do an action based on your level.
change Modifications in the manual will now show the break rate for that modification / item combination. No more math involved!*

* Disclaimer: You still need to do math for superiors.
change The botcheck now shows up in the manual! Now you never have to worry about missing a botcheck while learning about the wonderful things you can do in the game.
change Your copper is now shown on the buy / sell menu for items (which is especially useful for the mobile UI).
change Updated the game mechanics page for the success effect and included the table for diminishing returns.
content Added Varnished Northern Fishing Rods and Gilded Archipelagic Fishing Rods.
content Mangoes weigh 20 pebbles now.
content King Crabs, Lobsters and Lobster Tails now weigh less!
5.22.2 November 20th, 2018
new The Thanksgiving event has started! You can find Turkey Coins by doing anything in the world. The shop is available everywhere. The Turkey Coins will stop dropping November 25th at 23:59:59.
new Your Homey 1 has written more quests for us to enjoy! Check them out in the NEW Manual > Quests.
bug fix Fixed a bug with the Violin and how it handles the Magic requirement for its mana regeneration.
change Added some new journal support for workshop and garden actions to support the new quests.
change You can now do Job Board jobs while wearing your Headless Horseman's Hat as long as the job does not have any random drops.
content The various combat foods have been rebalanced, along with a few of the drop rates in the new hunting functionality. Read about the < Food Changes > here.
5.22.1 November 18th, 2018
new The new combat prototype is here! You can read more about it on the < Combat Prototype Release Notes > page.

You can find the prototype by going to the big red Combat > NEW Battle! button.
new You can now exchange Bonus Points for additional experience! The experience point bonus works on the same diminishing returns system as success does, except the diminishing returns start at 25% instead of 100%.

For example, you can get an additional 25% experience for the low, low price of 100 Bonus Points per hour! For comparison, you can get +100% experience for 1,000 Bonus Points per hour. It is up to you how much experience you want and for how long. I hope everyone enjoys this new addition.

Please note that this does not affect the legacy combat system. It only affects the new combat prototype and actions. It also will never apply to quest rewards either.
new To celebrate the introduction of this new bonus, there is a special offer available when purchasing Snail Bucks! Head on over to Get More from the game screen to learn more. This offer will end at the end of November. I also gave everybody a special gift of 5,000 Bonus Points in case you don't have any.
new Added the ability to remove an entry from your personal shop when it has a count of 0 items.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that sometimes prevented location-specific things from loading when the game starts up.
change Made a very tiny improvement to how the clock is rendered. Should improve performance ever so slightly.
change Success now shows up alongside Random Drops and Double Drops, pulling together all current and future effects that will be affected by diminishing returns.
5.21.72 November 2nd, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug that prevented you from viewing all shop logs on mobile devices.
bug fix Consuming bonuses while in combat will now automatically activate while fighting.
change Improved the way item searches work. Some examples of new things you can search for include - mining tool, travel, total mana and double feet to name a few. Play around with it! Is there something missing? Let me know and I can see if I can add it.
content Fixed the tool level for obsidian katanas.
content Ice needles now show up under cooking materials.
content The Grieving Widower and the Journeyman Carpenter quests are here!
5.21.71 October 27th, 2018
new If you missed it, be sure to read up on 5.21.70 about the Halloween Event!
bug fix Trick! There was a bug where the Scarecrow's Scarf did not do what it was intended to do. Treat! That bug has been fixed.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that showed 0-count personal shop contents in the item summary widget and the manual.
bug fix You can now click on an item in your inventory when adding all of that item to a player trade.
change Preference changes made on one device will now carry over automatically to another device when switching over.
change Added the author in the manual for player-contributed quests.
change The NEW Manual will now show you your personal base success rates.
content Tropical Fishing Rods use Tropical Logs instead of Bamboo now.
content Bottles of Honey have been converted into Empty Bottles (1:1 ratio).
content Brass Ingots have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:2 ratio).
content Clockwork Vials have been converted into Lumps of Coal (1:10 ratio).
content The manual now shows Cypress Logs instead of Petrified Logs for buildings.
5.21.70 October 27th, 2018
new Halloween is here! You can find Spooky Coins all throughout the world while doing anything. These coins will stop dropping November 1st at 23:59:59.
new The ever so spooky Scarecrow's Scarf has been added to the Spooky Shop!
bug fix Older versions of the game do not show when holiday shops close correctly. This has been corrected in this version.
change Fixed some display elements for the holiday shop equipment.
5.21.69 October 21st, 2018
new Personal shop contents now show up in the item search! This further improves the ability to use your personal shop as both a shop AND a globally accessible storage, making it even easier to have access to your most frequently used things anywhere you go.
change Adjusted the colors of the houses / storages in the item search panel and manual to match the colors in the item search widget.
5.21.68 October 21st, 2018
new The personal shop transaction logs are finally here! You can find them in the Marketplace, next to the purple Manage button.
change Bumped up the total number of logs displayed in the guild storage logs.
change Adjusted the UI ever so slightly for the guild storage logs.
info October 17th, 2018
bug fix Fixed a bug where double drops did not affect custom quest actions.
content The retired items have been converted into their most appropriate replacement item. In some cases, there was a good 1:1 replacement, and in others, there wasn't. To compensate, the items that did not have a good replacement have been turned into Archipelagic Coins, which can be traded in in Fiery Port.

Old ItemNew Item
1 Sesame Oil3 Brown Rice
1 Dried Jellyfish4 Shrimp
1 Alligator Stew1 Shrimp Gumbo
1 Jellyfish Salad1 Alligator Skewer

Converted into Archipelagic Coins - Sesame Jellyfish, Ancient Vases, Sea Lettuce, Bladderwort, Pitcher Plant, Sundew, Venus Flytrap, Bladderwort Extract, Sundew Extract, Venus Flytrap Extract, Water Breathing Potions
content Readjusted the level for summoning runes.
content Converted Iron Spatulas to Iron Frying Pans and deleted Iron Spatulas.