Archive Changelog
5.33.8 May 29th, 2023
upcoming This is an unreleased version. Navigate to to try it out today before it is officially released!
change Good night yet again, sweet prince. The old new manual has been replaced by the new new manual (inside joke, if you're confused, just ask about it in chat).

While this should have feature parity with the original manual, it is possible that I have missed something, so please let me know if you see something missing.
change Chat will automatically load the last 2 hours when you log in or return from being away, so the "Chat History" button in the manual has been removed.
5.33.7 May 21st, 2023
new I have been meaning to do this for a while, but starting in this release, I have phased out the image botchecks as we know them. I know how much ya'll love to confuse acorns and pinecones, but there are a couple of challenges with this style of botcheck that makes it impractical to continue. The most serious of these problems is that they are an accessibility nightmare for people who are visually impaired that I cannot overcome without a fully-fledged captcha system.

The "Get Early" button is now the "Refresh" button, and clicking that will automatically restart your active timer without the need to click again on a botcheck. When you become idle, instead of being presented with an image, you're instead presented with a modal stating how long you have been idle, along with an option to "Continue Working".

The same rules still apply about automation and bots, and evidence of using any automated tools will still result in a ban.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that some folks are worried that they will not know what season it is anymore. I don't have a long term solution for you, but a workaround would be to look out the window.
new The skill names in the Skill Levels panel will now open up the new skill manual. The combat manual is still a work in progress, so it will continue to open up to the original manual.
new The Journal panel now has a new informational button that will open up the new quest manual. It is a more condensed version of the original quest page in the manual. In a future release, I intend on making it so that you can re-read quests that you have already completed.
new You can now force the desktop UI on a device that automatically detects the game as being on a mobile device - just append "?desktop" to the URL. This is a workaround for devices like iPads that could fairly comfortably support the desktop UI. Long term, I will be working on a layout that would work well on tablets, which would likely be a hybrid between the desktop and mobile UIs.
change This is attempt number 2 at making it so that folks cannot break chat anymore with really long lines.
content Glutinous Rice weight went from 15 to 10 pebbles.
content Spring Onion weight went from 15 to 5 pebbles.
content Bok Choy weight went from 15 to 10 pebbles.
content Ginger's weight went from 15 to 5 pebbles.
content Water Chestnut weight went from 15 pebbles to 3 pebbles.
content Oyster Mushroom weight went from 15 pebbles to 5 pebbles.
5.33.6 May 17th, 2023
new In the left panel settings you can now hide panels. While each panel serves an important purpose, you may not need all of them depending on what skills you work on, so you can now hide them if you so choose.
new I am prototyping a new panel called Combat Stats. This new panel will be a summary of your combat stats where you can see your final damage and armor at a glance. I am still undecided on whether or not this is a useful addition, so feedback is welcome.
change This is more of a PSA than anything, but I've been working on replacing many more of the API endpoints, mostly around guild and item transactions. You should notice no changes in behavior due to this work, but if you do, please let me know about it.
change The item storage in the item manual is now sorted the same way the player shop is sorted.
content Added Haven Botas that can be crafted with bat wings and filled via a subterranean stream.
content Rosewood leaves now weigh 3 pebbles, down from 25 pebbles.
content Updated the description for Minimum Drops in the Effects manual that mentions that it affects both primary drops and random drops.
5.33.5 April 30th, 2023
new The Minimum Drops effect will now show up in the action modal when you have it active and the action you are performing has a drop that can benefit from it.
new The Superiors effect will now show up in the action modal when you have it active and the action you are performing has an equipment drop.
bug fix You can now add house upgrades that are not necessarily upgraded via the Carpentry skill to the Job Board.
change If your action drops below 100% success, it will now show you your new success rate.
content Rebalanced the drop rates of alabaster and primordial water. In addition, adjusted some alchemy experience -

Item Old XP New XP
Crushed Naga Scales 31 185
Potion of Blooming VI 123 107
Potion of Fishing VI 93 293
Potion of Mining VI 93 293
Potion of Woodcutting VI 93 293
Potion of Mana VI 60 484
content Increased the instant mana effect in Potions of Mana VI from 7 to 15.
content Increased the effect for Luring Scents from 3% Double Drops and 12% Random Drops to 20% Double Drops and 80% Random Drops.
content Regenerated NPC shop prices.
content Added Cilantro Wild Meat, but reduced the drop rate of Wild Meat.
5.33.4 April 25th, 2023
new The Lost Haven map has three new skills added; Cooking, Fishing, and Gathering! Combat will not be making an appearance in this map, but will have new content in the next map. Some keywords to use to discover the new content include -

* Catfish
* Mushroom

Some of the existing actions on the map have been tweaked slightly to include some new content to support the new foods. In addition, there is a new location on the Lost Haven - Lost Coast. It's the new landing location upon arrival, and also the target of the Ring of the Haven. In addition, thunderstorms can now appear on the Lost Coast.

With a new Coastal Garden, Gardens and Workshops are now available on the Lost Haven, with the Distillery making an appearance too.

Like always, here is my disclaimer that things could change in the name of balance.
new Added more support to automatic effect calculations for the Minimum Drops, Experience, and Superiors effects. In addition, added support for the duration-stacking Timer effects (such as Swift Valentine Cards). Note that some of the unbounded effects like experience and superiors will allow you to click the button multiple times. I need to think through how that will function in future releases.
bug fix Fixed a bug with buying houses.
bug fix Fixed a bug with calculating minimum timers during travel.
bug fix Fixed a bug with todos and slot counts resetting incorrectly.
bug fix Fixed a bug with houses occasionally showing 0 total capacity.
bug fix Fixed a minor problem with the new equipment update button that would sometimes cause some slight flickering in the outfit panel.
change Changed the default panel that opens up when viewing items from the action modal. Drops will automatically open up the "Used In" panel, and resources will open up the "Get More" panel.
content A number of small changes have been made to existing Lost Haven content. Most of them are too minor to note, but the most noteworthy change is that Manganese Retorts now have a 1 in 75 break rate.
content Frogskin clothing requires character level 15.
content Toadskin clothing requires character level 45.
content Silk clothing requires character level 75.
5.33.3 April 19th, 2023
new The item slots in your paperdoll will now link to an enhanced panel that is more tightly integrated with the new item manual. In addition to being able to view the list of items you have in your inventory for that slot, you can also find other items you may not own. They are sorted first by the level at which you can craft it (if applicable), followed by the level at which you can equip it.
new I am trying an experiment with informational buttons. The Gardens and Workshops headers now have an informational button to the right of the headers that will open up to the equivalent of the original Manual > Gardens & Workshops page. Currently these buttons only appear when you have the Enhanced Gardens & Workshops perk, but this will change in the next release.
new Like Gardens and Workshops, I've also added an informational button to Effects too. From here, you can find a list of all normal effects, and from there find consumables, equipment, and upgrades. Like the equipment list accessible from the paperdoll, the effects are sorted by the level at which they can be crafted.
new The todo list will now show a checkmark in the header when you complete a todo. You can collapse your todos and not have to worry about missing when one or more todos are completed.
new When equipping an item, if you have an outfit equipped, you can update that outfit with the new item with a single click, instead of equipping the item and re-saving your outfit.
change The item manual will preserve your current place after closing it. It will only save the previous 50 states.
content Fruit baskets grant +2% Minimum Drops when Gathering and requires level 60 Gathering to equip. Crafting fruit baskets now require 6 papyrus (up from 1 papyrus) and gives 38 XP when crafting (up from 26 XP).
content Qiviut clothes require character level 30 to wear, and Sea Silk clothes require character level 60 to wear. If you do not have the level to wear these items, but you have an outfit that contains these items, that outfit will be grandfathered in, allowing you to continue to equip the items.
5.33.2 April 10th, 2023
new The Easter Egg Hunt has returned! Easter eggs can be found anywhere by doing any skills. The eggs will continue to drop until April 14th at 23:59:59. In addition, there is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop.
new The first part of the Lost Haven map has been released! I am trying something a little new this time around and making it a mini map, similar to the way the booze maps work. All skills are included with the exception of Cooking, Fishing, Gathering, and Combat. They will make their way in with a later release as part of the Lost Haven map.

Because this is new content, it will not show up in certain places, most notably the skill pages in the manual. This will change once the skill manual is replaced. In the mean time, I will share with you the keywords you can use to discover the new final products.

* Abyssal
* Cave Scroll
* Fireworks
* Pipa

Like all content new and old, things are subject to change in the name of balance, so I may adjust things after their release. That also includes the way the new effect behaves, which is explained below.

Lastly, not all content will behave as expected on 5.33.1 and earlier. It is advised to use 5.33.2 and later if you are using the new content.
new There is a new effect called Minimum Drops, with two of the new items granting that effect. You can read about the new effect in Manual > Game Mechanics, but the gist is that it will weight drop amounts closer to their maximum range than the lower range. In the most extreme case, if you have +100% Minimum Drops, and your drop range is 1 - 2, you will always get 2.
new The action modal now shows minimum effect expirations on most effects.
change Improved the text overflow for drops on smaller resolutions in the action modal.
change House and storage actions now show up in the new item manual.
change The Books now link to the new item manual.
change The Get More section of the new item manual will also show your storage.
change The Gardens & Workshops panel has been separated into two separate pannels.
change The new item manual shows outfit specializations.
5.33.1 March 31st, 2023
new Everyone's favorite quest, Homey's Revenge, will be available tomorrow, April 1st, for those of you who missed it in previous years.
new You can now reorder todo list items.
new You can now reorder the widgets in the left panel.
bug fix Fixed a bug with item type ordering when consuming item types (e.g. ensuring that cherry logs are consumed before oak logs).
bug fix If you don't have the right level, the new item manual will show the level in red. In addition, the character level calculations weren't correct, so they were fixed too.
bug fix Fixed a minor bug that could create an overlay skill outfit.
bug fix Fixed a bug that would cause a todo to complete too early if there are two identical todos.
change The item manual is better integrated into other parts of the game, with the action modal now opening up that manual. The Learn More button now opens the new manual.
change Added item type support into the new item manual.
change Switching between actions could occasionally be a little jumpy, so those interactions have been smoothed out for most action types.
5.33.0 March 18th, 2023
new There is a special offer in the Snail Buck shop to help celebrate the St. Patrick's Day event!
new I am trialing a simpler item manual, accessible from the item search, as well as clicking on 'Beta Manual' to the right of the 'Learn More' button. This change incorporates a number of features that folks have requested over the years, including the ability to toggle between superior and normal varieties, as well as being able to more easily find which action(s) are used to create an item.
new All remaining action types have been migrated over to the new action service. Following this release, the old action service will be turned off.
bug fix The job board actions will no longer count towards your own todo list.
bug fix The job board actions will now correctly double random drops associated with the action (e.g. qiviut from filling snow fur botas).
change Spell-casting will now only generate a single message at the start of spell-casting, and not per spell.
change If your garden or workshop action switches from adding to removing, the outfit auto-equip functionality will trigger, switching to the appropriate outfit.
change Workshop actions now use 'Adding to Workshops' and 'Removing from Workshops' outfits, similar to the 'Planting in Gardens' and 'Picking from Gardens' outfits.
change Custom quest actions will now show their progress in the action modal.
change The +XP% effect displayed in the action modal will now show your effective +XP% instead of your total +XP%.
content Snail Pocket Knives have been updated to be tier 5 universal tools.
5.32.0 March 5th, 2023
new If you have a +XP effect active, it will now display in the action modal.
change This update is almost entirely frontend improvements, including faster load times, improved inventory performance, improved main panel updates, and more. As always, it's possible that I have missed small interactions (e.g. clicking on a button from the Items tab on mobile devices doesn't switch to the main screen), so please let me know if you experience anything unexpected.
change You can now add a child todo for combat actions that require an effect (e.g. Sea Ice).